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  1. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    All sold - thank you! Paul
  2. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    email sent
  3. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    PM sent
  4. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    I have a couple, but I'm not sure if I can get rid of them yet. I'm still deciding what the show will look like next year.
  5. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    I have another one of these for sale, just like the one pictured above, all 100% working. $175 shipped in the US takes it.
  6. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    That one is sold - probably another one later.
  7. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    Not yet!
  8. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    Sparky4U PM sent
  9. CTB16PC Gen3 for sale

    Hasn't been used for a couple of years, so time to go. Tested & works $175 + shipping. Thanks! Paul
  10. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Thanks Mike. I think I'm all set. I'm happy to have the replacement and someone else here gave me a segment to try to repair this myself.
  11. RGB Pixel sizes wrong in visualizer

    I've tried other settings on the size. The spacing and shape are greyed out no matter what. It's like the RGB DMX wizard sets something to keep you from adjusting this in the properties.
  12. RGB Pixel sizes wrong in visualizer

    The odd part is I can't modify the spacing or the shape, so I don't know if that is the issue or not. If they are in the area make sure they stop by after Thanksgiving
  13. Using Version 4.3.18 Pro, I'm having an issue with a new fixture I am creating. I've created the fixture as RGB DMX Bulbs and I set the size to be 16 - largest. You can see this in layout mode and the image called fixture in Layout. The problem is that during simulation the pixel size is very small (probably a 1). You can see this in the image called fixture during simulation. What can I do to get the simulation size to match the layout size? I'm including the fixture file and the fixture properties. Thanks! Paul King 20-pixel star.lff
  14. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Yes - they did - see my email reply. Thank you! Paul
  15. Debug/Repair single pixel on CCR

    Sent via email