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  1. Welcome Matt. I've been using LOR for halloween control for years. Ive used the DC controller for Props, But What I found works the best was the DIO-32 As for multiple sound locations I record my sound effects in Quad sound, this gives me four outputs with out any complicated switching of speakers. I just put a seperate channel/speaker in each area...LOR controlls all my timings and effects. Last year I had 10 inputs, One DIO-32, One dc Card, Four 16 channel controllers, and one DMX-1000
  2. For my halloween display i used Audacity to redirect to four indepent channels FL,FR,RR,RL Then using a sound card with surrond sound output i was able to send sound to 4 seperate locations
  3. Your machine has a 3 wire plug that runs to the remote switch. If you dissemble your remote button you will find three wires, one is hot to the switch, one is the switch return, and the last one is used for a light (most models). I usual buy computer power extension cables and cut one end off (these make perfect remote cables). I tie the new cable to a relay (save the original remote). If you have a meter available you can check which wires do each function . Just use the two that use to go to the switch.
  4. I also use relays to control fog machines. I use 110volt relays (rib (relay in box)). What kind of fog machine do you have? what kind of remote?
  5. I have several of the RWR, they worked great for my halloween display. I will try this weekend to set up a wall wash demo and post pictures.
  6. I like your idea for a hwu lighting console. I don't think Dan will ever release a SDK . LOR use to be open, now S2 is locked down. CAN Only hope for a future feature.
  7. If your referring to romex 12/2 or 12/3 both have a ground!. The first number indicates the gauge of the wire (12 gauge,14 gauge) the second number indicates the number of current carrying conductors.( /2 one white, one black....... /3 one white, one black, one red) 12/2 is for one circuit, 12/3 is for two circuits. If you use 12/3 or 14/3 make sure the wires our on opposite phases as not to overload the neutral. (This method does not work with GFCI breakers).
  8. I use RIB relays (relay in a box) They work well with LOR. If your master switch operates a main relay to control power to the switch bank then this will relay will work fine. Take 12 volts to the relays n-o contacts and then the common wire to the input terminal of the main relay
  9. They make a converter to go from video to RGB (db15 connector) It cost about 40 dollars. I install them with my video camera systems.
  10. FischLights wrote: If you try this make sure the wire is rated for 300 volts. Most sprinkler cable is not. Watch your total current, cause the white wire will be carrying the load of all the other wires.
  11. ken collins wrote: If I knew she was coming to D.C. she could have brought them with Her. I live 7 miles outside of D.C. Hope she has a safe trip, looking forward to seeing the pics
  12. Ken: Do you have any pictures of your setup, sounds fantastic!!!!
  13. I use air to operate many items, Coffin leaper, guillotine, opening coffins, have bodies tap on glass, I even use it to operate a moving bridge! I found it better to automate then to rely on people to be in my haunt.
  14. YES! The relay card works great for that. I used it last year in my haunt to control sounds and air devices.
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