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  1. Could I get one too please z327@maxground.com many thanks
  2. z327

    Supported DMX Adapters

    Gave up on DMX using the USB485, I updated firmware on all LOR boxes and could never get it to work across all controllers all the time. I did make the conversion cable and DMX did go from LOR to LE boxes. Final solution was to use the USB485 for the 5 LOR Boxes. Use a Lynx Dongle flashed with Pixelnet software. Configure the LE's with starting DMX address 1 and plug into the Smart String Hub DMX out. I reserved DMX all the way to channel 240 to cover the 8 LEs I have now and the LEs I plan for next year. Flashed my first smart string controller with DMX ID 241 for 30 RGB Channels (1 rigid strip). I have done all my sequencing in LOR except for the RGB. I use LSP for that as well as to play the show. I much prefer the stability and speed of LOR, but unless they will support pixelnet in the future I'm stuck with LSP.
  3. z327

    Supported DMX Adapters

    I am trying to get DMX working with only the USB485. I have an iDMX that is what I think was showing up as a second adapter. I have made a LOR to Lynx Cat 5 conversion cable. I have changed network to the DMX Universe only. I have renumbered 192 channels and assigned them all to device type DMX Universe Network Universe 1 but have run out of daylight. So show is running. I will have to go to each LE and change the start address in the morning and then see what happens.
  4. z327

    Supported DMX Adapters

    what is the trick to the network preferences if I want to run the LOR USB485 as DMX? Th preferences dialog box shows it under the LOR network. Attached files
  5. z327

    converting to DMX

    If i want to convert my LOR boxes to DMX can I use my LOR USB Dongle and regular CAT5 cables? I assume this would be a software change only in LOR S3. I am guessing they stay the same and that if I then want to go from a LOR box to a Lynx box I will need to modify a CAT5 cable between the LOr and Lynx box only. The LOR boxes don't have a start channel setting only a box ID. I assume I use the ID still for DMX but translate 1 to end channel of 16 in the DMX count and unit 2 would be DMX channels 17-32. Please let me know if I have any of this wrong.
  6. How are you setting the ID to 41? Are you using the programming buttons on the LE to set the 3 LED Displays to 041, 041, etc....? I have set up multiple LOR controllers daisy chained CAT5 to an iDMX to one LE and then daisy chained multiple LEs from the first LE. The LE's have their unit IDs set as 001, 002, etc.... on the unit's LED display. Using the LOR hardware utility I search the network and it finds E0, E1, E2...EF If I select E0 I can control the outputs on the first LE. But I have selected E1, E2..... and can never get the subsequent LEs to talk to the LOR hardware utility. LightORamaDan wrote: That is correct. If you set the unit ID to "41" then the iDMX uses that one Unit ID (41) and has 512 channels associated with that unit ID... 41.1, 41.2 .... 41.511, 41.512 If you set the unit ID to "40" then the iDMX goes into "Legacy Mode" and uses 16 Unit IDs (40 thru 4F) and it has 16 channels assocated with each Unit ID, (40.1 ... 41.16), (41.1 ... 41.16) ... (4F.1...4F.16) for a total of 256 channels. Dan
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