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  1. Congratulations man......every bit of this recognition is deserved. Excellent job. Enjoy it!!
  2. I had a similar problem recently. My default directory file is the LOR folder on the desktop, from when I originally installed LOR. Inside this folder was a file called "Sequences" and "Audio" I had my sequences in that folder but media files located in another folder. To correct my issue, I moved all sequences to the LOR directory (where the sample files are located) and moved all of the media (song) files to audio file within that same folder. Hope that helps your issue. Blake
  3. Nice job....I too have a version of Marilyn Manson "This is Halloween" Nice to see another fellow NC user on here
  4. Nice job Mel....Your display is excellent. What are you using for the fire portion of the show? It looks awesome. Thanks Blake
  5. TJ.....Excellent ship. You have inspired me to start on one myself!! I will post pictures along the way. Can I ask what you used for masts? I just found 4 pcs of 8" diameter PVC pipe 20' long on the local Craigslist. Sounds like a good start to me! Thanks Blake
  6. Excellent, excellent information. I think this is what I needed to push me over the edge and jump into this. I cannot thank you enough for the information and links you provided. It really does make a little more sense to me now. Also, nice catch on the serial ports instead of USB-serial, which is the route I was going to try. I am definitely going to start ordering some parts as soon as I get through this Halloween. I may have more questions for you shortly, but thank you so much for providing this information. Cheers
  7. EDIT: Let me start off by saying great work with your Halloween display TJ. I watched almost every video this morning, I kinda jumped the gun with my questions, but excellent work nontheless.... I have been looking at the Brookshire software for a few months now. I wanted to get through this Halloween and start a servo project for next year. What do you think about it? Pretty user friendly? Is the Lynxmotion SSC32 controller able to handle a SD memory card or do you have a laptop connected to the controller? The other issue I couldn't work through in my head was the wired connection between the actual servo and the controller.....How far away is your controller to the individual servos? Just hardwiring the distance? Thanks in advance for a servo newbie...... Blake
  8. Viking, I agree with your philosophy in saving up for the really nice props. Or building what you really want. James, thanks for the input on the projector.
  9. Looking forward to hearing your opinion on the projector James. Thanks
  10. I am registered with the Halloween Forums, and the tombstones look excellent....Nice job....
  11. I do not have one Mike. Your post was the first time I have seen the Ultra Projector. I had seen the WOW projector in the past but was a terribly expensive undertaking. I was definitely thinking of order an ultra projector for this year. Make you a deal.....I'll let you know how it works if I get it first, and you let me know how it works if you get it first. Cheers Blake
  12. I had seen the WOW projector/bust in the past, but the Ultra Projector is a far cheaper option, and I just happen to have several of the styrofoam heads already. Thanks Mike
  13. I liked your mermaid idea....The fog machine is a nice touch also. I have seen the talking head from WOW, might have to save up a bit for that one. Nice to see a fellow NC user here. Thanks Blake
  14. With the upcoming "On Strager Tides" it would seem that Pirates are back in popularity. The movie has gotten some good reviews so far. I am a sucker for these movies and this is what my Halloween has been based on for the last three years. Just wondering if anyone had some display/prop ideas they were kicking around. Any sequences done to POTC soundtracks? Last year I had the perpetual drinking pirate, made from a fountain pump and rum bottle sitting in a wooden barrel, a mechanical moving ships wheel with Cap'n Skully attached, pirates swinging down from the roof on ropes, a cannon "fired" with a red floodlight among many other things. The cannon was built into a pirate ship. It was a PVC cannon that "fired" with a red flood synchronized with cannon fire on the song, on the other side of the yard was a wooden half-barrel planter filled with water and red submersible LEDs. I also had a pnuematic solenoid fired from LOR to splash the water towards the sky as if a cannon ball was just dropped into the water. It made for a really cool effect to have LOR timing the cannon, pause, and then the water splash with the LEDs illuminating the water. I took a video but the quality was very poor, can barely make anything out. The dog loved the splashing water though! Any ideas or thoughts on how to make a "Stranger Tides" Halloween would be appreciated and any other Pirate props. Movie comes out May 20th, so that should help. Cheers, Blake
  15. Interesting product you introduced, the wireless prox alarm. Harbor Freight has it online currently for only $17.99. I was wondering how well this product works. You said you have it on your front porch, which is where my controller is. Have you had any "false alarms", or is this pretty reliable? We have not had any incidents, pretty quiet neighborhood, but the thought is always in the back of my mind. Cheers, Blake
  16. BlakeGravitt


    Thanks for the quick responses. Much appreciated!
  17. BlakeGravitt


    Sorry to ask this question if it has already been answered, but I cannot get the search function to return anything about this subject. I was looking at purchasing a new laptop, any issues with LOR and 64 bit machines not playing well together? Or Windows 7? Thanks for your time... Blake
  18. This is most likely my issue. I have multiple processes running in the background, in my task manager. There were no other "applications" running but many processes. Too many to go through one by one, so I am going to try to shut all of them down and re-run the LOR. I really appreciate the responses, being a newbie and all. On that note, I am using my personal laptop that has McAfee securtity/antivirus, and a host of other processes running on start-up, how many people use a dedicated PC just for LOR? Thanks -Blake
  19. I have a similar issue, only my sequence will start and then "hang-up". There is no rhyme or reason, that I can find. Nothing else is running in the background, the audio files are in the LOR folder, but the sequence begins and hangs-up at random times. I have to re-boot the laptop when this happens. I have all of the latest Windows updates, and I am running Media Player 11. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks Blake
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