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  1. Thanks Ron and Sax for your valuable advice! I was hopping S4 might be a skinned down version of SS. That is if I understand SS capabilities.
  2. I'm new to using Pixels. Read most all of the posts here but still not sure if S4 with out Superstar ($200) is for me. I will have about 2500 DMX channels. Using LOR E1.31 out to SanDevices E6804s. No Superstar software (SS). And I don't know if SS even does Pixels other than the CCRs. Do I understand that S4 Visualizer will import Pixels(RGB channels) from S4 sequencer making it much easier to program pixels? Will S4 Visualizer import my music files to auto synchronize with Pixels somewhat like SS ? Using S3 Visualizer for programing Pixels is a very long tedious task and synchronizing to music (for me anyway) has been almost impossible. Anyone available to help me understand if S4 can help me with easier programing Pixels and synchronizing with music?
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