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  1. I think I have a bad trac, one channel is always on about 50%. anyone know the Mouser equivalent for the trac or a list of the part numbers for the cb16. I also have several boards with larger light leaks even with a snubber or incan string after a LED string. And because I did not use strain relief all but one of my boards have broken rj45 sockets. So I will be doing repairs on all 5 of my boards.
  2. I just posted about this and am glad I saw your post....I will be taking my wife's monitor..
  3. I was told, then I found that attempting to paste and use the NC effects saved to clip boards will cause the sequencer to crash with an out of memory warning. some of the clipboards were up to 5 m in size. For me NC is easy to set up the models and draw custom items. But there is no grid or running time so I cant get the sequencing in my head. You have to define the time you want the NC effect to play, like a spread sheet. I hope something happens soon I have about 4k channels of pixels I want to add to my collection of songs.
  4. Just when I have convinced myself that SS is too expensive you seem to come up with more stuff that I want to do. I am planning a 64 x16 mega tree and am not getting the effects I want from Nutcracker. I am using pixel net and DIY hardware but use LOR for sequencing. DMX dumb stuff was not very hard to do, but smart lights have been a pain in the rear. I have about 6k channels. Are there any plans to open up the channel or pixel count the are DIY people that are in the 30 and 40 k range and some new equipment will let you control over 100k channels. Seems like LOR would want to capture a share of that market.
  5. First nite went off with out a hitch..... Attached files
  6. I do have a solder sucker and it was a life saver, but the problem was several cold solder joints. I now have all 16 channels.....
  7. I put my diy kit together (ordered in the Sept sale). Then I took it apart, re-touched the solder joints and now I have 12 out of the 16 channels working. So far I have found some loose lugs. Any one have a suggestion. I had to remove one side of tracks because I mistook the black mark for the pin one dot. (old eyes) I did not keep track of where they were put but I think I may have damaged some. edit...Looking at the trouble shooting guide it was the optos that I had in upside down....not the tracks.
  8. Great info, I was having the same problem with a song I had just downloaded from Amazon. I used the audio program and re-saved the file as a lower bit rate file and I was able to get the wave form in S2 to work....
  9. LOR is a top notch company and I use and love the software and controllers. But....some of the equipment is expensive and out of reach for some. The intent is not to steal but to use some other neat devices with LOR's innovative and easy to use products. There is a lot of new stuff floating around and some of the DIY products make it to market (use, kit etc….) quickly because they are not for professional use and are not UL listed. LOR users have to wait a bit for stuff because (I think) they want to produce a product that they can stand behind and they will make a living selling. People (including me) want the next big thing for their display. The people that go all out on their displays will always be looking to cut costs to expand, upgrade or just fit it into a tight budget. Also some people just gotta take stuff apart and see how it works. I have destroyed countless toys, bicycles, lawnmowers, cars, and electronic things just cause I wanted to “fix” them or improve them.
  10. Any problems with heat or is there venting in the cover?
  11. Have you tried your software with Lynx controllers? I am planning on using a mix of LOR and Lynx. I will have 16 CCR type ribbons. using RJ's (Lynx creator) Pixel net set up using about 4800 channels. Just wondering.
  12. I did not know they sold component replacement parts, I also have a strange power on thing. On a mini tree with 300 multi- color incans the last half of the last string is on at less than 50%, the front half is dimmer and the other 200 are dimmer still. The white star of 35 incans is off and it is plugged in to the last set of lights on the tree. I was just going to mark that channel as bad and use the controller where I have some unused channels next year. I got some soldering training many years ago in the Navy (the bigger the blob the better the job) so I might give that a go... I will break out the multi meter and see what the voltage is. But it’s strange that all the lights are not half on.
  13. Make sure you are using the same bit rate files. Last year I had to jocky my sound tracks a bit cause my Flips' sound sucks when its windy. I used Roxio so it has sound editing in it.
  14. I wonder if Dan and Bob have light displays? or are they like a pool contractor I know. He builds pools for everyone else but does not have one at his house.....
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