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  1. I think you wanted me to come here? I would love the sequence for this one if possible. Thank you. 4hoogies@gmail.com
  2. By the way, thank you so much for your step by step process on setting up the PIXIE 16. I was able to follow your steps perfectly. Can I ask you if you use Sequence Editor mostly for pixel lights or do you use the Pixel Editor and then transfer them into your SE? Thank you, I have been reading your posts and you have been very helpful.
  3. James, I would love some copies as well. I purchased an LOR pixel tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels) I have been searching the internet and checking sites for purchasing just pixel tree sequences to add to the rest of my sequences. I didn't want to ask but everything i'm finding are for the ccr mega tree which I already have. I think I can use any of your versions as I have superstar, PE and SE. Thank you so much if it is possible, 4hoogies@gmail.com
  4. DevMike, So just to clarify, I have 7 regular controllers (LOR1602) on one regular network (57.6k), have a 12 ccr tree on a second network (500k) but wanted to add to this second network a Pixel Tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels = 400pixels) as well as a pixie16 (16 strings of 100 pixels = 1600 pixels). So I have already hit the 2000 pixel mark not even including my ccr tree. I have 2 RS485 adapters (one high speed) for when I am setting everything up on my computer but I use a G3mp3 director to run the show. Am I pushing it having this much connected to my second (500k) network? Thank you for your help.
  5. Well I think we got it all figured out thanks to LOR help desk. Was using the 500 speed on both networks that couldn't handle that speed. I had even printed off network speeds earlier but didn't put the two together with my show. Tested it this afternoon so crossing fingers it is good to go tonight. Tara
  6. I am looking for advice. I have all LOR controllers. 1 - showtime director DCMP3/1602mp3 6 - lor controller boxes (2 - 1600/4-ctb16pc) 12 ccr ribbon tree usb485 adapter & HS usb485 adapter G3-MP3 director stand alone Using 2 networks: regular network is all my regular lor controllers and 6 channels of ccr tree (13 units)/ 2nd network is auxiliary network with the last 6 ccrs) I have played my entire show on my laptop and have had success. unfortunately a longer cat5 cable wouldn't control the show so I had to use a shorter cat5 cable to plug into laptop and had to leave laptop outside until bedtime and then unplug usb485 adapters and bring laptop inside. Last night, I couldn't get my show to work. Everything worked except half of my ccr tree. Again, this is through my laptop and using the old dcmp3 showtime director. I could find all units on both networks in hardware utility but couldn't figure out why half of the tree wouldn't work. (For awhile the 2nd network was showing only 3 units of the ccr tree so I went to the 4th on its own to see if I needed to reassign it a new number but it showed up. I then changed the Max Unit ID from 10-13 on HU and they all showed up. Weird though because they showed up before with a 10 max number.) This morning, I was able to plug in the G3Mp3 director to both network ports. The entire ccr tree works however the other controller/lights won't come on. The light on my first controller box shows the light blinking instead of steady. When I plugged just the 1 network into my computer, the light went solid red. When I plugged the second network into the computer, all lights came on except half of the ccr tree like last night. And it keeps cutting off the end of the sequences playing. (i have unchecked the USE COMPRESSED SEQUENCES in the pop up menu but it still cuts off the ccr sequences only, non ccr sequences are fine.) When playing the ccr sequences through the G3MP3 unit, it plays all of the sequences to the end. I would really like to use the G3Mp3 director for the show. Is there any way to check my network1 input on the controller??? sorry for being so lengthy, I wanted to give as much info as possible. I have spent hours trying to fix this and finally had to ask for help. Tara
  7. Thank you for your feedback. I went ahead and plugged in both my 485 adapters. I didn't know if it made a difference that one was a regular adapter (from LOR) and the second was the red high speed adapter. I was able to go ahead and reconfigure my last 6 ccr controllers with the new AuxA network so thanks. Can you confirm one thing for me? My first 6 controllers I put under my regular network (Com3) but I had not changed the speed to 500K (faster) under the network configuration in SE. Does this make a difference when I reconfigured my controllers my first 6 controllers? When I did my last 6 controllers, that is when I had gone into the SE/network configuration and added the advanced AuxA Port (Com4) and changed both speeds to 500k since i am using car's on both networks. I hope that makes sense. thanks, Tara
  8. Thank you all for your input. BMurray, I appreciate the pics. They really help with the details. Can I ask you what you do with your ccr strips at the end of the season? Do you remove them from the rope and wrap them back up? I was wondering if I could use the struts on the outside and then use pvc pipes instead of rope for the ccrs. Can I also ask you if you run separate the ccrs onto 2 networks? Do you have any pictures of the inside of your junction boxes where your controls and ac/dc adapters are? Lastly, why did you choose to put the junction boxes on the top instead of the bottom? Just curious. thanks, Tara
  9. Can I ask how to find a second comm port? I went into sequence editor and made sure my regular port is com3, I then added an auxiliary port to be com5 (com5 I just threw out there and is for no other reason than I think my halloween lights are com4.) However when i go back into the hardware utility, it will only show com3 or none. Do I need to change the 485 adapter? Also, when I added new firmware to my first 6 ccr ribbons I used com3 but hadn't changed the speed to 500kps until after I finished assigning them all a unit # and updating the firmware. Do I need to reconfigure each of the first 6 with the faster speed? Then I can reconfigure the next 6 with the new comport once I figure out how to get it to show up? thank you, Tara
  10. Thank you for your email. I had thought about that. Unfortunately, I live in Arizona and our ground if very hard due to the clay. So it is hard to dig too deep. Not only that, where I can put it, I have an irrigation box already as well as it being very close to where I think our Gas line to the house may run from the street. I considered cement in a 5 gallon bucket but still didn't know if that would be strong enough to support maybe a pole coming from the back of the tree and then guide wires to support the front and both sides. Appreciate your feedback, T
