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  1. 1) How does the "Include Beat" affect sequencing? 2) How do the different Freq Settings affect the effect: Low to High, Wrap Around, etc? 3) How can I do an effect where, for instance, I do a Morph, or Comet or something, and have the beat modulate it? I.e. change the light level (intensity) to the effect? 4) What does "Sensitivity" and "Length of Effect" change? 5) What doe the "Both", "Left" and "Right" effect? Thanks -A
  2. 1. How can the timeline be compressed or expanded? 2. How can I quickly access a point in the timeline before or after what is visible on the current workspace? 3. How can I play beyond the current workspace? The length of time a play during editing seems somewhat random. I'm talking about the quick, ongoing user interaction, not the specific, detailed level of control as in the start/stop time fields in the instant-sequence window. Thanks -A
  3. OK Problem Solved. I had registered LOR under one e-mail address and the Superstar under another. So the registratiuon checker within LOR sequence ed needs to have that matching. Sor LOR cancelled the Superstar one under the different e-mail address and re-issued it under the identical e-mail address for LOR. Issue resolved. LOR need better registration debug messages. And they need customers who don't use multiple e-mail addresses.
  4. OK Did that, Re-started PC, Re-installed, Re-registered with new reg code. Shutdown and re-started Seq Ed... Then started up Superstar... Same thing. Ug... Thanks for the suggestion anyway. -A
  5. Yeah... This is a pain... And it means somewhere some Software Quality Control got skipped. You know no one is going to resolve this until next week. I had hoped to get a couple sequences out this weekend... I HAVE the time this weekend, but probably won't thereafter. Ug. Thanks for dialoging anyway. -A
  6. It has the Light-O-Rama bulb in the corner and no * -A
  7. OK COOL. Thanks When I see how well the "Wizards in Winter" is done (I purchased it Wednesday and got it up and running pretty quickly), I am hopeful to be able to produce some of the same QUALITY effects as is in that. It is pretty obvious that you spent a good deal of time , probably hand-crafting those sequences? I wish you can tell me that you pretty much just strung effects together from your tool to put WoW together. Your explanation of effects is great. I hope that as you go, you can put some tips together on getting started. One thing I notice which is a bit distressing is that there is no way to shrink the timeline so that you can get a quick overview of the workspace, or a slider which would you quickly scroll to any part of the music to work on it. Markers would also be helpful so you could break your work up into different sections easily. Oh also... Is there any way to link two CCR's so that an effect ending at the first one can continue on to the second one? Thank again... CCR's would be a disaster without your tool. -A
  8. Same thing: Opened Superstar Open Sequence Ed. Applied new reg-code to LOR Sequence Editor:Help/Upgrade/OK/Register . Left LOR Seq Ed open, shutdown Superstar, re-started Superstar - Still in Demo mode. Then I tried it a different way: Opened Superstar Open Sequence Ed. Applied new reg-code to LOR Sequence Editor:Help/Upgrade/OK/Register . Shutdown Seq Ed, shutdown Superstar, re-started Superstar - Still in Demo mode. The other issue is that even though the Seq Ed "accepts" my new License code, when I bring it back up, the reg code is the one I got Wednesday to upgrade to the new S3. (Which I did D/L and install). Thanks -A
  9. Newbie to Superstar Sequencing.... Trying "Instant Sequencing" feature. What is the definition of TCM? What is the definition of a TCM combo? I wish there was more info for newbies to understand the differences in different kinds of sequences: inch worm, 2 segs, morphs colliding, star twist, etc. Why do I have 4 TCM's if I only have two CCR's? Any advice appreciated. Thanks
  10. I purchased the license for Superstar (2 CCR's), but I cannot figure out how to enter the reg code. I DID go to the regular LOR sequence editor and entered the Superstar Reg code there and it "accepted" it, or so it seems, but my Superstar module is still in "demo" mode. Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Is it possible for any HW/SW to facilitate a LOR display based on Live audio input? Like a Giant VU meter which is driven, not from a pre-recorded and synchronized track, but via live input, like a microphone? Thanks -A
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