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  1. zman

    Garage Door Covers

    What about down washing the doors from your eves and mounting your floods there.
  2. zman

    using Madrix to control LOR

    I had an issue with M2L a few years back. Madrix had to be set up to know what output to monitor for that. However I am still in V3 Ensure Device Manager has your output set up and that WDM is selected with Use for M2L & S2L Effects checked.
  3. zman

    2018 Annual Pacific NW CLAP Mtg

    We are about as set as we can be for this weekend. Special thanks to Eric Foley and the new Firehouse. They have pushed to get things ready for us, and even in its somewhat incomplete state, the pictures look amazing. I cant wait to see it in person. I still contend that we have the best venue in the entire country for our Mini, and moving from the Lake House to the Sound House will not disappoint. Eric and his wife Jennifer are setting this up as a “Dinner Destination” venue. On hand is the fire engine and car collection of the Foley’s. There is only a handful of us who have seen the Car Barn in years past, and now you all will get a chance to see this. The Foley’s have been extremely gracious over the years with hosting this event with Brother Gary always assisting. For those who have RSVP’d, thank you. It is still not too late to decide to come. Special thanks to those presenting our agenda this year: Lowell Fuher – Group Roundtable Discussion – Attention to Details Jay Danielson – Cheap E131 Wireless Pete Peters – AFCI vs GFCI Avoiding December Meltdowns Kevin Thomas & Darren Huffty – LOR S5 Pete Peters - Power Injection Steve Garrett – E131 Wireless Update Our Sponsors do an amazing job supporting us. Please support them, and when you interact with them, thank them for taking the time to send us goodies as giveaways. Lori's Lighted D’Lites Christmas Expo Reinders Holiday Technologies Winklebottoms Wireframes 3G Lighting Creations Demented Elf SanDevices Pixel Controllers Advatek Lighting Christmas-LEDs Crockett Family of Lights HiTech Lights PixelController.com (Falcon) Creative Display's Boscoyo Studios Evergreen Church Lowell, Kevin, myself and the gang are looking forward to a fun filled day. See you all Saturday.
  4. zman

    2018 Annual Pacific NW CLAP Mtg

    Here is the Final Update. We are only 18 days away! CLAP is the last major gathering that is still free to attend, so we need to plan on head count. Please RSVP if you plan to attend, and let me know if you will attend the Friday night Meet and Greet event. If you have already sent an RSVP no need to send again, I have the list updated. The agenda is all set, see above. The Friday night Pizza Meet & Greet IS MOVING TO A NEW VENUE: ROCK PIZZA - 5:30pm Address: 5400 Martin Way E, Lacey, WA 98516 Phone: (360) 412-0300 Reservation is under C.L.A.P. Remember that CLAP is also at a new venue: Eric Foley 2825 Fishtrap Loop NE Olympia, WA 98506 Doors open at 7am for coffee and donuts, dont forget if you want to bring something to sell or swap, we will have tables set up for that. It should be a great day. See you all then.
  5. zman

    2018 Annual Pacific NW CLAP Mtg

    An Update for the Pac NW CLAP Sorry for the lack of communication. Been a busy year already. We are all set for Saturday April 21st. Set Up Party and Pizza Feast on Friday April 20th. Pizza Feast Venue is TBD an update will follow As usual bring anything you want to trade or sell for the Swap Meet The location of this years meeting is at Eric Foley's: 2825 Fishtrap Loop NE Olympia, WA 98506 Set Up on Friday starts at Noon CLAP on Saturday starts at 8m This is still a free event to attend. We do however need RSVP's to plan for lunch. The Agenda is as follows Group Round Table Discussion What worked, what didn't What do you want to share What questions do you have to ask Attention to Details E1.31 Wireless Overall Options Steve Garrett Update Power Injection How to prevent those December meltdown blues (AFCI's) LOR S5 Please respond that you plan to come, another update will follow listing sponsors and Pizza Venue.
  6. zman

    Fire at LOR

    Wow such a mixed bag of emotion on this one. Glad to hear all personnel are fine, and it seems most of the operations. The next few days will be anxious for the entire company. I wish them well.
  7. Clappers, The date has been set for our annual gathering. Saturday April 21st. NOTE! The location will be different. With mixed emotions, we have outgrown Nancy's Lake House and Bill's shop. Sadly there are a lot of memories there, but we are still keeping it in the family, as Eric Foley will be hosting us. This is a phenomenal venue, still in the same general area, closer to Puget Sound, the property has a pond, Car Barn with the Foley's Fire Engine and car collection, and a replica Fire house where the meeting will be held. No more cold, tight quarter shop. Address: 2825 Fishtrap Loop NEOlympia, WA 98506 This is a free event to attend, for anyone to attend, the only investment is your time. We are soliciting ideas on subject matter. If you have something you want to know more about, let us know. The Friday afternoon and evening, Set Up party and Pizza Fest will be held on the 20th. Given the adjustment in meeting location, we are contemplating a different Pizza Fest venue. Mark your calendars now, more details will follow.
  8. zman

