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  1. cdldoug

    Alphapix 4 issue

    I am trying a setup the Alphapix 4 RS485 port to a Easypix controller When I play a sequence I get random pixel flashing on the Easypix controller. I tried 2 different Alphapix 4 controllers with the same results. I also tested on 2 different computers. The Easypix controller works perfect with my E682 controller's RS485 output. The Alphapix 4 controller is running firmware ver 2.08. I also running LOR S4pro software. Thanks cdldoug
  2. cdldoug

    Using a server

    I am only using the server to run my show, Nothing else. I am using Windows 7 pro. It has media player already on it. An off topic question I am mirroring the OS C: drive (raid 1) Is that right? I read somewhere that said not to mirror your OS drive. Is that correct?
  3. cdldoug

    Using a server

    It's loud! with 16 plus fans all going at the same time.
  4. cdldoug

    Using a server

    That's good! I am going to build a rack to mount the server,a 24 port switch for E1.31 and my rack mounted stereo PA. Also a rack mount FM tuner. I only had pay $6.00 for the server. I added a external usb sound card to it. That's another $10.00
  5. cdldoug

    Using a server

    Hello, I picked up a IBM 346 series server that I want run my show next year. The specs are 2 2.8GHZ Xeon processors (Duo core each) 8 gigs of memory OS Windows 7 pro currently I am running 242 channels of LOR/DMX. Next year I am going to use 2 SanDevices E682 controllers My question is this enough computer to run it. Last night I ran the show on it and it ran great. Thanks Cecil Lale
  6. cdldoug

    LOR DC Rainbow Floods

    Surfing4Dough wrote: Where did you get your enclosure from? I am looking for one that size so I mount my power supply dc board together.