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  1. Hi Brewers how do you want to control your pixel tree by pc or by lor controller? you lor controller must have G3 mp3 director and should be in enhance network.
  2. Hi Matt, at last the pixel tree lights ON at pixel editor using the control light, and I tried also at show builder it works using the PC control. Now, how about using the LOR unit with g3 mp3 director I want to use that as my show director not my PC because Im not always in my house so its better the LOR unit with mp3 director. I tried to plug in the RJ 45 network at LOR unit network but wont lights ON again the pixel tree only the lights that is connected to the LOR unit g3 mp3 director is running. where should I plug in the RJ45 network in NET 1 or NET 2? and how about the configuration of network preference here and UNIT ID addressing.
  3. can i have that link of documentation please, because i followed all instruction but still the pixie tree wont lights ON.
  4. yes is already in enhanced mode but stil not working, im concentrating now using the LOR unit with g3 mp3 director to show the pixel controller but still not working. I plug the network to LOR unit at network 1 nd to network 2 still the pixel tree kit wont lights ON. so disappointing to this pixie controller. any advise to light UP this pixie controller using only the LOR unit with g3 mp3 director. ???
  5. Hi guys waiting your response to my problem still I have no sleep almost 11 pm here in Philippines so hoping my waiting have good solution to my problem.... thank you
  6. Screenshot of my sample sequence with intensity save file. so whatelse do i need to do to run the pixel tree with pixie 8d controller.
  7. Please note the enchanced LOR network setting is reserved for networks that only contain LOR G3 and above controllers that have a firmware version that can support it No other LOR controller can be attached to this network. please see the LOR website for a list of controllers that can support enchanced LOR protocol. This is the message do i need this to my LOR controller ? Im using the PRO Series LOR1602Wg3-MP3 with my other LOR unit PRO Series 16 Channel Starter Package
  8. hi spaschall see attached network preference do i need this configuration Im using LOR unit with G3-mp3 director please advise
  9. yes i open my sequence editor file to pixel editor i put the prop definition to my sequence then save it as intensity file, then i used the show builder im busing laptop and show director but both of them cannot lights on the pixie tree please help me i need it urgent im now 2 days working on it please
  10. Hi dennis what do you mean network preference where i can configure that??? thanks
  11. hi sir, i just update the software as you mentioned and plug in using my laptop see screenshot BUT still I can not manage to run the pixel tree kit I used the light o rama hardware I can command power ON on the light but when I used the show builder with my program in pixel editor and sequence editor the pixel tree kit wont run and the lights wont on according to my program show, I notice only one bulb is light on on the pixel tree any good advise and solution???? its been 2 days working on it can you please help me.
  12. thank you sir for the response, so I will download the LOR 4.3.16 and install it right? then after i install it what will i do next? this is my scenario I have 2 LOR unit so 32 channels connected to network with network or id unit of 01 and 02 so where i will connect the pixel controller network or either can i plug the network in my 2 lor unit, im running the show on my lor unit with mp3 director. so please help me to work my pixel tree kit with pixel 8d controller. waiting your response thank you. and also this is the status of my licence License Status Summary Your license covers the latest version, 4.3.*. There is no reason to renew your license at this time. Details LOR Feature Level: Pro SuperStar Feature Level: Demo Max Version: 4.9.* (and any future versions released by October 11, 2017)
  13. what do I need to upgrade the pixie8d controller or my lor unit please guide me and be specific thank you
  14. how I will do that and how come no support any solution please I'm so disappointed I buy the pixel tree kit said plug n play now it's complicated any further solution thanks
  15. kindly see attached file maybe the problem is the firmware? if the firmware what type or version i will download pls advise urgent. thank
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