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  1. a little late to the conversation, but we moved to Forney 1 year ago; love to keep in touch with anyone in the area
  2. A little late, but did you ever get one?
  3. really sorry to see you go Earl; I haven't done much the last few years but you were a great help for me in the past; take care and good luck
  4. thanks had a 10foot pixel tree last year, no tree for 2017 but will change it to a 20foot for 2018; this is helpful
  5. I can't get on it either; get the same error Jim gets
  6. So how do you do a spiral on a 360 tree? I have the same tree jerry72 does, and how you you do a nice 180 spiral using the spiral smooth effect? I have tried the smooth effect spiral, but couldn't get it to look like a standard led/nonrgb spiral tree
  7. I may be wrong, but I think this error is because maybe the sequence editor is still open when your are trying to run the show scheduler on your show Make sure they aren't both open at the same time
  8. Carol-Lee, there are great video tutorials at (scroll down towards the bottom) http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/ I'm just learning about SuperStar myself and these are a must.
  9. George, Excellent tips on the beat wizard
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