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  1. Sorry to bump this to the top, but tomorrow 12/31 is the final day to vote. We had a good lead, but the others have raillied the troops and are gaining again. Info above on how to vote. Thanks
  2. We have made some ground, but are still 50 votes shy. We could still use your help. Merry Christmas to the LOR family
  3. Voted.... good luck.... we are in the same situation, please help. https://m.facebook.com/heatcorp/photos/a.1970516709827054.1073741837.1421240248088039/1973527899525935/?type=3&source=54
  4. Please send me a link, I'll be glad to help.... could you please help us as well https://m.facebook.com/heatcorp/photos/a.1970516709827054.1073741837.1421240248088039/1973527899525935/?type=3&source=54
  5. Hello LOR community, we need a little help.... We entered out towns Christmas light display contest and could use some help. We are trailing behind to a house with blow ups..... No offense to strictly blow up people, but to invest the time and commitment to loose to 8 blow ups vs 96 controlled channels, a homemade Santa's work shop, and hours of programming is upsetting.... Here is how you can help.... this contest is judged solely on the "Likes" on the non animated picture posted on their page. All you need to do is click on the link below, and "like" the picture.... https://m.facebook.com/heatcorp/photos/a.1970516709827054.1073741837.1421240248088039/1973527899525935/?type=3&source=54 Also, if anyone is in the same position feel free to let me know and we will return the favor.... Merry Christmas to the LOR community and a happy and healthy New Year... https://m.facebook.com/heatcorp/photos/a.1970516709827054.1073741837.1421240248088039/1973527899525935/?type=3&source=54
  6. I know this is a few stupid questions, but i can't seem to find the answers. I would like to add a CCR with a LOR controller CR150D to my show. We are currently running S5 pro. I know i have a way more advanced software than i need. Im looking to add a CCR to a sign and all i would like it to do is chase red and green. I know I'm under using the ribbon and the software. 1 - Can i just add it to the (6)16pc controllers already set up or do i need a second network? 2 - where can i find a good video on how to set this up, and add it to my shows? 3 - If this is all possible i do have CC Bulbs i would like to add as well, am i jumping to far a head? Sorry for the late questions, we are just getting back in the game after a 3 year low. Thank you for all your help.
  7. Does anyone know if they are still making the DIY CTB16PC? It says they are out of stock, but the CTB16KSWHS is available. I just don't know if I can justify the extra $50. I soldered my only kit that has been waiting to be put together last week while stuck at work for snow. Well now we are still on snow, with very little work to do. I wish I had more kits. Thanks, Bill
  8. thank you for all your help... I intend on getting the 16ch starter with advanced software. The other 16ch is an additional one, and was looking to save the $100.00 I was looking at the pc one. Bill
  9. Clyde McChylo


    I am looking into starting a LOR display. I was going to start with the 16ch, with advanced software. After looking i could afford another 16ch if I used the card assembled package(i'm not to daring to solder yet.) my question is, is the pc-ctb16pc the same as the 16ch i will be getting in the starter show package? is there any other things i should consider purchasing too? thanks bill
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