    iDMX 1000 Help

    Thanks for the clarity Mike!
  9. zman

    iDMX 1000 Help

    Good point, I don't know know for certain how that affects things. May be a good question to ask the Support Team or hopefully someone chimes in. I have always had the max license from LOR... In the HU are you setting the Controller Type to one of the iDMX1000 and the Channel Mode to Extended Circuits? In the HU is the iDMX found, and do you have your Max Unit ID set far enough out that A1 is found?
  10. zman

    iDMX 1000 Help

    RDVC what license do you have? You need to have at least an "Advanced" license of the software.... to output DMX.
  11. zman

    Christmas Expo 2018

    I live in Seattle, I would love it to come to the west coast. Knowing what little I know, I have a bit of insight here, but no control. I have also been to all the Expo's since 2007 with the exceptions of 2009's and last years. The managers do care for the community, and attempt to create a balance. Here is my dos centavos. Christmas Expo is successful for a couple reasons. First and foremost is the format and relationship with the vendors. Without the vendor support, Expo is perhaps just a so-so conference. Most of the vendors have to drive to get to this event, to bring their products to sell. If you take it much beyond Denver, you lose the vendors, and you create an event for the coast mainly. You then polarize the other coast. If it was held on the west, the east complains. If it was held in Seattle, those in LA would complain, Orlando, New York... You get the picture. It needs access to larger hubs that are central to most of the US. Attendees need to get there fairly easily. It relies on knowledgeable volunteers to present, who have to travel to the show in some manner. It has to have access to facilities that are economical. Labor Unions increase costs, facilities costs etc... Christmas Expo managers to want to keep Expo as reasonable as possible for the young, old, newbie and tenured attendee. The managers took the admission from having to pay for 3 full days, to providing individual day passes. Then folks were stating that the curriculum was not published soon enough to make decisions on which day to attend. Besides participating in Expo at a few levels, I am also one of the organizers for CLAP in the PacNW. Anyone who has been involved in planning something at a local, or national level, realizes quickly the logistics of putting on an event, is never easy,. What is easy is to sit back and arm chair things. You're never going to make everyone happy. So you go with your sweet spot and hope for the best. The best part of Expo, is the "experience". You get to rub elbows with the vendors, talk to them, develop a relationship. You meet F2F those you communicate with in the forums, meet the Rock Stars of our community. You get the evening and late night lobby sessions where you never know what will take place. One year we had a conduit bending session in the lobby. Granted the hotel and Expo managers were a bit nervous, but all turned out well. Ask any past participant and they will tell you the atmosphere and experience is almost indescribable. I highly recommend it.
  12. zman

    Christmas Expo 2018

    If you are interested, book your rooms now at the Hapmton Inn, the original block of rooms was snatched up, and the owners had to go secure another block. The apres dinner impromtu lobby discussions are awesome...
  13. They announced the location of Expo next year. Mesquite, TX (Dallas) check it out: http://www.christmasexpo.com/
  14. zman

    iDMX 1000 Help

    First thing you need to do is re-ID the DMX1000. Do not have it end in "0" (zero) So rename it from E0 to 1-9, E1, A1 but nothing with a "0" that keeps the DMX1000 in what was legacy mode. So it would only support 256 of what is 512 DMX channels in a DMX Universe. Might not be critical, but you should know this. The Hardware Utility will see it, if there is nothing wrong with the DMX1000. You have to go into the "Console" which is next to the "Help" and "Exit" button at the top right of the UI. Once in the console you set it up to speak to the DMX1000. If you do a search, you need to ensure you have your Max Unit ID set way out there beyond what you listed as E0. Next the DMX1000 can be anywhere in your LOR network. You dont need it at the end. Also, an LOR controller with no modifications (except it has to have one of the newer firmware updates) will react to LOR commands, or DMX. It does not need to be connected in any way to the DMX1000. All this said, it is sort of assumed you have some fundamental understanding of DMX. DMX is just like LOR, you just have to understand it first. On my website in my signature, I have a How-To page that has some basic DMX presenations I have done over the years at various mini meetings, or Christmas Expo. Explain what you are trying to accomplish.
  15. zman

    2017 PacNW CLAP Meeting

    You timing is great. There is a gathering and swap meet today in Port Orchard today if you can make it. It will go till this afternoon. There is decorators that will be there, and goodies to buy. Charles Enos 3045 SE Royalwood Pl. Port Orchard Wa. 98367 These are our 2 events per year in the area.