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  1. Phil good point about pro upgrade thank you
  2. Using S3 right now but looking at S4 or S5 upgrade. I don't know which one, but this will be my last upgrade ,what would you suggest thank you
  3. Matt when is the next release. looking at purchasing s4 or s5 thank you
  4. sysco

    LSS file

    Don thank you for your reply
  5. sysco

    LSS file

    Can not open LSS files. What program can I down load which is safe to open these files thank you
  6. sysco


    I have s3 on my computer now,is there a demo for s4 or s5 that I can download without deleting s3, page please thank you
  7. Can you tell me how the pix Con 16 does it thank you
  8. This is the reply from the company from whom I bought my 50 count 12v rgb smart pixels from. I have the lor 16 channel pixel controller v4 and I also have pix con 16 pixel controller and I also have 4 channel pixel controller. I don't think these boards have the ability to change the amps built in to them.I believe it has to be done in the hard ware utility is this right new to rgb ??? thank you don't have a video on this, but our 12v 12mm pixels are 0.06amps per bulb, if you are running the full white. The amps change based on the color the bulb is projecting. So if you plan on 3amps for a 50 count strand you’ll be safe. (50 x 0.06amps = 3amps) The calculate watts: amps x voltage = watts In the case of the 50 count strand: 3amps x 12v = 36 watts. Again, this assumes you are running full white on the lights which would be your worse case scenario. Not to complicate this, but most rgb controllers have the ability to reduce the output of the strands. So you could set the controller to 50% output, which would reduce you to 1.5amps, yet, the brightness of the lights will still be good enough for your display. This would let you reduce the amount of power supplies you need to run your lights.
  9. can anyone tell how to test a 12v 2811 -50 count smart pixel node string to see how many amps it will draw. Seen a video on youtube but it was for dumb nodes not sure if it would apply to smart pixels thank you
  10. DevMike can you tell me if these devices can be used with S4 with the same results or more suited for S5
  11. anything you could let us in on board size or number of pixels, power wise anything would do
  12. sysco

    cg 1500 case

    Ok, gentlemen thank you for your reply. one more question what type of stand off should I use and the site please thank you
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