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    Hagondange in north-east FRANCE
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    Christmas Lights, flower garden and photography.
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    I've been sent a mail in 2008 including Richard HOLDMAN's Amazing Grace video and then tried to find out how he did it. :-)

    Then discovered Kevin and his Singing Pumpkins in 2009 and decided both to buy contollers and to build a Singing Snowman. Christmas 2010 was my 1st year with LOR
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  1. miaskiewicz christian

    My 16 channel display

    good job with so few channels.
  2. miaskiewicz christian

    Sick of "let it go ?"

    Try "libérée délivrée " :D :D Have a nice day.
  3. miaskiewicz christian

    This is how I end my show each night

    I put my songs in random mode every night so I never know what will be the order or last song of the show and neither the neighbors...
  4. miaskiewicz christian

    Snowball Fight - Mitchell's Magic Christmas

    And your backyard display is as good as many other people's front display ! I'm impressed.
  5. miaskiewicz christian

    2014 Christmas Light Show

    Really great job ; I shared it on my FB page in France.
  6. miaskiewicz christian

    This is for you Michael

    I know what a loss is : my own father passed away from cancer on September 19th 2014. Sure he's talking synchronized shows with your son.
  7. miaskiewicz christian

    First in Norway? My display

    Welcome to the madness. A French member.
  8. That's what I call synchro... Very good job.
  9. miaskiewicz christian

    You need light ?

    Here's a chandelier... ;
  10. miaskiewicz christian

    Well, Not really Christmas

    So cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool. love your synchronization job.
  11. miaskiewicz christian

    Christmas at the Western Mall (Formally Crooks Christmas)

    Always a big fan of your display year after year.
  12. miaskiewicz christian

    Halloween Videos 2014

    Glad to hear your show is back. I was glad to watch new videos of my favorite pumpkins. I will never forget the feeling I had when I heard the pumpkin sing "Gotta get get" back in 2009. I thought how can he do that ? I watched a lot of videos to learn the "how to" throughout the year and then in 2010 I had a Singing Snowman in front of my house. Thanks again Kevin for what you brought to me and the community in general. And this year I'm added a third character : a Teddy Bear.
  13. miaskiewicz christian

    my show.

    Very good for a first show ; looking forward to your Christmas show.
  14. miaskiewicz christian

    In memory of my dad

    Hello, Here's a song I synchronized in memory of my father who passed away a month ago : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cSpEMOXGoqA&feature=youtu.be
  15. miaskiewicz christian

    Finished the faces portion of Happy by Pharrell, Halloween 2014

    Great job, waiting for the video "live".