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  1. wmilkie

    LOR CCR 16 Tree Build

    thanks had a 10foot pixel tree last year, no tree for 2017 but will change it to a 20foot for 2018; this is helpful
  2. wmilkie

    LOR CCR 16 Tree Build

    Do you have any photos?
  3. wmilkie

    Pixels on ridge line

    I used some pixel clips from http://boscoyostudio.com/, tie wrapped them to 1/2" emt; mounted emt clips to roof: snap pixel/emt assys to clips Some assemblies are permanently mounted to underneath eaves, others are at easy level to put up and take down Built my pixel tree the same way
  4. robigd, can you post a photo of your sign?
  5. wmilkie

    In the news ! Santa Claus Lane

    thats great; congratulations!
  6. I like that Jim; how did you make that?
  7. wmilkie

    Drill Jigs for PVC pipe

    very cool idea
  8. wmilkie

    Orang County CA/Cleveland OH light shows

    Just sent you a PM; we're in Anaheim
  9. wmilkie

    Disaster averted - good reminder

    glad you figured it out; I usually forget to plug something back in, like power, lights, audio, etc
  10. wmilkie

    S4 Upgrade Info

    in s4, Visualizer works significantly better
  11. wmilkie

    e682 not working

    if the configuration is correct, and just the lights don't light, maybe check the fuses and make sure the little green connectors are plugged in all the way, loose connection for led power etc
  12. wmilkie

    ELL Update to Hardware?

    one house is next door, next is 2 doors down, 3rd is directly across the street plus mine next door one is easy, but for the other 2, might need some wireless broadcast ; just starting to look into this, after neighbors approached me and asked if it was possible; might be fun
  13. wmilkie

    ELL Update to Hardware?

    I'm looking at possibly adding multiple houses next year; what other alternatives are there other than ELL's?
  14. wmilkie

    Lag when adding to existing sequence

    this has to be done in Sequence Editor, SE; you do need another usb adapter from LOR, preferably the red high speed one; if you don't have a spare, this won't work; at least I don't know of another way: I always keep a few spare around just in case as as debtoew mentioned, perhaps the rgb would be better on an Aux A network instead; either way you may need to split your non-rgb and rgb up BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHANGES, MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS BACKED UP TO A SECURE LOCATION, OR FILES RENAMED, ETC it gets a little complicated here(for me anyway) when you load a sequence in SE; go to TOOLS, Channel Configuration; as screen opens up with the current track, ie: track 1, what ever you named your tracks; (you'll need to change the controller in each track also; say RGB-1 will need to be changed in track 1, track 2, etc.) one of the tabs will display the current network, "Regular'; basically, you want to change say the rgb controllers to the Aux A network; click on Change Controller; click on the controller to change, say RGB 1 click on Network, change from Regular to Aux A; click OK do this for each Track so all the rgb controllers in that sequence will be on Aux A now. Click ok on Channel Config save Sequence to different name; say xxxxx-1; that way you don't overwrite your previous sequence; Now you will need to change the Advanced LOR Network Configuration; click Edit, Preferences, Network Preference; I'm assuming your RGB controllers are LOR and not dmx, , locate the controllers you changed, say RGB 1 Change the Aux A to the correct, say com 3;(hardware utility should detect this) click apply, save; then try out that sequence; The help files have some info on this, Aux network, networks, etc; ; last year I had to scramble to get this working but it was in October