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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, PhilMassey. I appreciate all who have helped me on this forum!
  2. I figured out that it is my preview, for some reason. I had to recreate it (thankfully it's just a flag and eave lights for this time). Question: Can S5 TWINKLE lights in only white? I want the stars of my flag (rgb) to twinkle at times, but I can only get it to twinkle in multi colors. Thanks for your help, everyone.
  3. That's what I thought; but nothing works. I'm at my wits end. Control lights is selected. Control panel is running. I can get the visualizer to work on some sequences, but it doesn't control the actual lights. Also, it won't control lights from a show, although the music is playing.
  4. I'm having a very difficult time getting my head around the upgrade from 5.2.4 to 5.4.2. None of my sequences will control the lights in the Preview or the actual lights themselves. What do I need to do? I installed 5.4.2 earlier, but nothing worked, so I went back to 5.2.4. I would really like to stay with the latest software version. Can anyone help me to understand what to do? Thanks, Craig
  5. I solved the problem of having my LOR lights control my porch lights. LightoRama I made a sequence that controls only one channel in it, in my case channel 2.1 I put this sequence in every show I run, as a background sequence, so this channel will be on all the time any show is running. From my controller (2.1), I run a cord to the coil of a 120 volt coil relay. The other side of the relay is a "dry contact" (no voltage). Insteon/ISY The cord from the "dry contact" goes to the "ground" and "sense" terminals on an I/O link (Insteon #2450). When the LOR channel sends power to the relay, it in effect "shorts" the ground and sense terminals on the I/O Link, signalling it to turn on. Removing the power from the relay turn the I/O link off. I program the ISY using three different programs. LightoRama turns on: If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched On Then Set 'Outside/Eaves' Off Else no actions LightoRama turns off (a): If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched Off And time is from 11:00:00 PM to Sunrise - 30 minutes (next day) Then Set 'Outside/Eaves' On 25% Else no actions LightoRama turns off (b): If 'Outside/LightoRama - Sensor' is switched Off And time is from Sunset + 1 second to 11:00:00 PM (same day) Then set 'Outside/Eaves' On Else no actions I don't know if anyone else is interested, but I was thrilled to get an automated way to turn my outside lights off when LightoRama comes on!
  6. k6ccc, Thanks for your suggestion. I'm not sure I could get cord from a LOR controller to my porch lights, since there is brick. I don't want it exposed on the exterior, so I've got to come up with another solution. Thanks for your input!
  7. Great idea that I hadn't thought about. I just hope I can figure it out; I'm just learning the isy, and my old brain takes awhile to grasp new concepts. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, DevMike!
  8. Last year I found out that LOR S5 does not support X10 devices, which changed my Insteon integration. Does anyone have any ideas on how to control Insteon switches with LOR S5? I want to have my regular porch lights and eave lights go off anytime my LOR lights go on. I have a Universal-Devices ISY 994i which I can program, but how do I tell the ISY that the LOR lights are on? Any ideas? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks!
  9. I have permanent lights on my eaves, so I am running them every night. No music, just animated pastels for Easter.
  10. That's very generous, Orville. I hope the recipient really enjoys all you have given him.
  11. Thanks for your help. Yes, they were upgraded from S4. I have made way too many changes to go back to S4 and clean them up. I guess I'll just have to live with it. I appreciate your response.
  12. For some reason I have several groups that are what I would call "double-nested." There is a group and when I open it, there are no group names, just another group to open. I would like to remove the groups, but there is no "ungroup" option when I right click on any of the groups. Any ideas, anyone? Attached is a screen shot. You can see the double minus signs by the side of several of the groups. Thanks!Groups.pdfGroGroups.pdfups.pdf
  13. Right! I don't understand when software is "upgraded" and capabilities are taken away. I hope it comes back......soon.
  14. In the past versions of the software (S3 and S4), I was able to watch the "visualizer" from my computer while a show was running. In S5 I can see the preview fine while sequencing, but is there any way to see it while the actual show is playing? I liked to watch it from time to time during the show. Is it just a setting I can't find, or has that capability been removed from S5? Thanks!
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