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  1. They said since the light on the 1602W never stopped flashing, the (and I may not get this exactly right) communications chip on the mp3 board is bad. Not a problem that happens very often, I'd guess, from the dearth of information I found online about it. They are sending out a new 1602mp3. Glad to know, though, that it's not something stupid I did or didn't do.
  2. The good folks at LOR resolved this issue.
  3. I tried again to do the firmware upgrade, and again, nothing happened. Activity said "grabbing unit" but no change, no status bar for 15 minutes. Gave it up again. I think if the hardware utility can't communicate with the MP3 player, it can't do the firmware upgrade, either. But I can't find anything in the manuals or forum or on the web to solve the problem.
  4. I still need a solution to the main problem -- I can't run a show with the Lexar 512mb card purchased from LOR with the system, and I can't run a show WITH MUSIC from the computer.
  5. Gee, where to begin? MP3 player worked with LORs SD card at Halloween, but when we went to put the Christmas show on it Sunday, we had all sorts of problems, mainly being we couldn't run the show through the MP3 player. So we put the show on a laptop, but the laptop wouldn't play through the speakers from the jack on the MP3 player. Well, we worked around that, too. So now I'm back to trying to get the SD card/MP3 combination working, and I notice the Hardware Utility, on the LOR MP3 tab, says (in the clock setting section) that in the lower right-hand corner it should say MP3 connected -- and it doesn't, it says MP3 player NOT connected. So, is that a problem or is there a setting somewhere I need to change? Now, if it makes a difference, one of the other (multitudinous) problems we fought last weekend was with a 4 gb SDHC card, which I suspected and finally decided was a firmware issue with the high capacity card. The website says (sort of) "come on, download the latest firmware!" and the Hardware Utility says "don't do this before a show or you'll screw the works" but I didn't listen well and I STARTED the firmware download … and waited a long time (well, it seemed like a long time to a hurried person). Nothing happened except the status said something like "waiting" and the Activity said something like "grabbing unit" -- (no, I don't remember what they said and I didn't write it down and the volunteers were next door ruining my Molex connectors with a torch and too much solder and the mayor demanded I use more than a thousand more feet of wire that I had to pay for because he won't spread out the controllers and he TAPED my pretty wire-nut pigtails!) Deep breath. Short story, I canceled the firmware install. Any thoughts? Oh, I forgot to say -- with the show on the (original LOR) SD card the MUSIC plays, but the LIGHTS don't light! With the show (or just the straight sequence) on the computer, the lights LIGHT but the music DOESN'T play. (I gave up on the 4 gig card) Also, we used a different computer at Halloween and I had to manually change to COM4 on this computer.
  6. Help! Show begins tomorrow (Sunday) night and management moved the location of the controller. I need to wire my 4 sets of 8 mini trees (8 channels) with a common neutral to save wire. Does anyone have a diagram? I can't grasp the concept, especially where you break the set of 8 out into 4 channel ones, 4 channel twos, etc. -- without a drawing.
  7. Got the new toy today! But I have to finish the task at hand before I can play. Earliest I'll be able to mess with it is this weekend, unless I misbehave. Wow! You are quite the fabricator! Now what are you going to do for the rest of your vacation?
  8. Katrina


    Sorry to bring up the old post, but are people using the little headphone jack output for speakers? We'll be setting up our display on the town square. Our opening show will be after the Christmas parade with lots of people milling about. We (the city) has what I would characterize as a high powered amp/speaker system which is used for music on the square. How would that be integrated into the system? It just doesn't seem like you could deliver much with a headphone jack and a Y.
  9. It was funny -- the edited version, I mean. But man, are you in trouble.
  10. On Mondays and Tuesdays we make three newspapers (as in three different publications.) Unlike some of you, apparently, I have a day job that requires my attention. So I missed the part about good looking and a great asset to my project. And the Missouri location. But I began to suspect I ought to look for more when rstately (do you have a name?) suggested Warrenton. Warrenton is 259 miles, 4 1/2 hours away. Close when you compare it to California but a long way in Missouri miles. But southwest Missouri is lovely this time of year (if you are big on double digit humidity.) Hey! You changed his post in the quote! (Or his quote in the post.) Is that legal? I didn't miss anything! You made it read different.
  11. Wonderful explanation! Thank you. Much of the technical detail still goes over my head. I have some electrical experience. My dad is an electrician and he taught me as we rewired my house a few (10?) years ago (no more knob and tubing). I don't have an electronics guy in the family, but since this is actually a city park project, I am hoping we can find someone with electronics knowledge. I'm the hunter/gatherer of information, and necessarily have to learn quite a bit as I go along. But again, thank you for the clear and detailed explanation. I don't feel like it's fair to ask everyone who is so kind to help to stop and teach me along the way! So I keep open a Google page and hunt up information and just generally try to keep up.
