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  1. Dev Mike: Thank you for your concern but you don't need to apologize for others. It's part of the game, I guess. A couple of further questions that will demonstrate my total ignorance of RGB. Do these controllers hook into a standard LOR network along with other regular 16-channel networks? Is a particular level of software required? If so, what? I guess I should not try to do this given my lack of knowledge and no one in the area to ask? Is there a manual I can read to get up to speed? Thanks, Leroy
  2. Friends: I posted this in some of the Facebook user groups but they were insulted by my request. I have been doing LOR for about 5 years. My time is very limited and all I can do is put up my display, hook it up, and watch the lights. I don't program sequences, I don't create stuff, I don't really build anything. I'm a plug and play guy, I guess. Is there an LOR plug and play package I can buy for RGB displays that has the hardware and the sequences and simple instructions? I realize I may be showing how very naive I am so I apologize in advance. If you think I'm crazy in asking, please just ignore. Thanks.
  3. All of my sequences have some age. Some were created in version 2, some in 3. WIll they run in the new Version 4 if I update?
  4. I've been out of LOR lighting for 2 years. My show computer has died and I need to download and re-install my show software. How to I get to my old accounts so I can re-install?
  5. I added an arch last year but my personal sequencing for it was very poor. Does anyone have sequences that include an arch or arches that I could pull the arch sequence sections out of for my use? I am building a second arch this year and want to get to work on the software since I now know how much they can add. Thanks,
  6. I hvae been talking to people on planet Christmas about video. One user said that there is a way to tell LOR that you are using 2 monitors and that the seconday monitor becomes the output to the projector. Coes anyone know how to do this?
  7. Friends: THanks for the helpful input. I bought an update, downloaded it and installed it in about an hour and immediately the new controller was recognized and my sequence works. Thanks guys! LOR people are the best!
  8. I have been running 32 channels on 2 CTB16PC controllers for 2 years. This year I added a new controller for 48 channels. The new controller is a CTB16PCg3,,,the new generation. The Hardware Utility will run the test for the channels but the sequence editor will not recognize it for sequences. The Hardware Utility indicates "Unrecognized device" instead of the Device typeI am running LOR version 2.6.0 Basic. Do I need to upgrade my software or something? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. In past years, I have always run until Jan 1. However, since I am Asst. VP of a small college and students come back that first week of Jan, life gets a little crazy. This year I got a really nice day on Thurs (65 degrees) so I went after it hard and heavy. I'm not all done but almost. I must confess it was a mixture of being sad and some relief. While I'm glad to have it done for a while, I already planning for next year. A second consideration for me is weather. We usually get a bit of ice in early to mid-January and one year the ice destroyed a good portion of my display. So, I guess it just depends on each situation.
  10. Jeff: From the weather reports it looks like you're going to need it a lot more LOL
  11. Please tell me about the spinners. I'm kind of a newbie at this and that's a term I'm not as familiar with. How do they work?
  12. WOW! You're serious about this...$1,000.00. I'm impressed!
  13. I'm waiting for the 75% discount too, but blues are really hard to find around here so I decided to take them while I could get them. If you want clear or multi there are lots but if you want single colors, they are not to be found much. Tomorrow I will go to a little town near us where they have a locally-owned True Value. The owner was willing to bargain with me last year and sold me most of his left over stock at 60% off and then threw some stuff in for free just to get rid of it. It's one of those small town "hi neighbor" places.
  14. It appears this a topic more for Planet Christmas. Folks here seem to basically interested in lights. :-)
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