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  1. Im looking for winter palace by TSO is anyone has to share. Thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  2. can i grab a copy plz, TIA jfrisina04@gmal.com
  3. please send a copy my way, TIA jfrisina04@gmail.com
  4. if this is still floating around, I'd like a copy... Looking to theme a party to the opening.. and thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  5. if this is still out there, id love a copy jfrisina04@gmail.com thank you!
  6. if this is still floating around, I'd like a peek and thank you in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  7. jfrisina04@gmail.com thank you in advance, off season goal is to try superstar
  8. is this is still floating around, can i take a peek, thank you in advance
  9. Has anyone sequenced "trim up the tree" from the grinch soundtrack, its a short song? I also own the music
  10. looking for HeatMiser by Big bad Voodoo Daddy, any help is much appreciated! jfrisina04@gmail.com thanks in advance
  11. ill like to take a look please, thanks in advance jfrisina04@gmail.com
  12. for those who use Zararadio, is there a way with the talk over to just talk without a pre recording almost to make like a talk radio thanks jay
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