  12. LightORamaJohn wrote: Thanks! Great info. I could get a car solenoid pretty easily. Katrina
  13. Sorry it took me so long to get this. I measured the B measurement from the bolt. Can you see it in the picture? It's 19 1/2 inches. The C measurement is 6 3/4 inches. Now, these are not terribly exact measurements -- I lay on the ground and stuck a tape measure up to the clapper. The "balls" are approx. 3 1/4 diameter and there is 3 inches clearance between them and the frame.
  14. I thought I had read that the Showtime Suite II would do an automatic display. But when you start out in complete ignorance and try to make sense of all the User Manuals and forums and LOR support information and read it late at night before you go to bed, I guess it's possible to misinterpret, misunderstand and even dream about something that doesn't exist. Oh, well. I had found a website that would custom program songs for about $20 for a 2 1/2 minute song. Actually, I don't think that will be the hard part for me. I could be wrong. Can't do a thing with it until I know how many channels and lights we're going to have. I think someone should write a book. Oh, I forgot. No, I don't think it's important for the original clapper to move.
  15. I'll get a measurement this afternoon or tomorrow. This is a city park project. We haven't purchased anything yet. I'm kind of in charge of design, and I guess learning how all this stuff works, and (hopefully) the park board members will be my slaves to hang lights. We're trying to get an idea of what we want to buy. We have some lights already, of course, about 60% of which are LEDs. We'll probably end up doing a fairly mediocre show this Christmas, because we are all newbies to this, but I would like to have at least one feature that will make visitors want to come back next year. We'll probably get the LOR1602MP3, probably use the two leads so we can go with two 20 amp circuits. The Showtime software that comes with it has a feature that automatically sets the lights to music (right?) and then the Wizards of Winter and one other TSO song we can get free. I am imagining an orchestral version of "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" with a lead-in of the church bell … Ring 2 3 4, Ring 2 3 4, Ring 2 3 4 (birds eye) Ring 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then into "I Heard the Bells." And then we might use it during "Carol of the Bells". It will be very interactive, because a bell really gets in your gut. The city has a Christmas extravaganza on the square after the parade which will be our opening show. But if I get the servodog, then I've got some extra circuits for lights, right? Then next year I suspect we can go with the hobby cards, because I think we have enough people with skills to go that route. Oh, our budget this year is $1200. That has to cover the equipment and any more lights we buy. And I want to make the mini trees, because they seem to be very serviceable in a show. Well, I'm running on, aren't I. I'll get those measurements. Do you need the weight? That would be harder to get but I might swing it. And they are Clappers, just in case you find yourself talking to a guy about them.
  16. Awesome! Absolutely awesome. So you have the Showtime software, and the adapter, and then is that card the servodog? The box is the DC power, because the servo has to have its own power, right? And then the sail arm thingy in metal square tubing -- where is the servo located? I came across this link, most of which I don't understand. One of the comments on it suggests a piano hammer type action, which might be good as far as rebounding off the bell. Besides, I have a piano action down in the basement I could copy from and actually know a little bit about it. http://forums.makezine.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=2058 But check out this gal's carillon! She's using servos and wooden balls on springs. Endure the first part of the song -- the next is worth it! There is a carillon at Southwest Missouri State University, an hour from where I live. I think I'll hunt down their hunchback and see what they use. Which makes me think -- wouldn't it be cute to set up a hunchback doll with the servo moving his arm to hit the bell? And with just a little costume change he'd work for Halloween. Sorry, turned all girly on you.
  17. I used to get to ring the bell at Arcola Baptist Church when I was a kid. But I think this bell may be different. I think this bell was made to be mounted solid, and you (sorry) whap the flapper back and forth like a dinner bell or school bell. At the church, the bell itself rocked and that momentum would carry the rope (and the kid!) up off the floor. So I think it must have had a pulley the rope traveled over. Here, I found a picture. Notice the flapper in Sarcoxie's bell has a place to attach a rope, in the church bell the rope travels over the pulley and rocks the entire bell. Attached files
  18. Thanks, everyone, for all the prompt replies. Information and entertainment! How can you beat it -- wait, let me rephrase that. So now I have even more to study and learn. Thank goodness for Google! By the way, is the servodog programming awfully difficult? Is there any easier way to run servos with LOR components? Katrina
  19. Can anyone help me devise a way to use a servo motor to ring a church bell? This bell is mounted at ground level. The bell doesn't rock, the clappers move. I think it's the type that is supposed to be mounted at an angle. We could do that, but it's pretty loud just hitting the side with the clapper. I suppose I'll need the servo dog, mainly I need ideas on the connection from the servo to the clapper that will give me the force and the timing control I need. Thanks for any ideas! Attached files
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