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    Thanks for the replyies, I think Steve is right, I might have to pass on this one.
  2. RobDaddy


    how can I have LOR send a signal that would light a firework. multiple channels with different fireworks,
  3. If you go into the hardware utility you can turn on all of your lights but only the ones connected to the selected hardware. I have four controllers and I wish there was a way to turn all four controllers on at once.
  4. Does anyone know where to get net lighting that you can customize the pattern? To clearify I mean lay out a square of net lights and cut a section out to fit around an object.
  5. That is what I was wondering. I didnt want to short out something. Last year I didnt worry about it because I taped them up pretty good, but this year the tape is peeling back. If I dont have to worry about it then GREAT!!!:cool:
  6. I did not know you could do that:? I am going to try that. Thanks
  7. I have empty C9 strings that I screw in strobes about every fourth socket. Does anyone know of some kind of plug that you can stick into the empty sockets? The problem I have is that I used electrical tape to tape up the empty sockets but after a while the tape starts to peel away and I dont want water to get into them.
  8. PMC, maybe its the video but it just doesnt look as if it is working correctly. Please dont take this the wrong way, I am purly talking about the CCR product itself but to me it looks as if half of the CCR might be working and the other half not even close. this is the problem I am having as well. some sections work great but other sections either come on or stay off for no reason that makes no sense to me.
  9. Yep, I'm in the same boat. I originally bought 3 CCR's but at the last minute I cancelled 2 of the three and bought another 16 channel controller. I figured by keeping one I could play around with it but now I am glad I cancelled the other two.
  10. Burst into flames????? That might be usefull for next Halloween. hehehehe Thanks for the info.
  11. Can somebody post a video on how to program a CCR? I can build a warp drive engine better than programing this thing. Just kidding. I really think if someone out there who has a grasp on this can put a quick video of progaming the CCR it would be just enough to give people like me a push start. Thanks:)
  12. Thanks, I am using Philips mini LED lights. I will limit the fade intensity.
  13. LED lights do not fade like traditional lights. I thought I read somewhere that you can do a modification to the LED lights to make them fade on and off gradually like the traditional light? Any ideas?
  14. Unless I am doing it wrong I thought you can only go up to 100% on the intensity tool. If so how can you do 255% red 0% green 255%blue?:?
  15. I am programing my CCR and the color intensity that I need for RGB to make the color I want matches this software.
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