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  1. Getting back to running my show after taking a year off last year. I'm using exactly the same files, except for making a few channel changes. All the sequences have videos attached, which worked perfectly in 2011. Now when I go to run the show, the first video will play fine, but when it goes to the very next video, it won't play. It looks like it flashes very quickly through all the other videos until the screen is blank, then nothing. I have to stop the show to get out of it. I've tried making several different "shows" using different sequences in different orders and it's always the same. The first video will play fine, then none of the rest. I put in a ticket, but thought I'd see if anyone can help here while waiting. I'm on a Dell Inspiron running Win7 and LOR 2.9.4
  2. Desktop shows between videos?

    I wouldn't begin to know how to do that, but I'll take a look! khawes wrote:
  3. Desktop shows between videos?

    Thanks Bob, I actually submitted a tech ticket for this and heard back from Dan. He said: "We do plan to have a new feature next year to prevent the desktop from poping up on the screen... Is your projector setup to be on a seperate "monitor" rather than a clone of your desktop. There may be a way to do that so there is nothing on the desktop. Also setting the desktop to a black background and placing as many items as is reasonable into a temp folder will make it better." My problem is, I'm a Mac user...I only use the PC for my LOR shows. So I'm not very good at figuring out the ins and outs of making stuff work. Every one thing I do on the Mac seems to take 10 on the PC! So I don't know if there's a way to do what he's suggesting. I did try removing all my icons from the desktop, which included a lot of my LOR files. It screwed up my whole show as the scheduler couldn't find them and wouldn't play. So I guess I'd have to go back and create a whole new show after I move the files. But it still leaves the control panel window open which I can't seem to close once it's in fullscreen mode. I will try using the smaller window to see if that stops the problem...that's a good idea. bob wrote:
  4. LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING lights out and bad Cust Serv.

    Well, I think it's good that we all stay on top of this and report it to each other so we have an idea of where to buy and what to expect. I wonder if it's possible to create an online database of each retailer's products, and any problems people have with them....
  5. LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING lights out and bad Cust Serv.

    pokrplr wrote: Maybe, but he's saying that other sellers are having similar problems.
  6. Los Angeles and Orange County Displays

    We started a google map of LOR users some time back...
  7. Los Angeles and Orange County Displays

    I'm in Valley Village (not far from Universal Studios). 12155 Morrison Street
  8. LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING lights out and bad Cust Serv.

    OK, I actually don't know who I've been dealing with at LHL, as they've never signed their name. But they have made this right, at least in writing. They are sending me 33 strings of 70L to replace the 24 strings of 100L. I just have to send back the other lights by 1/15. I was worried if I sent some lights back that were currently working, they'd charge me the restocking fee, but he said they'll call it a wash. I'm sorry it took so many emails and pointing out not-so-good customer service, but I think he saw my point and I hope he'll learn from it. He did say other companies were having the same problems with green lights. Anyone else having problems? I wonder when the new green lights will get here.
  9. LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING lights out and bad Cust Serv.

    UPDATE: No apology, but did offer to replace with some other strings. I told him that I'd take the 70L's but they needed to be replaced by string length, not the number of strings. I can't believe he made that comparison to the "big box stores!" First of all, Costco takes stuff back for a year or more. I took back 20 sets of LED lights that failed the 2nd year to Costco, no questions asked. I've never had a problem returning to Walmart or Target. All he needed to do was apologize and take care of the problem. I'm not sure I believe that it's all taken place in the last week, I purchased these in September and I assume people had their lights up and running long before last week. Here's his response: "This has all happened in the last week and it is not all strands and we are replacing as we can - some are waiting until after the season, some now. You purchased C6 100's which are out for the season we can replace with 70L or M5 100L's Please advise ASAP As for telling where the strands came from that is fine - We would like to see you buy at a big box store and have them do what we are doing for our customers. Yes it is not a fortunate situation, but we are helping resolve the problem(s) people are encountering."
  10. LEDHOLIDAYLIGHTING lights out and bad Cust Serv.

    rstately wrote: Aw, thanks...I really appreciate that. Let me see what LHL will do...I may take you up on that.
  11. So I'm finally up and running with 6 of my 12 sequences (all with video this year). I've been running for 3 nights now and went out tonight and noticed that all of my green LED strings (from ledholidaylighting) are going bad. I just purchased them in September. Some strings are out all together, others only partially out. I also see a string of blue starting to flicker. I contacted them and their response was: "We have encountered a general error with any "green" strings this year it seems the factory missed a QC step in making them causing failures on them. Our general warranty (below) will replace the bad strands as well. Please advise. Our warranty policy states that if the product is defective in its first season of use (within 90 days of install) we will replace it for you by January 15th. Defective strands will be picked up by UPS and verified for deficiencies. If none are found, you will be charged a 15% restock fee, the cost of the strand and the cost to ship it back to you." WHAT?! They have a known defect and didn't contact all their customers that purchased the strings to let them know of the possibility?! It's 13 days until Christmas and I have no backup green strings. I have 2 TV stations coming to film my house and I'm going to have big dark spots where the green is supposed to be. Possibly no green on my mega-tree (so far only 1 of 8 strings there is partially out). Will let you know how LHL responds to this.
  12. Desktop shows between videos?

    So I finally have the first 6 of 12 songs running tonight, with videos. Question: Is the desktop supposed to pop up between videos? It's only there for a second as it's switching to the next one, but that sure looks terrible.
  13. Show stopped

    Is anyone hearing from tech support on this?
  14. Show stopped

    Does it seem like this is happening to people who have the latest version of the software? Is it happening to anyone who didn't upgrade?
  15. Outdoor Video Projector Setup?

    WayneKremer wrote: Well, I'm in L.A., so it's rare that it gets below 40 here. I would think, too, that if you built an enclosure, the temp of the bulb would keep the inside of the enclosure pretty warm. I plan on bringing it in every night so I wouldn't turn it on when it's that cold either. I don't really have a window to project it through that wouldn't block my lights. Also, I bought heavy duty movie screen fabric that is opaque so I can't project from behind. I was just thinking about getting a rubbermaid tote and setting it and the laptop up inside. I'll cut a hole to project through and put some vent holes so it doesn't get too hot inside.