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  1. James that would be very kind of you t o do that Blair
  2. sysco


    way to go Orville ha ha good for a Monday morning thank you
  3. sysco


    anyone heard of anything new from lor this year ????
  4. thank you for your reply
  5. i'm testing a set of strings 2811 and what is happening holding the probe on the 12volt side both endsi get a beep now everything is ok for that side but i made a mistake left the probe on the 12volt side and tested the ground got a beep i'm i right in saying that the string is no good
  6. the ducks thank you for your reply very helpful
  7. Thank you would be helpful the pixie 16 is a lor board
  8. Any videos or directions on how to hook up one 50 amp power supply to a pixie 16 for both banks thank you Blair
  9. sysco

    ccr tree

    thank you for the information very helpful just wondering about spacing, question answered Blair
  10. sysco

    ccr tree

    I hate to give up on the ccr's . i guess i'll have to go with pixels for a smaller tree rather than the ccr strips. what about appearance the ccr's seem to be more clear than pixels when using faces ect. just basing it on what i saw on some videos it doesn't seem really clear. what are your thoughts on ccr's vs pixels thank you Blair
  11. i have a 17 foot 12-old ccr-150d tree would like to cut it down to 12 foot tree getting to hard to manage putting it up and taken it down I would have to cut the strips no problem there just wondering about the sequences what would i have to do to adjust them to the 12 foot tree any ideas thank you
  12. thank you for the information Blair
  13. So windows is good to use only want it to unzip files sent from people using the lor forums also what are .rar files and are they used often to send lor files thank you for your replies
  14. what do most of the people here use to unzip a file free download or should i buy win zip thank you
  15. Hard thing to look at not a good feeling at all i don't use guide wires i have 2'' x 20ft ratcheting straps in the back of the tree and 2x 1'' in the front of the tree can make adjustments easily, you can still see it no interference ,the stakes are 3 feet long with a 1/4 inch plate welded to the side of the stakes with a hole for the hook plus 4 handles welded to the tree itself for attaching upper hooks then there is a plate 1/4 x2 feet with a 14 inch 1'' heavy duty pipe welded to the plate also welded to the plate are 6- 1''nuts with 12'' stakes driven into the ground have not had a problem , we had a week of high winds 80 to 100 km an hour everything stood it's ground
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