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  1. Imagine Dragons - Thunder

    anyone have singing faces for this?
  2. Dying Pixels??

    No dumb, all 2811 30/10. All is gone anyways. I use pixel bullet nodes on my travel trailer awning
  3. Dying Pixels??

    Similar issues with pretty much all my strip. That's why none of it is being used this year. Nodes and Pixabulbs for me! Unfortunately I have close to 1000 ft of strip I bought last year.... Too many problems with it
  4. power supply

    I haven't documented much in the past... I plan on it this year though, might be giving "The Great Christmas Light Fight" a try next year. Heres a video of last years. I do use Superstar but primarily Xlights
  5. power supply

    lol, Yes its for real. The panel is powering a 5,280 pixel Mega Tree, 3528 pixel node matrix, (58) Mini trees with 100 pixels each and other small elements. Power is distributed from the panel for about half my display
  6. Imagine Dragons - Believer

    Thanks for sharing! My son has been on me to do this song for Halloween. danalexander429@gmail.com
  7. power supply

    Nice JR, money well spent on a Meanwell. I have exactly what I need too https://www.dropbox.com/s/2aa4xmz8e71bfb6/IMG_1415.JPG?dl=0
  8. power supply

    If you want some serious power look into the MeanwellRSP's. I run three of the RSP3000-12 in parallel. That's 600amps at 12v. One of them powered my Mega Tree last year with 5,280 pixels
  9. Pixel spacing on a matrix

    3/4" spacing is about as close as you can go if even possible with bullet nodes. My larger matrix is 84x42 with 1.125" spacing with square nodes and they are almost touching on the back. Most people use 2" or 3" spacing. Obviously the closer the spacing on nodes and larger the matrix the better
  10. FM Reciever

    I used one very similar for 4-5 years (CZE-05B). Bought an EDM transmitter for 2016 and the quality was no better with 3-4x the price tag. You don't have to spend a fortune on a quality transmitter. +1 on Georges comment "no better value in this entire hobby"
  11. Very nice display and audition video. Sorry to hear you didn't make the cut this year. I really like what you did with the live tree! Wife wants to do the GCLF and I don't... One of these years I might give in.
  12. A Basic RGB setup

    According to email.. I guess I was following this back in 2014... A Pixcon16 will fit in a Cg1500. You will have to make or buy a mounting plate to mount in the enclosure. I recommend Meanwell power supplies. One of my favorite sources is https://holiday.lighting/ There is free software such as Xlights that many use.. I would reach out to members in your area. Lots of them up there! Might be a good idea to start a new thread with your goals and what you're looking to accomplish.
  13. can i repeat controllers ID

    I did this for years with no problems. 20k lights on a tree was more amps than a single controller could handle. Two controllers same ID with no issues here for 5+ years
  14. Sound of Silence

    I would love a copy James. Thanks! danalexander429@gmail.com
  15. I only use Meanwell here. Too many issues with the cheap Chinese stuff... I've bought quite a few from Chris at Holiday Lighting. Very good customer service! I had tracking info in less than an hour and psus delivered in a couple days. https://holiday.lighting/psorderform