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  1. I eliminated the ELL from the PC and did a direct connect into the box and it started functioning the way I would expect. Still investigating. To answer the question, when hooked up to the Hardware utility, all the red lights are solid. When running from the Seq Editor, they start all solid red and about 3 seconds into the seq they start blinking.
  2. Greetings. Do not know if this is hardware or software related so the general topic it is. I have LOR running year round to control lights outside (with 2 controllers not the entire 13 I run for Halloween and Christmas). (less setup) Setting up Halloween and when I run the sequences or the Hardware utility, the display runs for about 3 seconds and then the lights turn off. The sequence is still running on the editor but no lights are functioning. Working with the Hardware utility, I have found that if I have more than 4 circuits turned on from a single controller, this causes the issue. Interesting enough, I only use four circuits for my year round process. I use ELL (RF) from the PC to the controllers. I have reset the ELL, power cycled the controllers, isolated the controllers to only running one controller and the situation continues that any of the controllers will turn off when any controller hits more than 4 circuits being used. I am on 4.3.18 of the Software Suite. Anyone ever see anything like this or point me in a direction that I can look at. I have a basic setup, just straight light controllers. No advanced items like Pixels or Cosmic. I am thinking it is software issue since I have reconfigured the hardware a number of times today and get the same results but do not want to get stuck in one way of thinking this through. Thanks,
  3. I was able to isolate just this one controller and perform the steps above. This resolved the issue and the controller is working once again. Case closed.
  4. Looked at this more this evening and I have tried all of the inputs and have checked the input blocks and no pin is stuck. Visual inspection does not show any damage and I blew it with air. Unless there is a way to force a reset, I think this one is toast.
  5. Is the red LED on solid or blinking if there is no LOR network cable connected? When you are trying to use the Hardware Utility, is there any other source of LOR networking trying to run - most notably is the LOR control panel running? What is Max Unit ID for the search in the Hardware Utility set for? If that CTB08 got set to a unit ID higher than the Max Unit ID, then the HU wont see it. Set to the maximum and try the search again - yea, it takes a while which is why we normally set it to a much lower value ============================================= The Red light is flashing No other source is running. The show is disabled and the Show Editor is not running. I plugged a second CTB08 (replacing the one not responding) with the hardware utility opened and pressed refresh and the second CTB08 was immediately recognized. Max unit is set to 2A but I remember reading about the max unit so I bumped the max unit to F0. I reran the refresh and the red light came right on. The old Jurassic Park syndrome but unfortuntelly the Hardware utility came back with zero units found. Tried forcing a unit change but it failed.
  6. An update. I pulled my extra CTB08 out and it connected fine. So it appears isolated to this specific unit.
  7. Setting up for Halloween and my CTB08 is not being recognized. It has a solid redlight. I disconnected it and brought it inside and connected it as the only device but the red light is still on and hardware utility does not find it. I tried a unit change and it did not work. I am running LOR 4.2.12 and the unit I believe is on firmware 4.30 but no way of finding out. The CTB08 is V4.
  8. I swapped the sending LOR RF with the receiving LOR RF and the hardware utlity now sees all controllers. Weird...
  9. Upgrade to v3.7.0 and the hardware utility does not acknowledge all of the controllers. The great news is the shows work fine and are communicating to the controllers. I have tried resetting all of the the controllers but all 9 controllers are showing solid red lights but the hardware utility sometimes finds 5 sometimes find 3. The only other change I have done besides the version upgrade is using LOR RF from PC to controllers. Any additional thoughts on what I can do to debug this. I am using my sequence editor for my hardware utility - clumsy but it is getting the job done. I do a Halloween display so I am in the middle of setup at this point so any thoughts are appreciated.
  10. Thank you for the information. I get the ELLs to work only if I do PC->USB485B->ELL/->Controller to ELL->Controller. If I unplug the Controller from the USB485B, the ELL on the PC side stops working. It is just re-enforcing my thought that it is is USB485B that is not working.
  11. 1) how long is the cat 5 cable? - The CAT 5 from the USB485B is teh 6 foot green cable that came with the ELL. 2) this is a USB-485B (about 2 inches square, uses full size USB connector?) YES it is and it is labeled USB485B with voltage boost. 3) this is plugged directly into a PC or powered hub? This is plugged directly into the PC. No HUB. In the Hardware Utility - in getting the configuration - the message comes up - No unit found. And this is at any speed selected.
  12. Have a USB485B & ELL and from every thing I have read the USB485B will power the ELL without any other controller. Mine is not working that way. Have the USB connected to the PC to the USB485B and then to the ELL. Nothing happens. If I plug a controller into the second RJ45 of the USB485B, everything powers up. Configuration I want: PC to USB485B to ELL. Making the leap of faith that since the USB485 will control the CT-08 that is pulled in, that my device drivers and such are working. I tried this on my backup machine as well and the same results happend where the USB48B is not powering the ELL. Is this an issue with USB485B, the ELL, or possible configuration issues? I tried another ELL and the same results happened - nothing. So I am down to the USB485B a potential issue (I am using the usb cable that came with it - has the two bullets at either end) Anyone have any thoughts on what I can try next?
  13. I have the 16 channel controller plugged in to the same GFIC without problem, I tried switching GFIC circuits and the same situation happened. The unit was completely dry on the inside (it is raised off the bottom of the box with spacers by about 4 inches) and I had wiped the plug down - can not say it was 100% dry but then neither was the 16 channel unit. These are GFICs that are dedicated to the show so there is no other house load on the circuits. More Snow is expected on Friday but I will probably get an opportunity tomorrow to have the snow off the yard to test again.
  14. It snowed here in Colorado over the weekend and during my checkout on Sunday realized that I had two controllers - a 16 channel and an 8 channel that blew the GFI. I did some debugging and unplugged both the units and reset the GFI. Plugged in the 16 - the GFI did not blow. I plugged the 8 in and the GFI blew immediately. I unplugged both units and reset the GFI. I plugged in 8 channel controller and again it blew the GFI. I did not have any show running nor did I have the Hardware manager on. I inspected the controller and all looked well. I checked the ground connection and all looked good. I hooked the unit to a non-gfi circuit and fired up the display and it worked like a champ. I will say that I strive to keep the circuits off the ground but it is hard when the snow buries everything and was thinking that was the case and pulled the unit off and would look when the snow melted in the next couple of days and continue my troubleshoooting - no big thing. But then I was thinking, when I plugged the 8 channel controller in, the 16 channel was not plugged in and the unit was not part of the network. I am thinking of the reasons the 8 controller would have blown the GFI immediately when plugged in when there should not have been power going to the individual channels and no matter what the snow was covering, the issue would have been that the 8 channel unit was blowing the GFI, not the load on the individual channels. Not sure if this makes sense but there are a lot of people out there who have a great sense of the GFI concept and might be able to explain why this might happen or point me in a direction to review.
  15. Where is the best place to look for 120v relays and what price is a fair price. I see so much out there that it is hard to tell.
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