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  1. Thank you everyone who attended the Minnesnowda Mini although it was a cold start for it we had a great turnout. Thank you Sean Meighan for talking to us about xlights and thanks to all the vendors for their great door prizes.


    Light o Rama lightorama.com

    Boscoyo studio boscoyostudio.com

    wire frame dlites wireframedlites.com

    Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory


    Christmas leds Christmas-LEDs.com

    Rons holiday lights ronsholidaylights.com

    Renard plus renard-shop.com

    Christmas light shows christmaslightshow.com

    Christmas Before July christmasbeforejuly.com

    Crocket Fantasy of lights crockettfantasyoflights.commini1edit.jpg

  2. we have 2 more vendors who have provided door prizes for our mini thank you.
    Christmas Before July        christmasbeforejuly.com
    Crocket Fantasy of lights    crockettfantasyoflights.com

  3. I am hosting the Minnesnowda Mini on May 14th, come and share your display ideas with other lighting enthusiasts. We have Lor, Renard, Vixen, and xlights users. Some of the items being shared are P10 panels a interactive show using the pi player, sequencing with vixen, pixiciles and a discussion on using xlights. More things to come as the date gets closer. If you would be interested in attending message me.
    A special thankyou to these vendors who have helped sponser us with some great door prizes. More to come

    Light o Rama                 lightorama.com
    Boscoyo studio               boscoyostudio.com
    wire frame dlites            wireframedlites.com
    Dirknerkle's Inventorium and Generally Worthless Device Factory
    Christmas leds               Christmas-LEDs.com                    

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  4. This is my 3rd christmas with Lor and decided to do a halloween show a group of us camp in october at a campground that has a halloween weekend. Lots of activities for kids and decorating, I only had 3 songs ready for this year but here is one of them. It was a fun weekend hearing all the comments on the display, afterward I thought I should have video taped the people and some of the little kids dancing in front of the campsite. I tried posting the video but it said it was to big so here is a link instead


  5. I also use the pole pin and havnt had any troubles. My star is 3 ft tall mounted on top if i put it all together it takes 2 people to stand it up but i have a 3 ft pc of pipe buried in the ground that i slide it into so the overall height is 20 feet. Last year i tried it in sections put the one pipe in the ground and then want up the ladder with the other pipe and coupled it together that still need 2 people just to help lift it.

  6. I to received a christmas card this year from a family in town, it was addressed to the house with the awesome lights. They said there family would stop every night and watch on there way home. It really makes all the work worth it when you hear how much someone enjoyed it. Thanks LOR and everyone hear who help may this hobby fun.

  7. This was my second year with light o rama had a few minor issues with lights and figures blowing over but nothing major. A lot of compliments I think i averaged about 15 visitors a night with the most at one time on christmas eve looked out the window and seen 7 cars all parked across the street 1 would leave someone else would pull up. Time to start thinking about next year along with a halloween show for the first time. Happy New Year to all

  8. I just finished putting my controller together and the first circuit doesn not do anything. All the rest of them work fine, I dont see anything that looks like its burned out all the connections seem to be fine. Any suggestion to my problem

  9. I just used the coro board from home depot used stencils on it with the words Lights to Music Tune to Fm 98.1 and put a red and green flood light in front of it. I dont have a picture but it stood out in the yard.

  10. last year was my first year with a mega tree i used 1 1/2 black pipe 2- 10ft section burried a 3 foot piece of pvc pipe in the ground so the pipe slide into that i built the holdman star to top the tree with which added the 3 feet back.At the top attached a pulley and attached that to electrical galvanced piece of pipe fitting I forget what it is called its threaded in the middle and has holes around the outside of it,that fit over the pipe so I could pull it to the top. I had 4 guy lines attached to it and never had a problem you just another person to help left it in and out of the hole, when not in use i just put a pvc cap over it and can run the mower right over the top of it.

  11. Last year was my first year with LOR and I played christmas songs from thanksgiving till news year day. I have seen a couple of people change things up after christmas. I am just curious do you play christmas songs up till new years or do you change up after christmas. I am starting to look at this years display and trying to decide what to do. What has been everyones experience

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