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  1. Round power cable

    I use 18/4 security cable. Its readily available at my local Home Depot, Lowes, etc. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Southwire-500-ft-18-4-Gray-Stranded-CU-CL3R-Shielded-Security-Cable-57573044/202316270
  2. Pixcon Fuses

    My bad I guess for not clarifying in greater detail.. My point was using an automotive fuse rated for 32v DC is fine if using for 5v,12,24v, etc for DC applications. As far as I know mini blade fuses are generally used for low voltage applications.
  3. Pixcon Fuses

    You should be able to pick up mini blade fuses at local auto parts store, etc. As far as I know the fuses are generally rated for 32v. The fuse only needs to be rated for the voltage you're running through it. Higher voltage rating on the fuse is fine
  4. 3D LED Cube by All Things LED Kickstarter

    you can click on the K in the top corner of the video or go here - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1466942105/3d-led-cube?ref=video
  5. I came across this on Kickstarter. Thought it was pretty cool piece for my desk. 3D cube with P2's.
  6. I have 24 floods left. At this point only selling in packs of 8 floods
  7. Meanwell PS Fan Runs 24/7

    I have 30+ of the Meanwell RSP power supplies varying from 150w to 3,000w. They all do the same as you describe. I plan on using a couple Intermatic Digital timeclocks to power the supplies on and for the show so the fans don't run 24/7. For what these things cost you would think the fan wouldn't run all the time...
  8. Alphapix vs Falcon?

    F16v3 and expansion board would probably be best/cheapest bet with one psu per bank with 4 psus total if you limit intensity. Two 350w psus's isn't going to run that tree. DMoore @ Holiday Coro needs to punch the numbers again... Call DPitts not DMoore.
  9. CMB24d's, 4core extensions and pigtails are sold. A few of the LOR 10w rgb floods and dumb rgb nodes still available as well as the Pixlites and Superstar topper
  10. Yes I only have one tree topper.
  11. Powering a pixel mega tree

    Receivers are powered separately. The Falcon web interface is very easy to use and quite user friendly. Any issues or questions there is a ton of support. I've had several long phone conversations with DPitts. Some not even regarding Falcon product. Not too many people give out their cell phones and answer it whenever it rings.
  12. Powering a pixel mega tree

    I had some data runs over cat5 in the 50ft range with my Falcons last year. The differential expansions and receivers helped me keep my data runs short for most of my display. No complaints with my Falcons, (3) F16v3 and (3) F4v3 with lots of differential receivers throughout my display. Great controller and great customer support from Mr. DPitts!
  13. Powering a pixel mega tree

    I've powered 300+ pixels off a board at 10% intensity. Just for testing. No way are you doing that at 100% intensity. That would be about 15 amps and blow a fuse on any pixel controller I know of. That is failing my sanity check as well...
  14. Still have 4 boxes of 8- 100ct strings.
  15. Correct that would be $180 shipped. Wish I could edit this post... A lot of the stuff is sold. Down to 3 LOR CMB24d's. Floods are still available