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  1. it was because my controller 2 was running the unit 1 show .setup the controller to unit 2 id now the show looks like it is suppose to....
  2. I just figured out that the reason when i make changes to my arches they look great on the animation on the computer but outside there is some movements that aren't even close.So I turned off the 8 channels on my 2 unit and the still played To make a long story short the 2nd controller is playing the exact same show as my 1st controller.S o how do I set up my 2nd conroller as the 2nd controller . When I bought the two at same time I don't remeber setting up the 2nd controller as unit 2. How do I do that?
  3. I have been having a problem with my arches I have been making changes to my sequence and it does not change outside with the arches in the yard.So I turned off all 8 channels on the computer sequence but arches outside still have the same movements,they should not be on at all.I think maybe that my controller 2 might be playing the same as unit 1 .I bought both controllers at the same time don't remember if I set #2 up how do I check and how do I set it as #2.....thank you ,If this is the problem you have saved me a week long headache
  4. he show outside shows the arches moving .I thought that maybe the timing was off so I decided that I would turn the arches off by scrolling all 8 channels and turn the channels off but the outside show still has the arches moving but not like I had planned in the first place. If the computer shows no animation for the arches why does the outside show have them moving?
  5. when I make changes to my arch movements I go outside to see the changes but I see no difference.... what I see on the computer does not seem to be what is going on outside if I make changes to a sequence will the simple show also display my changes too?these darn arches were easier to build than they are to sequence what is up with that ....any help or arch sequences would be greatly appreciated also having a problem when model form is downloaded
  6. sthobe

    1-8 won't powewr up

    ok ,,,,won't post same question twice
  7. sthobe

    1-8 won't powewr up

    tried removing the jumper and still no light on the led but there is when 9-16 plugged in
  8. sthobe

    1-8 won't powewr up

    i work 72 hours a week and don't have alot of spare time to fix problems so I need to get info as fast as possible sorry if this upsets you
  9. sthobe

    1-8 won't powewr up

    does the controller have a reset button if so I'm not seeing it?
  10. sthobe

    1-8 won't powewr up

    yes it was working for 30 minutes then it stopped .the fuse is fine works in9-16 and the fuse in 9-16 does not work in 1-8 also switched power cords
  11. 1-8 won't power up ...the fuse is fine it works in 9-16 and I switched power cables no luck any test to figure this out?
  12. Was trying out the sequence every thing was fine and then one controller kicked off.It was dark so I figured it was probably a fuse and would relplace today. The fuse is fine tried and it worked on 9-16 and took the fuse in 9-16 and it failed in 1-8 even tried switching power cables but 1-8 will not work.The controllers are mounted to my house and would be a pain to bring inside but( it is what it is)any suggestions
  13. will any15 amp do or do i need to order from light o rama
  14. where to get replacement fuses?
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