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  1. I wanted to optimize my mega tree this year to free up some channels on my controller. My tree is made of 16 strands of 100 pixels that used to be 1 strand per channel (alphapix 16 V2). I now have it so there are 3 strands per channel (300 pixels per channel) except for channel 1 which is 100 pixels. I run into an issue building the prop because I have channel 1 with 100 pixels, then channels 2-6 with 300 pixels. In the prop builder I can make 300 pixel strands with 2 folds which is great for 15 strands, but I don't know how to add one more strand of 100 to that prop. Any tips on how to do that?
  2. We were thinking about mounting them into a large plywood box with a hinged top, then wrapping it like a Christmas present.
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! I hope to try out some different things in the near future, Ill let you know what works best (if any )
  4. When will the winners of the computers be announced?
  5. Can't seem to find this answer anywhere... Does anyone use an external tank for their fog machines? The one I have has a 1.2L tank (removeable) and for the nights I use my fogger, I dont want to have to run and fill it up every half hour. Is there any way to use a larger capacity tank? I was thinking of connecting a larger tank (higher up) to the fogger with a hose, but wanted to see if there were other ways.
  6. Same for those of us that ordered a CCR, looks like a few weeks before those will be available again... :?
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