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  1. Best way to ship controllers

    Jairo i will send you a pm
  2. Hi Everyone. Hope all is well in the off season! Like so many, I am increasing the number of RGB Props and have some extra 1602W controllers that I will be selling soon. Just curious to know if anyone has found a reasonably inexpensive way to ship them. They are quite sturdy, and don't need too much padding, but the things are just heavy! I will probably have 15 or so to sell in a few weeks and would like to have a plan before I sell them. One option for me (being a Delta Air Lines employee) is using the discount that I get with Delta Cargo. But that would require the buyer to pick them up at an airport. Any super secret discounts out there with UPS, FEDEX, or God forbid, the USPS? I welcome your replies and I'll sell you all at Expo! Thanks Tony
  3. Best way to ship controllers

    Thank to everyone so far. Do any of you know what size box LOR uses when they ship their 1602 controllers? I want to protect them but I have been guilty of overpackaging in the past. The cost of all the packaging material adds up so I don’t want to overdo it either.
  4. Should PE render these the same??

    Success. Thanks Matt. All is well!
  5. I have two 22 x 36 matrices. From the viewer's perspective, they are physically identical. In PE, however, they are different. The original started out as a 18 x 32 centered in a 22 x 36 Boscoyo matrix panel. Thinking that bigger is better, I filled in the surrounding empty spaces. I created a custom prop in PE for that one. The second was built as a vertical matrix in PE. They look almost identical in the preview. The format selections for "Make the same size" works for width only. The vertical and both choices makes one of them much shorter than the other. My problem is that the do not display pictures, movies, or text the same. For text, I can usually play around with the font size to make them look the same, But pictures and movies look very different with no options for adjustment My question is SHOULD they look the same, or does PE render a custom prop and a predefined prop differently? In the pictures, the one displaying 45 is the original. In the screengrab the one on the right is the original. Thanks
  6. Well this is a little embarrassing! You know that old saying " Can't see the forest for the trees"? Well it just bit me in the butt! I got home today and reset the problem controller. It didn't do a thing. I started watching the test sequence and noticed that there were times that just the naughty 10 channels were on and nothing else. I looked at the programming and didn't see a time where that was true. As a matter of fact, when they were on, all the other multicolor channels were supposed to be on too! It turns out that controllers 80 & 81 were not powered. The GFI for that extension cord had tripped. Once I reset it, all was well! So I guess I owe an apology to controller 82. It had the nice channels not the naughty ones. I hope my "faux pas" will help others think about their troubleshooting issues! All the best and Merry Christmas, Tony
  7. Greetings all, Not sure if this is a hardware of software issue but lean toward hardware. Basically some channels are coming on when they shouldn't. Some background! My display uses 7 LOR networks plus e1.31 for my pixels I know this is overkill but it helps with the layout of my display, fault tolerance, and troubleshooting REG is for the majority of my front yard AUX A/B/C Networks are for my CCR tree AUX D is for my side yard AUX E is for my CF50D Cosmic Color Floods AUX F is only for 3 controllers that control the multicolor lights on my leaping arches I have 6 leaping arches. Each arch has 7 segments. Each segment is wrapped with separate strands of solid white and multicolor lights. The 42 channels for the white lights are on the REG network controller IDs 10/11/12/13. The 42 channels for the multicolor lights are on AUX F controller IDs 80-82. Several years ago when I added the multicolor lights to the arches, I had them on the REG network but noticed that some were coming on when they shouldn’t and since I couldn’t figure it out, I just moved the channels for the multicolor lights to a separate network and it has been working as it should until now. My issue now is that the last 3 channels of arch 5 and all of the channels on arch 6 (10 total), which are controlling the multicolor lights, are coming on correctly when they are supposed to but are also coming on when they shouldn’t! Most of the time that they come on incorrectly, it is when the white lights for those segments are on too. To say this another way, If the sequence has all 42 of the white segments on, the last 10 segments will have the multicolor lights on too. Interestingly, the 10 naughty channels are all on controller ID 82. The ONLY controllers that are on AUX F are for the multicolor channels of the leaping arches. There are no duplicate controller ID’s Tomorrow, when I am back in town, I will reset the controller, but other than that, I’m at a loss for how the controller is being told to turn on channels that are for a different controller ID on a different network. I welcome you input Tony
  8. I also suspect a cable or comm port problem. Try a different cable and also change the order that they are connected to each other.
  9. Just a couple of thoughts Have you tried to connect controller 6 to controller 8 and look at the network with hardware utility? There might be a comm port issue on controller 6. If there is a bad port you can make it the last controller in the daisy chain since it will not need to pass data out. Also, place controller 7 in a different place in the daisy chain and test. I agree with jfuller8400 about setting the controller ID with Hardware utility. I do not think that it will result in a permanent change. Have you tried to reset the controller? Power off/ set ID to 00 / power on for 15 sec or so/ power off/ set desired ID/ test I have a controller where the unit ID is stuck on 05. Nothing that I tried would change it. I just changed the controller ID in my sequences to match the stuck 05. Working fine ever since. Hope this helps
  10. CCR Tree Effects

    Some additional info about your setup would be helpful How many networks? What other controllers do you use? How is everything connected. Can you connect to the other controllers with the Hardware utility? One year, I had a problem with the comm port on the very first controller in the daisy chain. No data got to it and therefore no data went downstream. My CCRs (on different networks) were fine but none of the AC powered lights worked. The things that immediately come to mind are: In SE do you have "Control Lights" checked? I think it is in the Play menu at the top of the window. If the LOR control panel is active and a schedule is active I don't think you can control lights is SE until you disable the schedule A Network config error of some sort I'll keep an eye out for your response Good Luck Tony
  11. Should PE render these the same??

