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  1. Hi! I have several incandescent strands (RGBW) spun together that I would like to see if anyone needs. Around the neighborhood of 50 RGBW strands (200 individual strands). There is a topper for a mega tree that you will just need to purchase some 4' PVC for the base, I can help if needed. Anyone interested? the Blue on a lot of the strands is faded. Here is a video with all the strands for sale. Offer anything for them, I really just want to make it worth it to pack up to be shipped. If not sold, they are all going to be recycled. The archways, flood lights, trees on the stage, and several white strands are also available. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUoDsOmIPG4.
  2. (1) I'm aware there are limits, but I feel like the max was set farther than a minute of song. (2) The Program is the Pixel Editor, I will try to recreate it, and when it comes up I will write it down. A Third thing is that I've found when I'm running ~14,000 pixels in a song almost 12 min long I've found when I play the sequence and it shows in the preview, it plays the preview seamlessly, however I can no longer click the stop button (or any button for that matter) in the Pixel Editor. But once the section that I am playing is over, it runs fine. So, I am forced so that when I playback what i'm programing I have to use the I---I setting so that I don't have to wait until the end of the entire sequence to be able to stop playback. Thanks for moving this into the Right Thread. I needed to get the faster features of the beta so this is the first time testing it, and I thought I would share what I found and hope it helps you guys!
  3. 4.2 fixed so many problems I was having with the pixel editor, and crashing, Great Job Matt! Not sure where to post minor bugs but here we go: The only 2 things ive noticed are: 1. In the SE I cant zoom out farther than a minute of track, not sure if this is new. 2. When I play a highlighted section of song, but have my selection tool selected on a timing mark outside of that selected section of song it throws up an in correct, or out of range timing mark code. It's hard to recreate though. Happens every 20 min or so when I do a certain combination of actions.
  4. Hey Matt, I think we are talking about two different things. I want to do a fade that 'wipes' across my display, so my individual pixels in each prop will do a fade starting at the left, and then 'chasing' on until everything is lit up in that color, and then i would like to hold that color for 7 seconds, and then do another fade, this time possibly from the top pixels in my display and 'chases' to the bottom pixels so it looks like a fade across my house, not just a cross dissolve... more of a wipe. The only way i can think of this working is to create a video in FCPX that uses keyframes, and then i edit how i want my colors to fade to the music, and upload the video file into the PE. Would that be the best method to do that? I've looked at all the effects in the PE and I don't think any of the effects can execute that easily. Matt
  5. If it helps at all, it crashes right before the Pinwheel should turn into a checkmark, and the pinwheel starts getting really choppy and freezes, and then it crashes
  6. So I played around with it, and it runs ok until I add prop groups.. why is this? I have 12GB of Ram, I don't think that's too little
  7. Every time I open a sequence in the PE, my CPU runs up to 90%, and then the PE Freezes, and Crashes. Any idea? I have tried on multiple computers with same file, and they all do the same thing when I have 10,000+ pixels
  8. Thanks in Advance Guys! Really looking forward to moving into pixels
  9. My question is this... In the Pixel Editor, how would you do a smooth fade of red to blue to green across all the elements of your display (One master prop) in time to music, as in Fade for .5 sec, then stay on for 7 sec, and then do a .5 sec fade across the house to the next color. I guess you could call this a 'Holdman effect' The only way that I can think to do this effectively is create these fades across a full resolution video, and then play the video in the pixel editor
  10. So I finally made the switch to pixels, and went ahead and got my order ready for 8,000 pixels. Almost every light on the house will be a pixel. So, originally my thought in doing this is mainly so i can do smooth fades across the whole house instead of it having to be faded by section of bush. I started to dive into the pixel editor, and like any software hated it until i learned all it could do. I have two beefs with this software that I was hoping someone could give me tips on how to get around these problems. The First thing I want to be able to do is: Fade from left to right (or up and down). I thought I could just go in and manually program each pixel but it seems like the pixel editor kind of blocks me out of that, and only allows me to edit each individual string. Do you know how I can do this? The Colorwash effect would work but it does not look like it has a speed setting. The second thing is i am a little confused... if I have the same channels in the sequencer, can I sequence a portion in the sequencer and as long as nothing is playing at that point in the sequence with the pixel editor, will it still play on the visualizer, or lights for that matter? Thanks! Matt
  11. I do a "premiere" Night where we give out Hot Chocolate, and candy canes. Then Theres a short speech, and thank-you's, then the first show with our amazing speakers (Seriously... like a $20,000 system from our church, you can feel the subs in your chest); They can hear it cities over. This will be our 3rd year doing the premiere. Last year we had over 350 people!! I normally have 4 volunteers helping me set up chairs, block the street, interact with people. We start it at 7 because then it gives everyone a chance to grab dinner, and have some time to make it over. While they are coming in, I normally have behind the scenes videos from the setup, and am talking about them a little bit... BUT! That's just what I do . We have the luxury of living at the end of a street that has a wall at the end of it.
  12. Ok, I changed all the channels in my sequence to match my controller placement, and now my visualizer is reflecting the changed channels. How do I fix this??
  13. All I can say is THANK YOU! Every year I do a themed display. (Last year was Imagination) I put together a 10 minute or more mix of songs that pulls you in for the whole show. For the past 3 years I have been with Aurora, and using D-light Hardware. With DMX problems over there, I moved over here a few weeks ago, having to start from SCRATCH on my 13 minute display. All I can say is WOW! Your software is amazing, and the people on these forums are so helpfull. With the time the programming is cut down because of the tapper wizzard, and great keyboard shortcuts, I have had time to build 2 10ft mini mega trees that will rise and lower with a couple 500lb actuators I have. Thank you! THank you! Thank you! Can't wait to see all your displays, and share mine with you! Feels like home on these forums already. -Matt
  14. bob, thanks for the Help, I got it to work with the "Raw DMX" protocol.
  15. Thank you for the help, I did get Native DMX running off the USB485 tonight.
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