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  1. are you testing with the same computer that you built the sequences with. Make sure that the path is the same . I had a problem my first year when the music file was in a different location on one computer than the other.
  2. where are you located? I was out this past weekend checking out some other LOR peoples displays and would have liked to seen yours as well. Nice video by the way.
  3. I have always liked mikes display and again this year it looks great. http://www.lightsondisplay.com/2k8.html
  4. I was going to but I just received my dmx1000 last week, thought I would have it in August . It didn't leave me enough time to work it into the show. I was hoping to get some info on programming it before it was released but that didn't happen.
  5. k9smith

    IDMX shipping?

    Thanks for the update. I would like to start programming for this feature. Anyway to do that yet.
  6. k9smith

    IDMX shipping?

    Any word if the idmx will ship in August?
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