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  1. For the video I used several softwares. The pumpkin animations were done with Crazy talk pro and then the candles were layered in using Sony Vegas. The middle singer was live film of me that was edited with sony vegas and had affects applied using Adobe after effects. This was one of two songs from this year. By next year we hope to have 4 or 5 running. The lights were all syncronized to the music too but from the camera angle I could not catch that.
  2. This was a piece of one of my songs from my Halloween show. It was projected onto pumpkins and a skull arch. THis shows it live but the camera sucked and did not pick up any of the detail that it did live.
  3. I tried to find a way to buy the ones at michaels online but I dont see them available that way.
  4. Steven wrote: I got some from eBay. That listing has ended, but you can get them here for $4.75 each in quantity 10. I got mine from ebay too. I contacted the seller (him-again) and had him setup a sale just for me. I got 40 of them for 160 including shipping. He was a goo dseller to buy form.
  5. I did a similar project using the 500w enclosures from Home Depot. Im using the cat-5 adapters to weather proof them and drilled holes to insert some hooks to suspend the rainbow cards with zip ties
  6. Is it possible to have lightorama trigger multiple windows media player files at the launch of a seuence? I am working with two projectors and would like them both synced perfectly to the music. If it is not supported by default would it be possible to use the windows shell command at launch of sequence to enable the second media player? If lightorama cannot do it has anyone synced two computers so they launch the show simotaneously for such a task?
  7. No, this was a DIY adapter a workmate wired for me. It was not correct so i rewired it and its now operational.
  8. Thanks for the ebay link. Was able to get 40 of them and wrangle the free shipping
  9. Is this the same connector some people are using for their RJ-45s? Im trying to figure out why this one is 1 dollar vs the 5$+ connectors. https://www.roc-noc.com/product.php?productid=78
  10. Do a search at hauntforum.com on fog chillers. Numerous designs have been made and tested. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.
  11. Ponddude help me trouble shoot the problem offline. It was the cable going from the IDMX to the brain. Thank you for everyone who provided assistance to help trouble shoot the issue.
  12. Ive been doing all sorts of testing and reading through all the manuals. The Status light on my IDMX-1000 is solid but the data light is always blinking. Should the data light be solid when the LOR hardware utility is sending a command? According the the manual it should. [align=left]Data LED[/align] [align=left]Blinks once for every 40 DMX packets transmitted if[/align] [align=left]no DMX input detected on the DMX In connector.[/align] [align=left]Steady on when a DMX input signal is being passed[/align] through to the DMX output. Is the blinking light dependant on what the output device is connected to the idmx-1000 or would the light be solid despide what is plugged into the DMX output?
  13. This is the network setup, hope it is helpful IM using a RJ-45 to XLR 3-pin Male to connect the IDMX1000 to the brain
  14. Brain is set to 1. Im assuming IDMX is set to 10. THats the first signature it autodetected Going into console I treid to manually set the intensity
  15. Im just setting up a rainbor brain to test out my rainbow flood for the first time. I have setup my LOR to DMX network. The LOR hardware utilityrecognizes my LOR IDMX1000 but I cannot get it to light by first flood. Does anyone have some basic steps to use to set the Rainbow brain to work with the LOR hardware utility? This is my only DMX device at the moment so it should not be to complicated.
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