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  1. imawlkr2

    Background or Animation

    Thanks Don! That is what I thought, but wasn't sure. And you are correct, the channels on my roof are not part of the "show".
  2. OK, so this is the first year I am running multiple houses/sequences on one computer. I have a big LOR display in my neighbors yard that plays 5 sequences. I am now outlining my roof in RGB for Halloween as a test for Christmas. I just want the RGB lights to change colors from purple to yellow to orange to white and back (Halloween colors) during the LOR show next door. Do I add an animation sequence that is, say, 3 minutes long in the animation section of the show editor and select play concurrently, or do I add it to the background sequence section? I don't want to go back into each sequence for the neighbors display and add the 163 pixels and sequence each one. I was hoping to just put in a generic sequence to play continuously and will start and stop each night with the other set-up. Hopefully my rambling didn't confuse anyone.
  3. imawlkr2


    I'll work on the Dancing Santa once I get the Halloween layout done. Maybe this weekend if I find time. Still have Christmas stuff in the shed that needs incans taken off and rewrapped with new LEDs before I put them away.
  4. imawlkr2


    Well, incase someone else wants it here is my drumming skeleton. skeleton_drummer.lpf
  5. imawlkr2


    Anyone have a fixture/prop for the drumming skeleton and animated dancing santa that is sold at holidaycoro?
  6. imawlkr2

    extension cord

    I got all mine from WLC Ventures. First time this year and it was so worth it. I have plenty of wire still but only a few plugs. I could have made more cords, but had all the 25' orange ones I had been using previously that I couldn't see just sitting in a tub.
  7. imawlkr2

    its official I hate vampire plugs

    This is my first year making cords with SPT-2 and I had my first couple cords that did not work. Upon further review, I noticed the plug teeth were piercing towards the center of the wire. I use a pair of pliers and "moved" it back towards the outside edge, and they worked fine. I then started testing every cord after that with no issues.
  8. imawlkr2

    Radio Tune in sign

    I am with Shannon. I have a double sided sign I made using Holiday Coro signs. 2x8 with slots cut about 1" in for the signs make the box. Covered the signs with white vinyl before poking the holes so extra lights didn't shine thru unused holes. Each post is 4" PVC with plastic globes on top. There is a regular 40W bulb in each one.
  9. imawlkr2

    Who got shafted by Displays In Motion?

    I bought 3 or 4 controllers from him in the spring. Before he got in too deep. Had no issues, but wouldn't have bought from him again if he was still in business based on other peoples issues. I think I just got lucky, which rarely happens.
  10. Just replaced my incan icicles with C6 LED icicles from Paul at CDI also. THey are bright and cheaper than what you show above. But I don't think he has a two color strand like that. Also, his are only 7.5ft long and only come in the C6 variety.
  11. I had my bulb count go down slightly. I had 23' 100ct incan strings and went to 70ct LED strings because they were the same length. A 100ct LED string may not be the same as a 100ct incan string you are currently using. When I went from incan to LED the tree was brighter with less bulbs.
  12. imawlkr2

    Red Incandescent Icicle Lights

    Where do you live and how many you looking for? I have some 100ct strands that are about 15years old and never used. Still in the box. I was selling them last year to earn money for LEDs. Would sell them for $2 each plus shipping. If interested I will look at length and quantity I have on hand to sell. I actually tried selling them in a garage sale in September last year and kept trying to tell people they could use them at Halloween to look like dripping blood.
  13. imawlkr2

    Bulk wire

    Just got my SPT-2 1000' spool and 50 male and 50 female plugs from WLCVentures.com. Shipping from Texas to Illinois was $23.
  14. imawlkr2

    Good Source For Extension Cords...

    Just got my 1000' of SPT-2 and plugs from WLCVentures.com and can't wait to start making cords. Won't have as many orange bundles this year. Having fixed length cords from the store, I had so much extra just coiled up sitting under the controllers last year. This year I am making cords to be the length I need.
  15. imawlkr2

    SPT wire

    Just got mine from WLC Ventures. They say they have more instock.