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  1. imawlkr2

    Background or Animation

    Thanks Don! That is what I thought, but wasn't sure. And you are correct, the channels on my roof are not part of the "show".
  2. OK, so this is the first year I am running multiple houses/sequences on one computer. I have a big LOR display in my neighbors yard that plays 5 sequences. I am now outlining my roof in RGB for Halloween as a test for Christmas. I just want the RGB lights to change colors from purple to yellow to orange to white and back (Halloween colors) during the LOR show next door. Do I add an animation sequence that is, say, 3 minutes long in the animation section of the show editor and select play concurrently, or do I add it to the background sequence section? I don't want to go back into each sequence for the neighbors display and add the 163 pixels and sequence each one. I was hoping to just put in a generic sequence to play continuously and will start and stop each night with the other set-up. Hopefully my rambling didn't confuse anyone.
  3. imawlkr2

    Play That Scary Music

    Can you send a copy to me please? imawlkr2@hotmail.com
  4. imawlkr2


    I'll work on the Dancing Santa once I get the Halloween layout done. Maybe this weekend if I find time. Still have Christmas stuff in the shed that needs incans taken off and rewrapped with new LEDs before I put them away.
  5. imawlkr2


    Well, incase someone else wants it here is my drumming skeleton. skeleton_drummer.lpf
  6. imawlkr2


    Anyone have a fixture/prop for the drumming skeleton and animated dancing santa that is sold at holidaycoro?
  7. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    Ahh...gotcha...missed it somehow. Thanks William.
  8. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    Ok..What am I missing? First post says 2013 pre-sale but not a timeframe for the sale. CDI's presale started today. Trying to get my budget ironed out for this next year.
  9. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    When will you be having your pre-sale? Do you have pricing available yet?
  10. imawlkr2

    Custom Light T-shirts Available

    Got my shirts from Jeff over the weekend. They are AWESOME! Much better quality than the ones I had printed locally. Now my son has a new shirt to wear to school.
  11. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    Yep, I was confusing my old incans with the new LED icicles. Mine are 70ct 7.5ft long. Got mine from CDI, but they are C6 bulbs, not the M5 HLE is offering.
  12. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    I think Wayne was talking icicles. My 70ct icicles are 9-10ft long. As for straight strands, I prefer 70ct. but I use green wire for those. White wire is only for icicles.
  13. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    Darn! OK. M5 won't go with the C6 I have in green and red already.
  14. imawlkr2

    Wish list for 2013 pre-sale

    I use 70ct strands. They are about the same length as a 100ct incan strand so it makes replacement easier to calculate quantities. What bulb style are the white wire icicles going to be? I use C6 bulbs.
  15. imawlkr2

    extension cord

    I got all mine from WLC Ventures. First time this year and it was so worth it. I have plenty of wire still but only a few plugs. I could have made more cords, but had all the 25' orange ones I had been using previously that I couldn't see just sitting in a tub.