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  1. CKSedg wrote: Maybe by attaching the first section of the dummy sequences as produced directly from the VU wizard, things may becone a little clearer. From these 2 sequences. all I did was merge the two audio files in Audacity and then copy the timebases from these 2 dummy sequences to my Intro sequence with all the correct light channels in place; and then copy each group of channels th the display channels I wanted to respond in the VU pattern. Hope this makes it clearer - Geoff Attached files
  2. For 2010, I found that I could use the VU wizard to create some very effective VU type display elements for my voice introduction. see I used Audacity to record the voice and then later added some background music again using Audacity. To create the VU patterns, I created a new musical sequence with the voice track only and 8 dummy channels. I then ran the VU wizard several times. At each run, I told it to create new timing marks and turn on a channel, in my case channels 1 to 8. I firstly experimented with the level settings (slider marker in peak threshold setting). For the highest thre
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