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  1. Agreed, regarding PC and here - I have been "lurking" for a year, gathering knowledge. Without these two sites, I would have been NEVER able to pull off what I did (such as it is) this year. I am looking forward to giving back what I can - I certainly owe it! --Ron
  2. Thanks, John - I'll pm you some generic copy in the next couple days - it is really appreciated! It will be nice to put a little polish on the stuff I threw together this year - I didn't start getting anything together (other than the WalMart purchase 12/26 last year) until October - thank goodness for lorsequences.com! Only 16 channels this year - really just a basic display. I have to say, the LOR hardware is great - works perfectly, great support (thanks Dan!), with a little technical knowledge, (and reading the docs), you can be up an running pretty quickly. I am lucky - my main sub-panel is in the garage, so I could add a couple 20 amp GFCI circuits easily under that. The garage has front facing windows, so a couple extention cords and cat5 out the window (and a lot of SPT2, in-line splices, and choice ebay extention cord purchases), a computer in the garage running LOR software, and I was up and running the weekend after Thanksgiving with 2 songs. Since then, tinkering around I have added a couple more songs. Now that it has been running for a while, I can see (and hear) it really needs a bit more polish as far as the audio portion of the show goes - so THANKS! And yes, there was a reason I was in radio only 2 years , --Ron
  3. John, That would be great! This is my first LOR year, I have 4 songs running back to back, no announcements, bumpers, etc. between the songs for 3 hours. I would love to have some generic "stuff" to plug in to make it a bit more radio-station like. Me, 2 years in radio, got out while I could , now do television engineering (for more years than I care to admit). I could probably muster up some old writing skills and come up with some copy... Thanks, Ron
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