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  1. This is a used Ramsey fm100. $200
  2. You guys did not crack the PVC when you drilled through it.
  3. I want to build a 8 arm PVC pin wheel that is only 1 ft long per arm. I know home depot sells a 4 way adapter but I need to have 8 arms. Any suggestions.
  4. No. They are from cdi and are called c9 incandescent strobes. They are 6 watts
  5. I have 130 incan. strobes. Would that be too many to put on one channel.
  6. I use the American dj one and it works great for around $140. This is my first year with and I can't go back. The kids just love it.
  7. When you build your new show it automatically deletes your other show
  8. That ccr tree was one of the best sequences I have seen. Very nice job
  9. I know I'm missing something simple but where do I go in the HU to see if all my controllers are daisy chained together properly. I know how to check one controller but how do I make sure my network sees all my controllers.
  10. I just tried bypassing unit 5,6 and when I did that all the remaining units then worked except ccr 3,4. With having 144 channels and 4 ccr should I be using 2 different networks because right now they are all on just the regular network. I was getting the same results with the computer or mini director
  11. I tried that and that did not work. When I hook it into the computer I'm just using the basic rs485 adapter and I'm running a 100ft cable to the computer. I don't know if any of those make a difference
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