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  1. Wow! Thanks man. I sent you a PM.
  2. Hey all, I am back after taking a year off (was renting an apartment). I used a LOR1602Wg3 controller for two years and loved it.. DId a simple 16ch show with wowlights seqs. Somehow I seemed to have misplaced the 1602 so I will be starting new with a single CTB16PC. Anyone selling?? I assume this controller works basically the same? I am in MN so I plan to protect it is a plastic bin of some sort.. any heat issues doing this? I also need a new FM transmitter.. Recommendations? I had a nice EDM one that I use to like but misplaced that as well.. argh. Thanks!
  3. My controller are on 24x7 as well.. I have the 1602Wg3 though on a stand.
  4. That my concern.. luckily I only have one controller and a few items to run on timer
  5. I am actually in Lino Lakes. PM me your number and email and I will try and swing out sometime soon. PS.. you selling anything?
  6. George, you are only an hour from me.. I would like to stop and get a tour of your setup
  7. Thanks all.. I decided to use the channel for strobes so I will just go the lights on a timer for now
  8. Thanks.. looks like I will need to upgrade to use a background sequence.. I am on basic version. I assume the background sequence needs the timeline to be as long as my longest other sequences?
  9. I am on the latest version of LOR.. no issues.
  10. Ok hopefully not too dumb of a question.. Is there a way to leave a channel always on between sequences? I have floods and my tune to sign I want to leave on.. I suppose I could run them on a timer separate from controller if I have to.. thanks!
  11. I use Floral Easels from Micheals.. each tree has 300 M5. Been using them a few years now and they are holding up great!
  12. The Enchanted Forest brand at Menards dim fine
  13. Start small... if you try and go to big too soon you will likely get frustrated and just not want to do it at all.. start with 16ch and buy some already done seqs so you can get an idea of how the software works.
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