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  1. lor board

    Thank you all for your reply and yes my mistake in calling it an internet plug should have been rj45 jack once again thank you
  2. lor board

    the second internet plug on the lor board is not working can not daisy chain it is board number 3 out of nine can I just put this number 3 board at the end of the line will it make any difference in the show and how it works
  3. Selling my old equipment

    have sent you a message hope you get this one
  4. Selling my old equipment

    have sent you a message thank you
  5. CCR Controllers for sale

    how do you get around it can you explain thank you
  6. ccr-150 controller

    anyone know the pin out for the ccr -150 controller looking at the controller holding it flat in your hand light o rama facing up ward thank you
  7. For Sale LOR1602 and CCR controllers

    Have sent you PM Hope to hear from you
  8. power supply

    that is some setup do you have any videos of how it works or a walk through of what you did
  9. Cut CCR into two units?

    here it is http://www.lwhancock.com/Blog_131125.aspx
  10. power supply

    Gentlemen thank you for your replies anyone else care to show there power supply setup and what it is used for thank you
  11. power supply

    uncledan is that setup for real what are you running would like to see a walk through of what you have thank you
  12. power supply

    So i'll have a positive and a negative going from the power supply to the controller for the first bank of six and an other positive and negative going from the power supply to the controller second bank of six thank you for your reply
  13. power supply

    thank you for your reply will have a few more questions if you don't mind answering them
  14. power supply

    Yes the stings are 12 volt also can you answer this question my power supply says AC input 110 DC output 12 volts- 30 amps so I just have to plug it into a 15 amp outlet and into my board and it will run the 12 strings 6 on each bank hooking up the board using 1 power supply thank you for your reply
  15. power supply

    I have a 12volt 30 amp -360 watt power supply will it be enough to run 12 strings of 50 count pixels - 2811