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  1. I purchased this one last year and was happy with it. I had a clear transmission up to about a block from my house, once and a while i would hear it about 4 blocks away but it wasnt real clear. Sound quality was good to. I actually used it at our Jaycee's Ice fishing contest we hooked it up to a pa system so when we made announcements people could hear them at there houses on the lake.
  2. I started decorating my first house in 1993. Each year I would add something new to the display until last year when I came across LOR and said Ive got to do that so I lite up my house with 10,000 lights and 64 channels. Ran into a neighbor last month when I was out with friends at applebees and he asked if it was a meeting for the lights next year lol.
  3. jjd35

    Show Intro

    Last year was my first year with LOR and I did not do a intro the longest most people stayed for was 1 maybe 2 songs and I only had 1 or 2 cars at a time except for on xmas eve I had 5 cars that stayed for about 20 min.
  4. Here are a few videos of my first year here . The video quality is not that great I need to look at a different camera next year, traffic would not cooperate either. http://www.vimeo.com/18648832 http://www.vimeo.com/18647839 http://www.vimeo.com/18648608
  5. jjd35

    One Channel Down

    I to had the same problem set everything up and one channel doesnt work. Was getting dark will look more at it tomorrow otherwise everything else seemed to work fine was cool to see it in action after all these months working on it.
  6. jjd35

    New to LOR

    Welcome to everyone . I am also new this year been reading the fourms and learning since last december when my dad sent me a video of Holdmans carol of the bells and asked me when I was going to do that as a joke but I thought it was so cool I had to do it so my first year with 64 channels.
  7. jjd35

    fm transmitter

    I to purchased one on ebay I know its not what everyone has recommended but it was in the US and I could get it in time. So far it seems fine they told me it would broadcast 300ft but I could still hear it 2 blocks from my house it wasnt clear but when you get to my block it clears up. It sounds better then my free one. Here is the link if anyone is interested. http://cgi.ebay.com/0-5W-FM-Stereo-Transmitter-PLL-Audio-LCD-Antenna-/300484162336
  8. jjd35

    fm transmitter

    I believe I am the first I havnt seen anyone else doing this. I ve decorated for years and have had people tell me they enjoy my lights cant wait for the surprise this year.
  9. thanks for the input. I was afraid of that not sure why I caught it now everything seemed to work all the channels tested and worked. Better to fix now then in the middle of december. Thanks again everyone
  10. I just finished testing my boards and everything seems to work fine, but I just released that I soldered the electrolic cap with the minus sign to the left instead of the right does this make a difference or will It be fine the way it is thanks
  11. jjd35

    fm transmitter

    I am just off of hwy 25 south of town. Im not sure how the display will be I still have a lot to do between work, fall cleanup and this I think I need more time I usually light up on thanksgiving. Not sure this year did not allow myself enough time for building mega tree, controllers, sequences, planning thought i had the fm transmitter taken care of lol.
  12. jjd35

    fm transmitter

    I am new this year to the lor. I borrowed a transmitter from a radio station friend of mine it is a drive buy fm transmitter he said it is a older model but works fine. My question is I hooked it up and it broadcasts but I dont think it sounds that great there is static between songs and the music doesnt sound as crisp, is this typical of the transmitters or are the newer ones the sound quality much better?
  13. thank you for the help I looked in my kit again and there is solder in there. I think i was so overwhelmed at all the parts I never even noticed the solder.
  14. Im a newbie and Im just starting to put my controllers together. I want to radio shack to get solder and I got the guy who wants to be somewhere else but work. I just want a confirmation that I have the right one he gave me 60/40 rosen core with .062 diamater. I brought my lor book in but could not find anything that showed other than shiny wire for circuit boards thanks for the help in advance.
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