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  1. sysco

    CCR stays on

    you can purchase 6803's off ebay but they will be RBG BUT there is a way to change the order in S4 to RGB there are a few sellers in the U.S.A .Look at this video https://vimeo.com/260152106
  2. sysco

    Going Dark in 2019

    Earle just like to say thank you for all the sharing you have done over the past years and never refused a request for your sequences it's people like you that have helped me stay in this hobby Best of luck to you and your wife
  3. sysco

    gripper clips

    Came across these today https://www.toolclip.com/index.php/gripper-clips
  4. sysco

    1 pixel on CCR turning on randomly

    unplug power from the 150 controller ,leave the strip connected to the controller, hold down the blue button on the back of the controller reapply power plug to controller should run through red,green,blue if there is a problem with the pixel it should show up in testing just a thought
  5. sysco

    LOR Forums *Member Down*

    Jerry have sent money let me know that you received it Blair
  6. sysco

    LOR Forums *Member Down*

    Does anyone know if he has a pay pal account. i f you send it as a gift they wont take anything off it is this true Blair
  7. sysco

    pixel extenders 3 pin

    what you said is true but I for got to mention that I purchased these from lor looked but found no information on them in their store thank you for your reply
  8. I bought the 3 pin 10ft extenders for 12v pixels can anyone tell me the orientation of the three pins I think the white marked on the outside wire is ground single pin the one next to it I think is data and the other out side one is power is this correct thank you Blair
  9. sysco

    PIXCON 16

    Orville thank you Blair
  10. sysco

    PIXCON 16

    Just bought the pixcon 16 from lor going to upgrade to S4 do I need another router for this to work or can I just use my original router which has 2 extra ports open thank you
  11. sysco

    pixcon 16

    Ok I should have asked you before I bought it this pixcon stuff is new to me thank you Blair
  12. sysco

    pixcon 16

    just bought one in the summer sale it has no dip switches and it is a pixcon16 mkll v1.0 what would the numbers be on the board you have thank you Blair
  13. sysco

    pixcon 16

    what is the latest version for the pixcon 16 does it have dip switches thank you
  14. sysco

    pixe con16

    Phil thank you for your reply Mike yes you are right Pixcon Blair
  15. sysco

    pixe con16

    can you switch this board to 12 volt or is it just 5 volt