  11. Hello all, I have been running a standard 7 LOR controller light show for the last 5 years. Two years ago I purchased 12 ccr's, the G3-mp3 director and a super speed 500 usb adapter. CCR tree is in the works (yes, I realize I am behind in the game), and this year purchased and waiting for the delivery of the 16 pixel strings with Pixie16 and the pixel tree kit with the pixie8 controller. I understand the regular LOR controllers can handle a shared network with 6 ccr ribbons and the other 6 ccr ribbons on another network. RGB is new to me as this will be the first year to actually try and get the 12 ccr tree up (yes, very sad holding these items for 2 years before using.) 1. Based on what I have above with my new order, how many networks will I need? Can I get away with only 2 networks? If I need a 3 network, will the pixie16 and pixie8 controller handle being on the same network (#3)? 2. Can the G3-MP3 controller handle more than 2 networks? 3. If you use more than 2 networks through your computer, am I correct in assuming you will need a usb 485 (500speed) adapter for each network if RGB are being used? 4. I am using 1/2" conduit pipe for the 12-CCR tree (2 -10' poles connected together not built yet ). But haven't quite figured out how to keep it standing? I have a stucco house with a tile roof which makes it very difficult to attach anything to the house. For storage purposes, I don't have any big bases like I have seen in some of your pictures. Do some of you use 3-4 guide wires stuck in the ground if it is not attached to your house or hanging from the rafters? 5. I have noticed many different ways to attach your ccr's to your poles. Do you line up the first ccr of each strip at the bottom? Some have them angled at the top in an upside down "V" under the two tips of your star? or does it even matter if the pixels line up? 6. I have one waterproof 12"x12" junction box to house the ccr controllers but noticing it is very tight trying to fit all 12. Do you guys recommend two instead and is that also to allow for them to reach your car's that are spread wider at the bottom than the top? Do you have to worry about any of the ccr controllers getting hot if they are too close together in the box? 6a. How many holes did you drill out of the bottom of the junction box in order to fit the ccr wires and the plugin cords? (I have looked at Franks pictures/website and Jim's and many others. It looks like Franks ac/dc adapters are underneath the metal sheeting but can't see where the cords exit the box? any pics from others would be appreciated.) 7. Do most of you have a star or dome at the top of your 12ccr tree? I don't think it is in the budget for one of Brian's this year. I have looked at a few of the other options out there but my ccr sequences have 6 stars and the other stars I could purchase have 3 or 4? I am already running out of time so resequencing isn't really where I can spend my time even as simple as it might be to remove 1 or 2 channels. Thank you for any help you all can offer, I have tried to find all the answers through videos and forums but finally had to bite the bullet and ask for help. Good luck with all of your displays this year. Tara
  12. Thank you Frank for your advice. I ordered the ccr's over the summer and after reading over and over again how fragile they are I have only taken one out of the box. I will do a little more reading through my manual regarding the controller. That is where I was probably not understanding some of your comments up above with all of the control boxes and electrical so thanks for clearing that up. I am excited as I have called probably 10 places about the tubing. i actually even called one back today that I had called the day before. Good thing that I did as she told me somehow there was a miscommunication when she quoted me on the cost for a 24' tube. She called me back and told me it was $16.32 per piece which is half what she quoted me the day before. Now I just need to rent a truck from homedepot to go pick it up as they won't deliver to a residential community. That's okay though, I can make it work for half the original price. the next step is going to be figuring out how to support the back of it since I can't lean it again the house and support it. My next question is, I may have to purchase 1-2 sequences off the internet to get started to see some of the new stuff that superstar has to offer. Is it pretty easy to incorporate an already programmed sequence into a 12 ccr superstar sequence? Is it going to be just some cutting and pasteing? Anything else I am going to need to know to when it comes to the ccr strips? thank you for getting back to me tonight, I certainly do appreciate it. I have been trying to read up on the different forums before jumping in and asking questions. It is nice to see so many helpful people!! Out of curiosity, how many people are moving to the rgb pixels/bulbs??? Are they easier to use instead of the ccr's? Thanks, tara
  13. hello, I have read this topic over and over and am excited to get started. I have been researching the aluminum tubing and can only find 16 footers that would be reasonably priced locally. I have 12 ccr's and am brand new to using them. It seems like a lot of others have been using the rgb bulbs or pixels which might make the taking down easier but since i have the ccr's I think i would like to do what Frank did and keep them attached to the tubing for storage purposes. I have certainly appreciated everyones responses and Frank - all of your pictures and diagrams have been so helpful!!!! I do have a few questions I am hoping some of you could answer. 1. since the ccr's are already 16' long, would I be in trouble going with only 16' aluminum tubing on the 10 middle structures? (I may be able to get 2-24' tubing and cut down a little to use on the outsides of the tree but since they were $33 each i am only willing to buy 2. Plus I need to pay for delivery of all of it.) 2. Just so I understand, it sounds like i can only use 6 channels on 2 separate LOR ctb16pc control boxes? does this also mean I can't use the other 10 channel outlets for regular led lights? I had considered using pvc and rebar for support inside but I figure the cost and extra storage for all of it probably isn't worth it and should just stick with the aluminum tubing. thanks for any help you can give, Tara
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