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  1. Jr going to shut down and try again Blair
  2. Jr please continue with the classes i enjoy attending them great way to learn and also the chats after thank you for your time it's appreciated Blair
  3. Phil thank you for your reply
  4. i had a few songs last year in the sequence editor where the vertical line would stop for a few seconds music playing ok then it would jump to catch up where the song was playing go for a few more seconds and repeat it through the whole song so i was thinking would the patch help this problem my display is 34 - ccr's and a 16x50 pixel tree on lor network gentlemen thank you for your replies
  5. do you still have to download the 4 gb patch in S4???
  6. Jr sent you my singing faces sequence to have a look at let me know that you got it thank you Blair
  7. Phil's advice is right on the money . If i were you i would also check out the aussie forums
  8. Great class very relaxed good information met a few people had a good time thank 's Jr see you Saturday Blair
  9. http://www.christmasutah.com/ you have to see this went from 2002 to 2011
  10. Jr count me in what ever day you pick is ok with me just post it thank you
  11. JR I would like to learn how to do singing faces and if you are going to do tutorials on normal faces led style that would be great . i really like to be able to do this with your help thank you
  12. MR, P thank you for the video what a bunch of crooks
  13. thank you Mr.P. little mixed on the files
  14. thank you Don
  15. how do i open this file any ideas thank you
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