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  1. had same symptoms channel not turning on, got the board dug out ready to trace out, noticed that the resister was black, not sure how. replaced and all was good. have replaced several triacs in the past but they were all shorted on.
  2. FYI, I've had several pc kits that couldn't be found in the HU until I just assigned them an ID. working fine since.
  3. had the same issue with a CTB16-D board, turned out to be bad processor ( took lightning hit) would control lights but would not talk back to the computer. still have a CMB16-DC doing the same thing, will send to LOR since the processor is surface mount.
  4. also don't forget to double check the jumper, fast flashing led means reset on the pc boards. I have had the metal insert fall out before.
  5. That would only be the case when the controller channels are plugged into the Malibu transformer, during christmas lighting season I have 8 4ichannel arches that uses 120V. That's why I'm using the AC controllers and not the DC board. I do have to mark my outlets yet as only the top ones are switchable, fortunatly even if I was not able to work on the system the power that is would just kill the breakers and shut it down until I was back.
  6. Sure, both boards have two power inputs. one for channels 1-8 and one for channels 9-16 (also powers board on 9-16 side). if you are using one power input for both sides then your board is jumpered( can be removed ) with that isolation you can run a different AC to Channels 1-8 (12V and 120V or anything in between). what i have done is added a recepticle off of the malibu transformers, so i can plug into 120V for Christmas or 12V for summer lighting. Attached files /uploads/imported/245005=13334-IMG00217-20110508-2232.jpg' alt='245005=13334-IMG00217-20110508-2232.jpg'>
  7. The CTB16PC will also work, the key is the isolated input on 1-8 so you can run a different AC power in. 9-16 must be 120V to power the board. Thought about removing the transformer to isolate 9-16 as to have 32 channels capable of 120V xmas lights or 12V summer lights.
  8. yes, the malibu transformers are AC out. the ones i use can handle 88 watts i use one light per channel down the driveway (16), one each channels on the garage (2), 6 in front of the house (1) using two transformers. all command from the CT16Ds (4).
  9. yes it works great, i feed the 12v transformer in on the 1-8 side of the boards, then feed the outs to the low voltage lights, running over 16 channels this way (multiple boards)
  10. no jumpers, and no input board on jumpers. after this weekend i will pull the heat sinks and look for damage on back ( no seen on the front side).
  11. help i'm out of ideas!!!!!!! I've tried everything to reset my board, it is a CTB16D V7 (1 of three) that has firmware 4.40, when i set the dials to 00 it doesn't fast flash like the rest (9 controllers in all) tried rotating the dials multiple times, several different times over several weeks. always same standard flash, so for grins decided to let computer find it, found at F0 ( with dials still at 00. Tried at least 20 combinations of addresses, finds every one. Tried updating the firmware, still no reset, but now finds board at 01 W/ dials at 00 ( dials were at 01 when i updated th firmware. hopefully somebody has more ideas to try, otherwise might need to call tech support.i am running S2.8.12 advance
  12. just finished trouble shooting the same trouble, plays from show but not in HU. ended up bring a bad cat5 cable at the plug, put new end on, now all working normally.
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