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  1. I think you wanted me to come here? I would love the sequence for this one if possible. Thank you. 4hoogies@gmail.com
  2. By the way, thank you so much for your step by step process on setting up the PIXIE 16. I was able to follow your steps perfectly. Can I ask you if you use Sequence Editor mostly for pixel lights or do you use the Pixel Editor and then transfer them into your SE? Thank you, I have been reading your posts and you have been very helpful.
  3. James, I would love some copies as well. I purchased an LOR pixel tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels) I have been searching the internet and checking sites for purchasing just pixel tree sequences to add to the rest of my sequences. I didn't want to ask but everything i'm finding are for the ccr mega tree which I already have. I think I can use any of your versions as I have superstar, PE and SE. Thank you so much if it is possible, 4hoogies@gmail.com
  4. DevMike, So just to clarify, I have 7 regular controllers (LOR1602) on one regular network (57.6k), have a 12 ccr tree on a second network (500k) but wanted to add to this second network a Pixel Tree kit (16 strips of 25 pixels = 400pixels) as well as a pixie16 (16 strings of 100 pixels = 1600 pixels). So I have already hit the 2000 pixel mark not even including my ccr tree. I have 2 RS485 adapters (one high speed) for when I am setting everything up on my computer but I use a G3mp3 director to run the show. Am I pushing it having this much connected to my second (500k) network? Thank you
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