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  1. hi! I have purchased rgb strips to outline my windows. I don't want to put any holes in the border of the glass. they are bay windows. does anyone know of any plastic molding that could possibly snap in place so I could zip tie the strips to them? on each bay window there are four individual windows that I would like to outline individually. thank you!
  2. USCS31

    lost on this

    okay, I will definitely look at that when I get home from work! I'm just upset and frustrated. I hope I didn't fry them! it sucks that you lost out on your lights and money! that's a lot of cash to lose out on! thanks for your help! i'll be looking when I get in today!
  3. USCS31

    lost on this

    Ok, this is what i had purchased off holidayc××o. Ive had them for a year now and haven't tried anything with them until now. They are no longer listed on that website. This is the description in my purchase history: Smart / Pixel Rectangle RGB LED Waterproof Module - 12v 2811. Hope that helps!
  4. USCS31

    lost on this

    well, this post may or may not belong here. if it doesn't, I do apologize! I have my lor pixel tree up and running (woohoo)! I had purchased two sandevices ps1 units along with rectangular modules. I tried reading the instructions but I'm lost as I'm new to that aspect of thing and I'm trying to learn it. I'm not looking to get them up and running for this years display but I'm hoping to learn and be ready for next years display!!!! I connected one SD ps1 unit via cat5 into a switch. the lights blinked the way they described once a connection is made (inside the ps1 unit). I wanted to run a test to see if my modules would work accordingly but that did not happen! I have pigtails attached to my modules. I am / was trying to use the modules for corostars. I cut sections of 3 modules for each corostar. I soldered the modules at different distances (not exceeding 12 feet) so I could place the stars at different distances when laying them out. I do want to mention that these are "smart" rgb modules. the pigtail that I soldered onto the lights has four wires and the smart rgb's have three. they both have red, green, and blue wires but the pigtail has a black wire (I believe it's the ground). I soldered all the wires except the black wire. when I connected the rgb's and booted the system, I could see the very first module light up faintly. the rest of the modules did not light up. can someone please help me and guide me to what I have to do or tell me what I'm doing wrong? like I said, this is new to me and I'm trying to follow what I'm reading but it's not working too well for me! thank you for your help!
  5. ahhhhh! that just may be my issue (dumb mistake and overlooked!)! i'm at work right now but i'm anxious to get home and see if that's the problem (now that you mentioned it)! i may be so excited to get this rolling that i missed that...lol! thank you everyone for your input! i will let you know if it worked!
  6. yes. maybe i'm missing something else?
  7. i had hooked up 1 set (two strands) with the controller ( lor ccp's) and the com port set up to # 3. i ran a sequence and nothing happened. i ran a test and only 3 lights it up. i'm not familiar with the cosmic items yet and i'm trying to figure this all out, so please hang in there with me! is that due to not having a network setup? i assumed once the com port was there that the software knew how to communicate with the controller? the light inside the ccp controller was flashing about once every second or twice every second. the sequence was downloaded from a person who knows what they're doing. i purchased it off there webpage. maybe i'm just missing an easy fix here. i did use the lor cabes and usb adaptor! any help is appreciated! thanks!
  8. ok! gotcha! would the software recognize both networks or would I have to adjust some software setting?
  9. I have two dongles ( the USB-RS485 Communications Adapter and the USB-RS485-HS from LOR. I'm assuming when you say a USB-485 dongle, you mean the USB-RS485-HS? I believe it sends data faster? would I need two, one for each network? both networks would be usb? now when you say a network port, can you (please) give a link to one so I can see what you mean? not familiar with network ports. is that like a bridge or splitter of some sort to bring all the wiring to one spot (in) and one wire going out to computer? when the networks are split as you are describing, do I have to correct any settings in the LOR software so that it sees both networks or will it find it on it's own? this setup is new to me so I do apologize for the questions. thank you for your patience! jeff
  10. ok, I have purchased all RGB LED (dumb an smart) for next years holiday light show! I am new to this and there are a few things I need help with! let me start by stating what I have and you can (if you're willing to share) hopefully inform me what else I need to get or not get because i'm all set and just need to put everything together and work the software! I have the highest level of LOR software as well as the highest level of SS software! I have three LOR1600 Series High Voltage Light Controllers (two are the old units that are not digital and the third is digital). I purchased the following coro items: 15 coro stars (want to use 3 rectangular smart rgb's for each one and 14 coro candy canes which I have rectangular smart rgb led's. I think each candy cane uses 16 rgb's. I bought the smart RGB led's already). I have also purchased 8 LOR pixel sets (each set comes with controller and 2 - 50 pixel strands). I have also purchased from LOR 1 order of RGB-Ribbon-150 single pixel (dumb) RGB Ribbon. The package contains 8 of those ribbons and 1 CMB24D controller. I also have a 12VDC power supply. The 12VDC power supply is 200 Watts. I also purchased 2 more CMB24D controllers just in case I want to cut the ribbon for framing my windows and outlining my house and want to keep certain ribbons separate from lighting up at the same time!. I will also be purchasing strobes. i'm not sure as to how many I will be getting, but some will be in my pixel tree (using the LOR pixels for that) as well as on my house and a tree by the curb. I forgot to mention that I purchased two sandevices / PS1 units to control the coro items. the PS1 units are a package and have their own power supplies. I think each PS1 unit can control 1000 pixels???? the LOR pixel controllers I believe can be daisy chained into the LOR1600 series controllers (I believe). the strobes can get plugged into the channels of the 1600 units (I think)???? i'm kind of confused as to how the PS1 and CMB24D units come in to play and if they can be daisy chained along with the other LOR items????? now, as far as the software goes, will the software see all the items I listed or do I have to manipulate anything in the software? usually when I plugged my wiring in for the LOR1600's they showed up automatically in the software. I know i'll be back on here asking more questions about this....lol, forgive me in advance as this is all new to me (ss software and rgb's)! thanks in advance!
  11. ok, 2 of these ( http://www.holidaycoro.com/DMX-to-SPI-Smart-Pixel-Decoder-Controller-p/611.htm ) for the coro candy canes! would I need only one for the coro stars? thanks for the help and info!
  12. thank you for the info! a great help! will definitely go look right now!
  13. hello. I just bought 15 coro stars and 14 coro candy canes. I want to purchase 250 units of square "smart" rgb led pixels (one pixel for each star and coro candy canes will have 16 pixels in each one. WS2801 chipset). my question is what would be a good controller or controllers for all this? I know I would need a power source for all this too but i'm not quite sure as to how much I would need? any advice would be great! thank you!
  14. cool! I have to look into "null pixels"!!!!! I would assume that there would have to be a setting on the controller for the null pixel or I would have to account for the null pixel on my software?!
  15. hello. I am changing my whole lighting setup for next holiday season! I switched over to all dumb and smart RGB lighting. however, this is my very first time using these items and as i'm new to this, I am uncertain on different areas and need your help! I figured i'd purchase everything now so that I have time to build my props and play around with the software (LOR SS Highest Levels on everything). My question is this: I have purchased 14 Coro candy canes and 15 Corostars. I would like to used smart square RGB LED modules for both items. I know I would need a power supply but what else would I need to get? a controller (which would you recommend for the amount of items I have?). also what is the max distance I can have the coro items from one another on the same line (if I wanted to connect lets say 2 or 3 coro items together)? i'm kind of lost on these bits of info and I know it's important to make it all work! my front property is not that big, maybe 60 wide by 40 depth. I was told to keep the controller a max of 15 feet from the first strand, but what about from strand to strand or from the second or third strand to the controller that is connected to the first one? hope I didn't confuse anyone! thank you!
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