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    1st year 2011 started with 192 channels and 80,000 lights, NOW IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS :)
    2nd year 2012, 240 Channels of LOR, 1-CCF, 6-RGB Floods, Time to Get R Done!!!
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    Web surfing, had a Mr Christmas and Show in a box needed something more complex
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  1. I totally agree, I have all my last 3 years backed up on my memory sticks , and laptop, I even shared some with my friend. but the key board stopped working and 3 week ago my wife got sick and I took her to the ER and her Cancer has returned, she was in remission sense 2014, and now they found a new mass and its spread, she was on my desk top researching treatment and I did not have all my current work saved, needless to say the computer crashed and everything current for this year is lost, I purchased a new desk top and a automatic external hard drive to save files automatic. now i'm playing catch up on lost material. I don't have a lot of spare time to work on all new sequences for this years show, because between work and doctor visits my days are very short.
  2. got them, just what I needed, they are amazing, thank you so much,
  3. they are amazing, love them, Thank you so much........
  4. If anyone is sharing singing elements i'm in need, I had a hard drive fry and all my back ups are on my lap top and its in the shop. Im not having a good week with computers, anything I can work on will help. I have 4 singing faces, 1 singing pumpkin, Dancing Skelaton and Band. My email is Janddcars@aol.com.
  5. would love a copy to try, janddcars@aol.com
  6. Thank You Don, it was off paste by cell. seem like everything is working correctly.....
  7. having trouble with S4 with the copy paste. when I choose a line to copy and select row, it highlights it and the copy prompt comes up, but when I select the row to copy it to, it only puts a dot in the first block, tried diffrent sequences and it does the same thing, I updated the software and registered it to 4.3.14 most current and nothing changed, any advice. I opened a simple sequence and it does the same thing. when I try to copy a DMX line and try to paste it to a empty row it does the same thing, puts one dot in the first block.
  8. OK, what does everyone think, my Cosmics Floods are in for repair so I used some cheep color wash on the house. www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X81tZh9tNU
  9. We used leftover christmas lncandesents, the 50 ct and 100 ct mini lights, this year we bought some mini lights at Home depot and Lowes in the orange and purple, I use a center punch and a drill bit 2 sizes smaller than the lights and it makes for a tight fit even when they get warm.
  10. My 5 chanel Coro Singing Bats 1.Out Line, 2.Eyes Open, 3.Eyes Closed, 4.Mouth Open 5. O Mouth
  11. This is the original design be for the mouths
  12. im trying to upload the template i made but file is too large, yes i made them out of black coro board 2 years ago and this year i added mouths for singing with the other elements, only did 2 mouths but im adding the other 3 for full motion.
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