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  1. Thanks for your help. Yes, they were upgraded from S4. I have made way too many changes to go back to S4 and clean them up. I guess I'll just have to live with it. I appreciate your response.
  2. For some reason I have several groups that are what I would call "double-nested." There is a group and when I open it, there are no group names, just another group to open. I would like to remove the groups, but there is no "ungroup" option when I right click on any of the groups. Any ideas, anyone? Attached is a screen shot. You can see the double minus signs by the side of several of the groups. Thanks!Groups.pdfGroGroups.pdfups.pdf
  3. Right! I don't understand when software is "upgraded" and capabilities are taken away. I hope it comes back......soon.
  4. In the past versions of the software (S3 and S4), I was able to watch the "visualizer" from my computer while a show was running. In S5 I can see the preview fine while sequencing, but is there any way to see it while the actual show is playing? I liked to watch it from time to time during the show. Is it just a setting I can't find, or has that capability been removed from S5? Thanks!
  5. I'm still debating about whether the Motion Effects in S5 are worth the learning curve and the seemingly harder way to do things (although the Motion Effects are really cool!). Maybe it's just that I'm not used to S5 yet. Still, I'm very glad I waited until after Christmas to tackle this. Thanks!
  6. Ok, I figured it out! You have to outline the area where you want the chase, right click and choose "Custom Chase." In the Chase Type area, choose "Apply the chase to every selected row," and make sure the box "Clear existing effects in the selected area" is UNchecked. Then hit "OK." Seems like a lot of extra work in S5. I believe S4 was much easier to do this.
  7. I'm still trying to learn S5--so glad I didn't take the plunge for Christmas last year! I didn't think I would have such a learning curve. I know this is probably simple, but I can't figure it out: I want to sequence some overlapping chases, but every time I do, the new chase goes to the foreground, instead of the background. After I make my initial chase, how do I make the subsequent chases go to the background? Thanks!
  8. I know your post is a year old (today), but I was just having the exact same issues--trying to play a new sequence for my eave lights for St. Patrick's Day. Nothing worked. Now that I have created playback files, they show up on the Show Editor and work great. Thanks so much!
  9. Found it! I wasn't showing all items in the prop names. I was just showing one track. Now the Add/Modify Motion Effect Row shows up! Thanks for your help. Learning new software at 65 years old is frustrating, but fulfilling once I learn it. Thanks again!
  10. The last few days I have downloaded S5 and trying to make it work. How do I add a "motion effect row" to a sequence that I imported from an S4 sequence? I also imported the preview from an S4 visualizer. I'm stumped. Thanks.
  11. I got the skipping songs problem fixed (I had moved some songs to a different folder, so Zara didn't know where to find them), but I am having problems with the Satellite input. It will not "hold" the setting I select. It changes back to "Breakaway Pipeline" every time I change it. Any ideas? I am running Zararadio 1.6.2 with the DTMF tones, and I run it as an administrator. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for your reply. I'll check that out. And by the way, I thought I had put the question in "General Decorating Questions." Thanks for moving it to the correct section; and I apologize!
  13. Well, the season of lights is over! Now I would like to fix a few things that bugged me all season long. One is with Zararadio, which I play during the day. All of a sudden Zara has started skipping over many songs in my playlist. They all worked early in the season, but I had to reinstall Zara 1.6.2 during the season, and now it skips more songs than it plays. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
  14. Let me take you back even further: I ran my first Christmas light show with an Atari 800--four channels! I had lot of lights. I had to program the "sequence" in Atari Basic language. It was a first of its kind. No music, just flashy blinky! That was in about 1985. I ran it for about 15 years, then static lights, until I discovered Light-O-Rama. There were no controllers to be purchased back then; I built my own boards with opticouplers, triacs, resistors, etc. Fun times. How grateful I am for Light-O-Rama!
  15. Deb--and others, I have a question about your multi-house display: How do you handle the music for such a large display--especially on different streets? How to you broadcast it so everyone can hear it? My EDM transmitter won't go that far! Thanks for your help. Craig
  16. Wahooooooo! Deleting the LOR\Sequences\Cmdmap.lcm file and renaming the backup file worked! I can now get into the Windows Shell Command. Bob, I'll use your new utility in MIIP. Thanks, everyone! I don't know what I'd do without this forum.
  17. Thanks for your replies, especially Bob, who is trying to make this work for me! I'll let you know what happens.
  18. I experienced something new tonight with LOR 4: Whenever I try to add a command to the Windows Shell Command, I get the message "Expected Whitespace." I get this when opening the Windows Command, and if I try to save a command.It was working fine, and I don't know what happened. I hate to be too aggressive since my shows are now running.Can anyone help me?Thanks,Craig
  19. I thought I would follow up on this topic. I got all my new rgb lights wired with power injection every fifty lights. They start about 25 feet from the controller. I have them going down both sides of my center walkway and across the front walkway. One side worked perfectly; the other side blew a fuse every time I restored the power. I disconnected the power injection and they worked great (I must have a connection crossed somewhere, although I thought I was very careful). Anyway, both sides work great now---one with power injection, and one without. My wife and I can see no difference from side to side--no fading or color change on either side. I have 300 lights on each side (6 strands of 50, end to end). I'm glad it is working well, but I was anticipating that I would need that power injection..........
  20. Thanks, Bob. I will try that and see how I can do!
  21. Hi, I just started using rgb lights this year. Due to time constraints, I have not installed S5, and won't until after this year's display. I would like to have my rgb lights "chase" with a background effect (all on at a 20% intensity, etc.). I have done this many times with regular lights, but can't figure out how to do a background with rgb lights--unless I want the background to all be white. I would like different colors. I have tried everything I can think of. Hope this makes sense. Can anyone help me?
  22. Thanks so much for your help. I will try it as soon as my lights arrive (supposed to be this week). The RGB lights are new to me, but I'm excited to get them going.
  23. I've been running a Light-o-Rama show for many years now, but just got into RGB lights for this season. I bought lights from Light-o-Rama--bullet pixels, 50 per string. I plan to connect three of these strings end to end. Will I need to inject power for each string? If so, how exactly do I do that? I don't see a straightforward way on the light strings themselves. I am running a PixCon16 controller, and the first light will be approximately 20 feet from the controller. Thanks for your help.
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