    Thanks Matt. I didn't think that the excess mattered. I'll report back! Tony
  12. Should PE render these the same??

    Thanks Matt custom prop.lpeprop vert-matrix.lpeprop
  13. Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow

    Success using virtualdub-aio thanks
  14. Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow

    Hope everyone is off to a good start! I am trying to use my 22 x 36 matrix as a countdown timer to let people know when the show will start. I found a video that is a timer counting down from 5:00 to 0. White text on a black background. Perfect! Once I got it into uncompressed .avi format, I created a movie effect in PE. When I put it in the sequence, it only played 1:25 of the video and then went blank. Thinking that there might be some movie length limit ( Is there a limit Matt?) I broke the video up into 5 - 60 sec clips and made 5 effects instead of one. Now I have noticed that the when I play the first 60 seconds of the sequence, the timer only gets to the 4:10 mark. It is 10 seconds behind. The timing issue is the same for all 5 video clips. When I play the clips in any video player the timing is correct. I haven't had a chance to try this, but I wonder if the on the fly processing that PE is doing just can't keep up but once I save the intensity file, it will be ok? I will try it later today and report back. My computer is an i7, SSD, 32GB of RAM. Anyone have any thoughts on WAZZZUP? Thanks Tony
  15. Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow

    Thanks Alan. I went that route first but it seems that the countdown effect is limited to 100 seconds. I'm playing a medley for 5 minutes prior to the show starting and thought I’d use the matrix to indicate when the music is over and the show starts With the great help from Matt I’m sure I’ll get this working. Tony
  16. CCR Tree Effects

    I think the answer is to make a prop with each ribbon individually. Apply the bars effect to one ribbon and you have a chase. Then create a group with all 12 for the whole tree This would allow you to do a group of left six/ right six or odd/ even. Lots of possibilities. Hope this helps
  17. Pixel Editor Movie Runs Slow

    Hi Matt It's 23.976 fps Do you know of an easy way to convert the video to uncompressed AVI and 20fps? Thanks
  18. Hi Everyone, Can I create more than one prop using the same pixel string? (Same Universe and channels). I have several props that are modeled in PE to look like they actually are in real life, but I would like to be able to chase (lets say alternating red/green/white) from the beginning of the physical strand to the end of it. I can't think of a way to do that without making a prop of the same pixel string in a straight line and then applying the effect to that. Love to hear your thoughts Tony
  19. Thanks Matt, So just to be clear, you can NOT have more than one prop that uses the same pixel string in Pixel Editor, Correct? I do think that being able to chase pixels along a string within a prop would be a popular effect for S5 Tony
  20. Hi Matt, The prop is a custom prop. In this case, it is a Boscoyo DIYC Mini Tree that I created. The "Layout" window shows each node as I placed it in the grid when I created it. Doesn't sound like this is what you were describing. Is there a "Plan B"? Tony
  21. Hey Mike/Matt/Brian Do you think that you could figure out a way to install S5 in a new windows user account so that it does not remove our existing S4 installations? What I mean is make it accessible from one user account only and not all user accounts. I have no idea about the complexity of this suggestion, but it sure would be nice to be able to experiment with the BETA without totally removing our current S4 installations Thanks as always
  22. E682 Pixel Controllers for sale

    All have sold. Thanks
  23. I was planning on a big pixel expansion but have changed my mind. As a result I have an abundance of SanDevices E682 controllers that I want to sell. All work perfectly. 2 x New E682 mounted on a HolidayCoro mounting plate, in CG1500 style (doesn't actually say CableGuard on it but otherwise identical) enclosure and generic 350 Watt 12v Power Supply Firmware 5.023 (asking $190) 2 x Used E682 mounted on a HolidayCoro mounting plate, in Genuine CG1500 style enclosure, and generic 350 Watt 12v Power Supply Firmware 5.018 (asking $175) 3 x "Like New" (Just used for some testing) E682 Board Firmware 5.018 (asking $150) For comparison, new E682's from SanDevices cost $180 each, CG1500's are $14+, and generic 350W Power Supplies are about $25+ All reasonable offers considered. Prices include shipping Send me a message or email tonyski@comcast.net Thanks for looking, Tony
  24. OK Folks. This is definitely in my Top 5 Computer Things Ever! I was discussing the fact that you could not have S4 and S5 installed on the same machine with my IT Guru Son-in-Law. He quite flippantly said "Why don't you just run it on a virtual machine?" Being only familiar with the term and concept, we discussed it I gave it a shot! IT WORKED! I used Oracle's VM VirtualBox https://www.virtualbox.org/ this extension pack http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/5.1.24/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.1.24-117012.vbox-extpack and followed this tutorial for installation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XFa_2cKzuk Then I downloaded S4 and S5, Installed S4, transferred my existing files to the VM, got S4 working, and then installed the S5 Beta. As far as I can tell, it all works great. There will no doubt be some growing pains with this and I probably won't be able to help anyone with this, but I'm sure we have some members who think this is child's play and can really provide some insight. There is no warranty here! Try at your own risk. But quite frankly, I don't see any risk at all. Good luck and post your experiences Tony
  25. Hey Jim, I have not tried to control lights. I have little concern about that for now. I just wanted to be able to play with S5 without totally committing to it. I will most likely stay with S4 for this season.