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  1. sysco

    scrolling sign

    Jim where did you buy yours and what type of enclosure did you build. Jim can you give me more information on both sites and details thank you Blair
  2. sysco

    scrolling sign

    Looking to buy a 14x40 or 8x40 rgb scrolling , weather proof sign. what should I be looking for ????? don't know thank you
  3. sysco

    15 ft extenstions from lor

    Thank you for your reply
  4. http://store.lightorama.com/ex12vo3pinbl1.html can anyone tell me which is the positive wire and the negative wire and the ground wire just want to be sure thank you
  5. sysco

    Recommended place to purchase hardware and lights

    Well I use lor strips never had a problem here on the east coast, Sydney But I have never heard this topic mentioned on this forum can't recall Blair
  6. anyone have any extra you are not going to use need 40 ft Not able to buy it here by the foot in Canada thank you Blair
  7. sysco


    looking for older ccr's if you have any that you are not going to use let me know thank you Blair
  8. sysco

    CTB16PC G3 w/ Bracket for Sale on eBay

    not a good Idea to use global shipping it's a money maker for ebay and paypal not good for the buyer Blair
  9. sysco

    ws2811 pixel strings

    have not used 2811's, wondering if all the ws2811's are the same color wise, and if one burns out will the others stay lite , and the best place to buy thank you
  10. sysco

    How do you store your pixel tree ?

    What I do and have done since I had them is roll them up put back in original boxes stored in a plastic create in the basement no problem at all Blair
  11. sysco

    CCR stays on

    you can purchase 6803's off ebay but they will be RBG BUT there is a way to change the order in S4 to RGB there are a few sellers in the U.S.A .Look at this video https://vimeo.com/260152106
  12. sysco

    Going Dark in 2019

    Earle just like to say thank you for all the sharing you have done over the past years and never refused a request for your sequences it's people like you that have helped me stay in this hobby Best of luck to you and your wife
  13. sysco

    gripper clips

    Came across these today https://www.toolclip.com/index.php/gripper-clips
  14. sysco

    1 pixel on CCR turning on randomly

    unplug power from the 150 controller ,leave the strip connected to the controller, hold down the blue button on the back of the controller reapply power plug to controller should run through red,green,blue if there is a problem with the pixel it should show up in testing just a thought
  15. sysco

    LOR Forums *Member Down*

    Jerry have sent money let me know that you received it Blair