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  1. Thanks David. Does LOR talk to your Vera, or do you just have it timed? I'm using X-10 to control window decorations. They do turn on and off in the show, but not time-critical -- I have a "break", the window lights come on during that. I would really love to do this using something newer than X10. Z-wave would be fine, but something compatible with inexpensive off-the-shelf components. -Matt-
  2. There's a company producing a Z-Wave board for RasberryPi (http://razberry.z-wave.me) for $59 (doesn't include the Pi, but the software image for it is free-as-in-beer). The software provides a C level API, and a web-based JSON API. They also sell a USB stick with Windows software. Two options... One option would be to make this be an E1.31 device, which LOR can directly talk to. I'm guessing (without having used either Z-Wave or E1.31) that it would require an E1.31 stack, which does seem to be available, tied to their C API, and some extensions to the web GUI to associate Z-Wave device
  3. Since the CM11A is getting somewhat hard to find (ish), how about adding support for another X10-like interface to use for things like sign-light, porch/patio lights, indoor lighting... street light... Insteon has the advantage of working with X10 modules, but will also control Insteon modules over RF in addition to wired, and the modules are cheap (ish) and readily available. Z-wave seems like the up-and-coming home automation technology, with a lot of module options, but is more expensive. Thank you, -Matt-
  4. Reboot, or check task manager for other LOR applications. It could be the Hardware Utility, or Sequence Editor, or... Maybe others. Once you close down all the LOR applications, the LED on your controller(s) should go back to flashing slowly, like twice per second, just like if it wasn't plugged into the PC. If that light is still on steady, some application is still running and has the controller's attention. -Matt-
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