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  1. Hey kenton try to ignore the people that rip newbies a new one. I agree it does suck when people are new and instead of searching the forums for an answer first they just post, but i don't get all worked up over it (not saying u did this). We were all new at one point and all needed questions answered. The people who are afraid to make mistakes and ask questions excel at a much slower pace and end up suffering from it in the long run. If people are too busy this time of year to answer questions then why are they on the internet killing time! This is just the way i see it...people need to chill out and be nicer to one another....maybe i see it this way because im fresh and only 25 and not old/hardened/rotten/wrinkly/shriveled/grumpy or what some would call wise.....ha!
  2. That's a good idea Thanks for the help! I think ill go that route
  3. Thats my plan unless someone suggests a way I can avoid using my controllers and just purchase a cheaper wall timer or something like that, I'd prefer to go that route... just don't wanna damage my controllers or damage his drill...
  4. My grandfather came to me asking if I knew of a way to turn power on and off to a circuit for roughly 10 seconds or so every hour. He is working on an invention/project that requires his standard corded drill to be turned on and off throughout the day and night. I figured I could set up one of my lightorama controllers with my laptop for him to try his thing out for a month or two but I remember people saying induction loads are not compatible with the triacs and would harm the motor over time. Does anyone know of a simple timer or control method I can use to accomplish this for him? It doesn't need to be fancy. The simpler the better.. its just an experiment at this stage. The motor just needs to be 100% on or off...no VFD or anything like that. Power requirements are 120v 15amps
  5. Mine r arriving Friday in Socal. Ordered 3 sets
  6. Here are some videos of my display this year... i added a ton of stuff for halloween since last year and wasnt quite able to actually finish it all in time but next year ill just have to hold off new new stuff till i can get everything else up haha http://youtu.be/hr01eyOH-Hk http://youtu.be/hcVOHD72w2I
  7. lol ya i had the same experience.. i had family calling me saying i just saw your house on TV!!! .. and i had to be like "no no no..i wish...thats another guys house in riverside haha"
  8. Hmm that Is a little strange that it's louder than the rest... Mine r all pretty much the same as far as the noise goes. I did have 1 out of the 25 I ordered last year that was faulty. Didn't even light up.
  9. Whose strobes are you using? Mine r pretty loud. I can "hear" them all going off at about 15-20 feet away and sometimes more I'm usig the Christmas light show strobes
  10. Ill prob get bashed for being cheap and asking this, however ill still try... I wanted to add video to my halloween display this year and finally got my projector to play nice with my FM transmitter and computer (having interference/glitchy issues)... but realized recently that i need the advanced software to do full screen video... bums me out cause its $70 to upgrade my current license.. thats a decent amount of more lights i could buy with that money... Ive tried changing all kinds of settings on my computer to get the player to default to full screen and none of it worked... is it possible to get full screen video without having to upgrade? I have no need to upgrade to that high of a license except for the video... just seems kinda lame.. id almost rather just not do video....
  11. its rediculous you cant use full screen video unless you upgrade. I just ran into this issue last night after i hooked everything up and couldnt get it to go full screen on my projector then realized i had to pay extra for a full screen view... kinda pissed me off...
  12. Wow thank you so much! I experimented last year with adding a few spirals to my tree to see If I liked it and this year I bought all the Christmas light show products to make my tree strong and ease the pain when setting it up because I planned to go all out and do the entire tree a spiral tree. Thanks again for the ideas!
  13. Ok figured it out. didnt know much about legacy and normal configurations but I found one CCR had legacy mode active and the other was in normal. How the other CCR ended up in Legacy is beyond me.... Stoked!! ... hope my frustration and simple solution (yet hard for a newb to figure out:P ) helps someone in the future when troublshooting....
  14. I just finished mounting my CCRs and went to fire them up and test them before mounting it to my house and im having issues. When connecting the 2 CCR controllers in series with the cat5e cable, the first CCR in line gets some kind of sporadic ghost signals that are supposed to be sent to CCR #2. CCR# 2 is operating properly even though #1 is all wacked out. when the commands are only being sent to CCR #1, it works perfect and CCR #2 stays off. Tried switching the series order and it just reverses the problem. Running the CCRs individually on a network they work perfect. Ive checked all unit IDs and channel numbers and even switched out network cables and USB adaptors... still no dice... bummer im a week late lighting up my halloween display because of this thanks for the help!
  15. Foleyfamilychristmas.com has 1000' SPT2 wire for $125. He still has some wire and plugs left from his group buy. They are great people to work with! Here is the link to his store page http://www.wlcventures.com/
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