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  1. Looking for Uma Thurman by Fallout Boys, 16 to 32 channels with tombstones. Thanks, Rick rickeysmall@verizon.net
  2. is it possible to get Spooky Scary Skeletons? Thanks, Rick rickeysmall@verizon.net
  3. James any chance you would share any Halloween horizontal sequences. Thanks Rick rickeysmall@verizon.net
  4. James , again would love to have a copy, and thank you so much for sharing, got a few from you a couple years ago and they have always been great. Thanks Rick rickeysmall@verizon.net
  5. Would love to have a copy if you don’t mind A BIG THANKS Rick rickeysmall@ Verizon.net
  6. Would love a copy Thank you for sharing Rick rickeysmall@verizon.net
  7. Would you mind sharing with me? rickeysmall@verizon.net thank you Rick
  8. Would love a copy, And of course thank you so much for the others that you have sent rickeysmall@verizon.net Thanks again!
  9. If still sharing would love a copy rickeysmall@verizon.net thanks rick
  10. Would love a copy of both if still sharing. rickeysmall@verizon.net thank you rick
  11. If you are sharing I would love a copy rickeysmall@verizon.net Thank you Rick
  12. Would love a copy if still sharing Thanks Rick Rickeysmall@verizon.net
  13. Would love to have Rickeysmall@verizon.net Thanks Rick
  14. Ok, I'm looking to do the same thing I have my roof line 2 strings of 55 pixels and 2 strings of 81 pixels for a total of 272 pixels, how do I do set it up to program them as one string? I'm new and just starting to use SuperStar (I have 40 CCR level) so will need you to really walk me through this. I bought most of my sequences for a 16 x 50 tree but want to add something to my roofline other than just turn them on off. Thanks, Rick
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