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  1. Wish their 16 channel controller was model like this 8 channel one with the outlets instead of the cords coming out of the bottom.
  2. i just got back from Wal-Mart and saw that they just got their tomato cages in for the year, and if you live where i live at ppl buy them up quickly and most of them are SOLD OUT by June (alot of ppl have their own gardens). Dont think they have priced them yet but I will let you know when they are priced. Just a heads up!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. this is my 2 cents about it.....I just brought a new house last year and this year was the first time for the display at the new location, and i setup the computer and fm transmitter in the garage and just ran the cable under the garage door to my first controller but at times during the season the garage got really cold and i was sick of going outside very night to hook everything up so this I got a plan to use one of my phone jack in the wall by one of my front windows. (we dont use the phone jacks in our house since everyone these days have cell phones) So this way i could just hook up the computer to the jack on the inside and hook up the CAT 5 cable to the outside of the house where the phone line comes into the house. NOW i know what you are thinking that the phone line isnt CAT 5 cable.....but guess what it is......dont know who and why they put CAT 5 cable but they did so i got really lucky when i found out that. But if you have some basic knowledge about replacing phone line with CAT 5 you could hook it up thru the inside of your house.....
  4. aaron

    Radio Sign Idea

    All looks good in the bar pics but I could do without ALL that LOWA Crap!!!!! GO BLUE!!!! Attached files
  5. Surfing4Dough, Thanks for all the info and help on this subject....you have a really nice display, i just watched all of your videos the other day. i was thinkin about getting into RFs but i thought that the MR16 leds would have been easier for me at first but i like the way you can get any color by the RFs.....since you have the Rfs,whats the throw of the light.....i have a pretty tall house, somewhere from 18-20 ft that i need to wash out with color, do you think RFs would reach up that high?? thanks again for all the info and help aaron
  6. I am thinking about getting some MR16 LED Floodlights (from christmasinkent.com) and was wondering if the Deluxe DC Board CMB16D-QC was the right controller for this job or if another controller will do the job better? I would like to stick with LOR..... Second Questions: What power source will be the best for this controller? havent really messed with DC controllers much and these questions are probably dumb and/or easy to alot of ppl....thought i asked before i jumped into something i didnt know much about Thanks in advance Aaron
  7. Over a month of shopping i picked up the following: 16 boxes- 300 ct icicles 200 boxes- 100ct clear lights 100 boxes- 100ct green lights 100 boxes- 100ct red lights 8 boxes- 25 ct C9 Clear lights 50 boxes- 400ct multi lights white wire 10 boxes- 400ct white lights white wire and other odds items..... We have some BIG plans for 2011, thinkin about doing two houses for the next year display and doing a Clark Griswold theme for our house!!! More to come!!!! Attached files
  8. I think both also.....but i just have facebook for ours bc its free and easy.....we can posted videos and photos directly from our cell phones and it seems like everyone is on there these days and usually people in the same city of yours can look you up alot quicker than a website. we started ours alittle before halloween and we have over 170 ppl on there already and really didnt push ppl to look us up on there either, next year we are going to have it on the audio in the show to look us up on Facebook. Dont get me wrong I would love to have a website but just dont have the $$$ flow now, I rather buy another controlller box instead of having a webpage......
  9. Check out the link below, after years of trying we finally made the local News station. Hope you like it!!! Merry Christmas!!! http://www.wpsdlocal6.com/news/local/Martin-Christmas-lights-display-spectacular-112101079.html If you like it please hit the LIKE button on the page so it will show them that we have alot of support for the lightshow!!! Thanks!!
  10. aaron

    newbie in TN

    jasonbeaty wrote: Since you live so close to Murfreesboro, you need to go Ken Maxwell's house and display, he has one of the best in Middle Tennessee. I live around 3 hrs from there but my wife is from there and we always have to go by there and check his display out. Last year I went up to him(he is always out there directing traffic flow) and we talk about LOR, lights and strobes and arches....etc... He is one of the nicest and down to earth kind of guy I have ever met. Some of the guys doing this type of hobby are rude...etc..well around my area they are!!! But he has a GREAT setup for his controllers and lights. So check him out and talk to him if you havent already!!! My ADVICE!!!! NEVER enough LIGHTS!!! NEVER enough CHANNELS!!! NEVER enough EXT CORDS!!!! AND Always Make More Time for Putting Up the Display then you Think you Need!!! And Just Slowing Build the Display over the years!! you dont always have to jump into it with everything you can afford at the time bc you will get burned out on it and its should be FUN to you....ALWAYS make it FUN!!!! The first year I only had 8,000 lights, then 15,000 and last year my first year of using LOR i had 20,000 lights with 48 channels and this year is over 60,000 lights and 128 channels.....check it out at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722 and ALWAYS ask Questions before if you dont know what you need to do..... If i think of anything else, i will let you know..... hope this helps out and i agree with all the others above this too
  11. aaron

    newbie in TN

    where about do you live in tn?
  12. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Martin-TN/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722
  13. I am up and running, still have some channels to hook up tho. here our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Martin-TN/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722 I GOT MORE VIDEOS UP NOW!!!!!
  14. I found out what was wrong with mine also, one of my plugs the wire inside of it was strip and hitting metal cause it to blow out everytime i tested them, i went thru about a dozen or so fuses, which is not cheap but cheaper than replacing the box..... Thanks to everyone that helped out and Hope everyone has a GREAT lighting Season......
  15. i got all you need but i am in tennessee and shipping on them would be really $$$$ so wish i would have lived closer
  16. I am up and running, still have some channels to hook up tho. here our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Martin-TN/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722 Have one video up and alot of pictures tho
  17. how many do you need, i may have some!!!
  18. hopefully i can get the box fix, i will look at it tomorrow and i will get back to you, Thanks for the help and info, i was just checking to see if anything else could be wrong with it. thanks
  19. Yes i have checked the power and fuses but i havent checked the cords coming in the box yet, but it was working just fine two nights ago so i just understand what it was, could it be anything else.
  20. Hook everything up last night and my second controller of 8 had some problems with channels 1 thru 8, checked fuses and were ok, i replace them anyways with new ones, change out the power supply just to be sure it wasnt power coming so I NEED SOME HELP PLEASE!!!!! CONTROLLER IS CTB16PC
  21. Working really hard with no sleep some nights trying to get this Christmas Display this Year. Check Out What We have done so far on Facebook. Click on the link below and if you like it become a friend of ours!!! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Martin-TN/Martins-Christmas-Lights-Spectacular/163118120367722?ref=sgm Thanks and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Attached files
  22. D&G Gillespie wrote: Did you get your shipment in yet?
  23. aaron

    Did it again!

    C9's will do it. I love using the "old Style christmas lights" (thats what alot of ppl call them to me(C7 and C9s). But they use up too much juice and i dont like the new leds c9s either. I love the way that C9 lights up the whole yard when they go off. Just got to watch your watts when using them.......
  24. How do you know that you won or not?
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