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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Next year's plan is to add a mega-tree in the dark spot between the house and the two trees off to the right side, which I'm very excited about! I am actually, I've been a Trumpet player for 8 years. I've realized recently that my sequencing style is a little different from what I usually see, and I think that's the best explanation for why.
  2. Hello everyone! I just wanted to share one of my videos from this year. This is my 4th year using LOR, and this year I had 48 channels and 15,000 lights. This is my personal favorite, Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Mannheim Steamroller (although most viewers would say their favorite is Wizards in Winter). This year presented an interesting challenge as I am a college student and my family moved to a new house this year. This resulted in me only having 6 days for set-up, which included re-sequencing the 8 songs that I played in the show this year. I hope you enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugru1sqVsoE
  3. xmasboy

    FM Transmitter

    ^I had a feeling that price was too good to be true... Does anyone have any insight on this transmitter: http://www.christmaslightshow.com/digital-fm-transmitter.html
  4. xmasboy

    FM Transmitter

    I'm looking at FM Transmitters, and I came upon the Ramsey 10C. It has a price that I like, but does anyone have any experience with it? How is the sound quality? What is the range? If you don't have experience with it or you didn't like it, can you reccomend a different transmitter? The EDM's seem popular, but I don't have the 2 weeks that they take to ship anymore... Thanks for the help!
  5. caniac wrote: really cool, check one of the other threads on my fog test using a drain pipe filled with frozen 16 oz bottles of water as the chiller. ran my test yesterday and WOW. Where can I find one of these threads? Do you mind posting a link?
  6. Well the minis will cost you $36. The LEDs will be over $100... For that much in savings, I'd use the incandescants.
  7. To answer the original question, one off the best things you can do to save channels is group things. For example, you could put all of your columns on the same channel, or put the columns on each side of the porch on a channel. This creates a much bigger impact while saving channels. Something that I found really helpful last year was this behind the scenes tour of Holdman's display. Many people consider this display just about the best out there. The "how it all works" video is really helpful, even for smaller diisplays. It will give you lots of ideas and tips that can even be used for smaller displays. http://holdman.com/christmas/projects.asp Last year, I started planning with 16 channels and I had no idea how I would fill all the channels. A few months later I was up to 32 channels and wanting more! You will find that there is always something bigger and better that you want to do, but make sure that you stay within the boundaries of what YOU can accomplish. Some people get 200 channel displays, but get burned out quickly due to all the work. Also, I'm not sure what your set-up plans were, but most people here start set-up in the beginning of November or earlier. I start as soon as my Halloween stuff comes down, and you really will need that time. Don't underestimate how long it will take to run 32 cords and set up lights and props for 32 sets of thing. Have fun and good luck!
  8. I found green minis at Lowes today for $2.98.
  9. Last year I kept my controllers in the garage, but this year I'm considering putting them outside attached to 2 U Stakes each as shown above. I am considering zip-tie-ing each cord to the pig tail. This would slow someone down or hopefully discourage them from attempting to mess with a controller since they would either have to cut each cord, or unwind it from all over the yard. Do you all think this would actually help, or would it just create more headaches for me?
  10. So I am almost done soldering my 3rd board and just noticed something that I didn't notice the first 2 times. In the directions, it says "do not install high-power heat-sinks until after you have tested the board". It also says "do not power board unless it is in a proper enclosure". So how am I supposed to test the board? My first 2 times I got lucky and the board worked the first time I powered it after it was installed completely in the enclosure, but it would be just my luck to get my 3rd board completely installed only for it to not work and have to undo it all again. Thanks.
  11. I used a Dremel Tool to put notches in female plugs to put them in the middle of the line. Quick and easy!
  12. I went to my Wal-Mart today and didn't see green or red lights. Hopefully they just haven't finished stocking because they had signifigantly less stock than they had last year.
  13. I along with everyone alse appreciate the PDU. I saw that you mentioned considering social networking. I think you should consider a Facebook fan page. That's a great way to get messages out and people will see them even if they don't remember to check the PDU.
  14. How much is Target this year? I thought they were the same price as Wal Mart last year.
  15. Interesting, it looks like they have a bunch of new stuff this year. And I hope Wal-Mart gets red and green. I don't want to go paying $3.30 at Lowe's for greens. I'm going to have to go by my Wal-Mart tomorrow and see if they have anything.
  16. eschlomach wrote: If they thought you were crazy for buying 50 in September, they're going to think you're even crazier for returning 50 in September!
  17. I went by Lowes and Home Depot today. Still nothing...
  18. So back to the original question, last year was my first year and I did a halloween show to test everything first. I came into a bunch of problems trying to get the LOR CP to run my show, and it took me a couple of days fixing stuff on my 14 channel halloween show before I got everything set up and working properly. That was good because nobody was expecting a Halloween show, so there was no pressure. Having the experience of using the LOR equipment before the big christmas show will help a lot and it will make things go much smoother your first year. I started set-up the day that my halloween stuff came down last year. We were on vacation thanksgiving weekend, so that set me back and I finally got everything working a few days after thanksgiving weekend ended. You will find that after thanksgiving, everyone is going to be very impatient about seeing the show. It's ok, I just said it would be ready when I had everything working properly, and it would be worth the wait. The first time I tested my show, it was at about 10:00pm and after having sequences running for just a couple minutes, I had several neighbors in awe of my test run. It will all be worth it, it just takes time. Be patient!
  19. CKSedg wrote: Yesterday the Lowe's here had all their incandescent lights on the shelf. There were signs for the LEDs, but they weren't there yet. I would bet in just a couple of days everything will be out. I am trying to match some Philips LEDs that I bought at Target last year. Target doesn't have any out yet. I asked when they would be out, and they sort of laughed at me. Oh well, I already know I'm nuts with this hobby, so that didn't hurt my feelings. Do you remember what the price was for incandescant minis?
  20. Incandescants appear to be $2.98. I think they were $2.49 last year... That's kind of a big increase... And this seems extremely early. I don't think Wal Mart had lights out until the end of October last year. Interesting. Lowe's looks like they could go out any day now.
  21. I saw on LORDan's profile that it said he has a very large display that has been computerized. I think it would be very cool to see a video of the display of LOR's owner. Has he ever released a video of his display?
  22. Wow, that was fast! Thanks, it's a long time before I'll use them again, but that has been on my mind for some reason.
  23. 2010 was my first year with LOR, so I have not had my equipment sit a full year yet without being set up with the unit ID's. After being unplugged for 10 months, will I have to reset all of the ID's on my controllers, or will the controllers remember them? Thanks.
  24. xmasboy

    Not about arches

    George Simmons wrote: How many strands do you have per segment?
  25. Jeffrey wrote: I am very jealous. I wonder if my Lowe's even had that many at the start of the season.
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