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  1. Im looking for winter palace by TSO is anyone has to share. Thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  2. can i grab a copy plz, TIA jfrisina04@gmal.com
  3. please send a copy my way, TIA jfrisina04@gmail.com
  4. if this is still floating around, I'd like a copy... Looking to theme a party to the opening.. and thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  5. if this is still out there, id love a copy jfrisina04@gmail.com thank you!
  6. if this is still floating around, I'd like a peek and thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  7. jfrisina04@gmail.com thank you in advance, off season goal is to try superstar
  8. is this is still floating around, can i take a peek, thank you in advance
  9. Has anyone sequenced "trim up the tree" from the grinch soundtrack, its a short song? I also own the music
  10. looking for HeatMiser by Big bad Voodoo Daddy, any help is much appreciated! jfrisina04@gmail.com thanks in advance
  11. ill like to take a look please, thanks in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  12. for those who use Zararadio, is there a way with the talk over to just talk without a pre recording almost to make like a talk radio thanks jay
  13. George Simmons wrote: thanks for the help, which brings me to my next question, with the announcements, do u record them to a was file then make a blank sequence, or do u use braodcast software
  14. good evening folks, i own the basic plus software, is there a way to make the lights just stay on after a show til the next one starts? thanks Jay
  15. Thanks for all the replys, Giz, does this come with an antenna and power supply, that is more in my price range gizmomkr wrote: I bought an "Ele" also found under "Hilly" name off E-bay. Came fully assembled from China. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260653745712 I would urge you to read and consider FCC rules before you decide, but in general would say a tiny bit of common sense goes a long way - If you throw up a huge antenna and blast out for several miles ontop of other commercial stations, The FCC is likely to visit. I was worried about power, and bought one about twice what I needed - I plan to use a very small antenna, or attenuate it. If I ever buy another I would get something close to 1/4 a watt. Im still quite happy with what I bought as it works great, and its easy to drop the power down a bit. I have seen the EDM units, and they function and sound great - They are great for the price - I am just REALLY CHEAP! The one I got is 5x the power and 1/3 the price.
  16. this prolly has a post somewhere, but am looking for a good FM Transmitter, i do live on a busy street, thanks for the help Jay
  17. got my shipping notice today....but they also charged my account, so i am thinking that mine wasnt free. unless they plan to refund that... well see should be here by wednesday
  18. is there a way to save my background pictures with my chennels or do i need to make a new one for each sequence. Thanks:cool:
  19. Surfing4Dough wrote: just the answer i was looking for, thanks so much
  20. jfrisina04

    Strobe Lights

    my question is about stobes on some of these displays, are you using single or are they part of a multiple line on 1 set thanks
  21. what do u use for strobes, are they all single channel? or the c-9 replacement
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