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  1. Sarge, any chance you can shoot me a copy at rythm9@comcast.net Thanks
  2. Forgot to mention that I have a few options for trade songs. I have "trick or treat" and "Disney's Halloween Treat". Both are from one of the old holiday specials.
  3. We light ours with either dimmed floods in front of the tombstones that are hidden from view or with bright C7/9's in front hidden from view. Here's a horrible picture of it, I will look and see if I have any better ones tonight.
  4. Thanks for the Info, we winged it last weekend and created a plywood cutout , I just have to mount it to the moon now and get more Amber C7 lights. I will post a couple of pictures once I have the demo done.
  5. Could you send me a sample of the Headless Horseman sequence and music? I have been looking for one. thanks
  6. Would you send me a few pictures of your project? Sounds exactly like what I am wanting to do. Thanks
  7. I have a Bethlehem star mount on my roof for my Christmas display. I am hoping to create a full moon with a witch silhouette to mount to it for Halloween. Not sure how to light it. Any suggestions?
  8. We will start putting it up this weekend with final completion next weekend and go live on the sometime around the 19th. Before then we will do the video taping, and modifications. It normally takes a good 5-7 full days to get all of Halloween up and running. We have been sequencing new songs and modifying old songs for the last 2 months along with updating and making some new props. The big party (first costume party for the kids) will be on the 27th. We will start putting out the Christmas display on the 20th if all goes well, and then I need to start updating the sequencing for Christmas (been totally burned out on computer use for the last six months) along with a couple of new songs that I need to sequence.
  9. I have a tendency to work from several machines and as such, I am often moving different versions/Portions of a sequence to different machine, additionally I separate my Halloween data from my Christmas data and my in process data from my completed data on my dev machines. I would be nice if there was a function within the software or a standalone app that have the ability to zip up a a sequence and open a dialog box to add any additional files (media, visualizer, backup, compressed) for transport to another machine. Once on the new machine, read the registry for LOR's data location and unpackage the files into their appropriate directories (creating any necessary sub directories) changing any hard location listings in the sequence files and generally getting everything ready to go. In a perfect world there would even be a process where if you drop a special package file into a specified directory the control panel would unpack the files automatically and place them in the correct directory on your show computer so that you are not required to log on to place the files (This would be the stripped down version of the package file with only the media and the compressed sequence, no backups no visualizer, just the minimum files needed to play the sequence. What are your thought, am I making myself to complicated for my own good? --Joe
  10. When in need of spools, I always recommend that you swing by your local Electrical Contractor, they throw reals away by the hundreds every year. I get a couple extra reels and reroll any that I need to.
  11. I always have the wave form up and will play that section and get my points from that. a true scrubber would be nice but I am making due very well at this point.
  12. Any other suggestions on where to get the Incan rope lights?
  13. We are looking at doing a talking face from WireFrame Delights this year and I can't decide what size of Rope light to use. We are planning on using orange incandescent, my first thought is to use 3/8 rope (It's easier to bend), but the I question whether it will be bright enough, the face will be about 30' up and 50' back from the street. Anybody have any words of wisdom or comments?
  14. I have run both S2 and S3 on 64bit Windows 7 with no problems whatsoever. I have had problems with XP 64 though
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