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  1. Time is running backwards...

    Well, how about that? I did a "restart" instead of a "shutdown" and all is working great now> You guys are awesome. Thanks so much!
  2. Time is running backwards...

    Everything has been running great this season--until tonight! I noticed from the window that some of my channels were not dimming correctly, then others, and it got worse and worse. I turned it off and rebooted the computer. Everything seems to be running correctly, EXCEPT the visualized gives me the error talked about above. I have rebooted many times, but it will not go into simulation mode and I keep getting the clock running backwards error. Anyone had this issue? Any suggestions? Thanks.
  3. Dimming Curves/Firmware

    So, are there no dimming curves for the 4.xx firmware?
  4. Dimming Curves/Firmware

    Yes, they are all 4.40, 4.30, or 4.32. I guess that eliminates changing to G3 firmware. Well, that's the pits! Thanks for your help!
  5. Can anyone tell me where I can download dimming curves? I can't seem to find them anywhere. Also, something I read said that new curves will not work on pre-G3 controllers, UNLESS you have loaded G3 firmware onto those controllers. Can that be done? Where do I find the firmware files to do so? Thanks! Craig
  6. Strange question here: This summer we installed solar panels on our roof. Because of the way our house faces, they had to be on the front of the house. Suffice it to say that the panels have made it so I have to rearrange things on my Christmas display. I will not be able to use my 33 channel "spinners" any more. Any ideas of something cool I can make to use these 33 channels? I also have about 12 channels left over on another controller, so I could go up to 45 channels. Any ideas? I already have a 48 channel spiral mega tree; a 16 channel "Marty fan; six arches, each seven channels; a nativity display; lights around every window and door; and a few other items. I hate to leave so many channels unused...........
  7. Good old Windows.......... It's definitely a love/date relationship!
  8. I seemed to have fixed my own problem. With random searches on the internet, someone said to try running the Zara program as an administrator. I changed it to run that way and now it holds the file like it should. Funny thing is that it stopped working without me changing anything! Oh well, it's working now!
  9. Jim, that doesn't seem to be the issue for me. I haven't changed anything on access, and all works, except it won't hold the TTH file, so it never updates. Any ideas, anyone. Thanks for your help.
  10. I hope someone can help me with another Zara question: Although the season has ended, I am playing music on my Zara radio, with Time, Temperature, and Humidity announcements every so often. All of a sudden the file selection under TTH will not stay. I can select it and it works to update once, but if I go back into it, there is no file there and Units have defaulted back to Celsius. Nothing will update until I select the file again, and then it only works immediately and is gone again. I can't figure out how it could change when it worked perfectly all season. Any ideas how I can get the file to "stick" in the selection box? Weird!
  11. For all of you Zara experts....

    Zara Radio has worked perfectly for me this season. I have two files, one for DURING my show, that inserts time, temp, and humidity at infrequent intervals, triggered by one DTMF tone. Then I use "events" to load a file with straight Christmas songs to be played during off-show times. Then an event loads the during-show-file about 2 seconds before the show starts. Like I said, all is well; however, I was wondering if there is a way for the Zara playlist to also show the artist, since it is in the file that Zara uses. I have Zara broadcasting RDS, but it only shows the song, not the artist. I could add them to the titles by hand, but I have over 40 hours of music I would have to edit. Thanks for your help!
  12. I know the post I'm quoting is old, but I can't find an answer anywhere in the forums. I am having this exact same problem as Tim Dill. Do I need a second sound card to make it work? As soon as I enable the input line, It just feeds back terribly.
  13. Fm Transmitter interference>

    Yes, technically you are probably correct. I also go out in my car every few days to see what is happening. Still, I have the buzzing issue when RDS files are transmitted.
  14. Fm Transmitter interference>

    That helped a bit, but it's still there and I can't lower the audio too much more, or people will have to have their radios really high. I monitor with a radio indoors, instead of speakers, so I can know exactly what people hear in their cars.