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  1. What a silly newbie I am - but - maybe I can help someone else in the future: D-Light Controllers, by default are assigned a Unit number of 02. Two ways to fix this: 1) On D-Light Hardware Utility change unit to 01. 2) On S2 go to the Channel Property Grid and change unit id to 02. Sorry - but - I swore I did everything correct!
  2. I have my new D-Light ACx16 Controller which works fine and has the most recent firmware. I have tested the lights repeatedly with no issue. I then try to test my Musical Sequence (as a show)- I hear the music but the lights do not light. I have made 100% sure that the S2 is running on the correct USB Port (Comm 4 - for me). I do get some message regarding the LOR Compatibility when opening up the D-Light Hardware test utility. I just cannot find the right combination to seem to make them compatible. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Kyle. I don't even have my hardware set-up and I am worrying about this! My USB adapter arrives next week - but - I wanted to get ahead of the game! Based on TJ's comments I started playing with Audacity and have had some good success! I had played with both Audacity and Free Audio Editor for 2 weeks and never understood the whole Right/Left concept! How silly I am. But, that means re-building my music sequences to get Thunder in the background and singers up-front. What I found was that the lightening sounds cool in the background, but, at some points when you put it on both speakers it is an attention getter - very awesome! I wish I would have sat down and decided what I wanted first - then design later. But, as other Newbies will probably attest you have to get your hands duty first. Oh well - I still have 60 days! And, this is how I learn is getting my hand dirty and making mistakes.
  4. Thanks - I am experimenting with Audacity right now
  5. For Halloween I have a four speaker set-up. I would like certain props to use two speakers - then - have other props use two others. I think that the answer is: Run two sequences simultaneously - but even with that I am not sure I know how to do that.
  6. Wow - now I am worried! I see the Original Poster scored some 150 Watt Speakers! I purchased a set of 40 Watt Outdoor Speakers at Best Buys Ebay Store for $15 - I was proud of myself but cannot test them until my AMP comes. I have about 25 Feet from Street to House - will my 40 Watts throw off enough sound?
  7. Well, thanks to everyone on the board I caught the BUG - and - am preparing my first Halloween Sequence! Of course I will start with the Pumpkin song - but - I have 2 other songs picked out as well: Hope to post my video here in a few months! I am still awaiting the delivery of my RS485 cables, so, I am just using the Animation Tool to help me get things right. I will be a grizzled vet in 3 months, but, am hoping for some advice before I make mistakes: 1) I have set my timing grid to .1 Second. Many times during the song I will be turning a Pumpkin on / off for .1 second! Is that enough space to see it actually go on and off and achieve the affect? On a two-syllable word does it make more sense to fade down and up? Stupid question - I agree! 2) Can anyone point me to a retailer that has single unit Outdoor Lights to stuff in the Pumpkins? I am thinking I need one light per pumpkin and not a string (and cannot find them on the net!). Most of the Pumpkins I have now say for "Indoor Use" solely - and I might not find replacements if they burned out (with my mishmash of different pumpkins)! I would assume I need a LED Bulb to achieve the Fade? 3) I plan to use two small box Mini Strobes to produce the lightening. These are the common strobes you see at any Walmart or at Party City. They work, but, I have always thought they were cheap! Are there better alternatives? Thanks to any and all in advance!
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