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  1. Thanks Brian Mitchell...this is what I was thinking of....a name of a song...not the music file....I can always search for the file...just need the name for a starting point.
  2. I have sequenced "Don't Stop the Santa Man" and everyone loves the music....is there other Christmas mashups like this out there? Been looking but can't seem to find any. Perhaps everyone else may know some tunes? Got a list? Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks 'lanopie' the unlock is what I needed. I guess I should have grown with everyone and bumped to S4 then to S5....but learning all over is good. I will probably have more 'dumb' questions...sorry in advance.
  4. Hello Orchidman, As if I was creating a new sequence and want to turn on a channel at a particular moment...I can insert a time line for example at one second. Now I realize it should have been a smidge later...instead of deleting the time line and re-inserting a time line...I was able to click and grab...drag and drop to the new position in S3...how do you grab the time line in S5 ?
  5. Hello everyone, Finally decided to take on the growing pains and moved from S3 to S5....I know right! In S3 you can move the time bar you placed by moving the pointer over and click and drag...now that I am trying to learn this new set up...how is it done in S5? I cannot seem to be able to hover over to grab and drag. What am I missing? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks 'Box on Rails'. I just upgraded and starting to load all the other programs onto the newer old computer. I have not yet tried to use Pap-to-LOR so if it works then great. Thanks for the update.
  7. Perhaps I wasn't clear with what I was doing. I was using Papagayo to create the singing light bulb. Then using "Papagayo to LOR" from ItsMeBobO to convert the Papagayo file to the clip board in S3 then inserting into my sequence. I am not using any matrix. I have made most of the RGB channels on my CMB24D into regular channels and connected all three wires on the nodes together to make them white (my way of getting more channels from my CMB24D). The only RGB channel is the body of the lights. My channels are set up as 1 Top Mouth, 2 Mouth Part Way, 3 Mouth Full Way, 4 Mouth OH. That said, I use 4 channels to create the mouth sequences. Does the old "Papagayo to LOR" work with S5?...the download states it expires on 10-01-2020 and is for S4, or am I having to use two computers...one to do the mouth animation and transfer to the old LOR and then transfer and convert in S5 on the other computer? How is anyone else programming the faces using the string of lights technique in S5?
  8. Hi everyone, Had S3 and finally jumped in for S5! I used Papagayo and 'Papagayo to LOR' from ItsMeBobO Software. Went to install 'Papagayo to LOR' (since I moved to a newer computer) but it is for S4, and expired on 10-01-2020. I have not jumped to smart pixels, so Superstar does me no good here. If I want to continue with my faces....What/how is everyone doing their faces if they are dumb nodes controlled by a CMD24D in S5? Also, if you are using Papagayo...where do I save my mouth shapes in Papagayo...cannot seem to find the folder in the newer Papagayo program. Thanks in advance. Looking forward to your response.
  9. Hello light freeks! I finally upgraded my software...I was running S3.10.14 Advanced and now I have S5.3.14 Advanced. I have all my props drawn and channels set. Loaded old sequences and resaved them to the new extension format and all plays in preview. Everything looks so new. Right now I am only using dumb nodes but thinking of making the jump into smart nodes. I am going on vacation soon and wondering if there is anything I can download to start reading. I hear there is a big learning curve and perhaps some reading will give me a jump for when I get back from vacation. Anything I should know...look at...looking forward to learning something new. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Have read a while back but realized I never thanked you...Thank You All.
  11. I have 50 mini zenon strobes on 4 channels and want to know how to get them to fire randomly. When first fired they all come on - after a few flashes then they become random. How are you pros getting them to be 'twinkling' ? I have heard of priming them for a second or two at a lower %, but have also heard this shortens the life of the strobe. Will be adding 50 LED strobes this year. Can I/ Should I mix these two together? Thanks in advance. James Hill Thunder Bay, ON, Canada
  12. Thanks guys. You were right as always. I found my short. I'm thinking the liquid electrical tape hadn't cured enough before I wrapped the wires together. Went through ALL my connections. Should be good now. Nothing like creating more work for myself!!! LOL The mosfet seems to be still working though....would you replace it anyway or use the original?
  13. I had purchased 3 CMB24 controllers earlier this year. I just powered up the units and need to know if anyone experienced this. I had never had problems with any hardware from LOR and decided to run a sequence for a test instead of the Hardware Utility. One of the Mosfets started smoking, discolored and was real hot. Would this be a faulty Mosfet? Should I try switching it out for another and try again? or should I contact LOR for more tests?
  14. Hello everyone, I am curious if anyone cracked the Budweiser Light up Cups to turn on their lights briefly when their team scores? Can you use it as a switch? Having fun with the NHL playoffs.
  15. Hello everyone, I have a problem. I made a 16 second sequence for New Years. Its 8 seconds before and 8 seconds after midnight. I guess i was in a hurry and posted it on the week schedule not the calendar schedule. I noticed this past weekend the New Years sequence was going. How do I delete it? Because it is so short of a sequence there is nothing I can click on to get the pop up menu of "edit", "delete". Not sure if I can just delete the calendar file or week file in the program files without screwing things up. I don't care if I have to re enter my shows again but don't want to screw things up. When I try to put a longer show over the existing one I just receive a "conflict" window but don't have the option of replacing it. What do I do to delete this short sequence/show?
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