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  1. i'll be there. is it ok to bring items for sale? i live in a gated commuity.
  2. i like a copy. thank you chickcb47@gmail.com
  3. hi sorry it told so long and thank's for the replys. i look at the verifier and i did not add the seq. and audio together operator error. everything is back to normal. thank you
  4. 2.9.4 it show the time and show to run i don't know what the verifer says.
  5. new show in schedule editor time to start 5:00pm starts lights no music. i have both when i show demand. any ideas what is causeing the problems.
  6. got one song working! i think i"ll have to change out the music on the sequence. thank for the help
  7. ok i'll try all suggestions. thanks
  8. that's right i even tried loading them seperatly no go.
  9. 2 seq. will not play inthe sch.editor. load all the same way and reloaded. the 2 seq. where add in to the seq. any ideas?
  10. cjackson


    yes back already. the problem ,replaced processor and communication chip shorted out and replaced 2 burnt resistors. works ok thanks to LOR team.
  11. cjackson


    i just want to say LOR came to the rescue. great custom service. i would never think going anywhere else. thank you again to everyone's help and to the team of LOR
  12. cjackson


    i,ll give a pic of the back tonight far as i can till the other channels work no fuses burn but can they be fix thanks
  13. cjackson


    pic i check solder Attached files
  14. cjackson


    i hooked up 16 channel kit. fried 2 res. #7and #16. is any way to fix?
  15. cjackson

    first lor board

    i tested 1 and it work fine. tested #2 and i have problems. look at all connection and found a couple of issue. 3,4 no power 10 to 16 come on at once but still having fun.
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